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Middle Kingdom- China news
« on: September 08, 2017, 11:28:53 PM »
While we worrying, rightfully so I have a relative who still can't get to his house in Houston except in a boat- worst hit neighborhood, about hurricanes there are stirring in Zhongguo. And with the nuclear machinations in N.Korea, the apparent "problems" with our Navy, the Chinese eating up islands (and making new ones) etc. We should pay attention. The media keeps on about the Russians, not that I trust them (Russians OR the Democrat media.) but who is the, at least, potential, threat, you gweilos?

"Reuters reported this week that the 66-year-old Fang, who accompanied Xi to his first meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump in April, is being questioned on suspicion of corruption. "

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Pepperridge Farm remembers.

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I watch some Chinese television from time to time [I just do, okay?]    It has gotten very weird and kind of scary over the
past several years,   The news is very, very focused on their own military and those around the world.  There was a training accident at Fort Bragg today with a soldier killed and several wounded in an explosion.   It made the local news here because it is just down the road from the Raleigh area but a check of Yahoo News, Drudge and CNN show nothing about it on their main pages.   It was a big story in China however, followed closely by a bit showcasing the competence of their own special forces.  The US running dog special forces blow themselves up in training but look at our boys go!