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Time Travel
« on: February 22, 2017, 07:37:20 PM »
So John Titor said in 2015 there was another world war that killed 3 billion people cuz the Russians nuked us, and that in 2004 the US had another civil war. Obviously none of it happened, does anyone know of any predictions he made that did have any truth to them?

With him mentioning world changing events like WW3 and another civil war, why didn't he make any mention of Sept. 11th? I always found his story interesting, but all these time travelers and their predictions just lessen their credibility.

What do you guys and gals think of time travel, possible? If you do, do you think John might have meddled in our time line and changed it so these events never happened?  Creating an alternate time line?

Art always said he loved the idea of time travel, are there any shows where he talks about John Titor? I know Snoory had Oliver on the show, but did Art ever speak about John?

Thank you, I'll take my answer off air.

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John Titor also posted that he was from an alternate timeline, so events in his timeline may not all match those in our timeline...

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John Titor is actually Jackstar.

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I always though Jackstar was John Titor.

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John Titor is actually Jackstar.
Does he pronounce the name "Tee-Tor" or "Tie-Tor" ?  ;)

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John Titor is actually Jackstar.

I'm retired for sexual reasons.

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Another new time travel TV show started last Sunday night, this time on the ABC network: Time After Time.
Based on the 1979 movie of the same name, where H.G. Wells invents a time machine in the year 1893 and its stolen by Jack the Ripper to travel to the future (our present, 2017) and then Wells follows him thru time...

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« Reply #8 on: March 11, 2017, 08:52:13 PM »
Time travel *to the future* is a proven scientific concept due to relativity, and in fact, we're doing it all the time.  Time slows near objects of large gravitational fields, like the Earth.  So e.g. someone hanging out at Waikiki Beach is aging slower than someone on top of Mauna Kea.  This means the beach-lounger is ever-so-slightly time-traveling to the future, relative to the mountain-dweller.  The difference is minuscule at these scales, but if one was lounging instead at the edge of say a black hole, then the difference would be significant and you'd in effect be a time-traveler.  (People back home would age much faster than you, so you'd be accelerating in time relative to them, taking you into the future 'faster'.)  8)

Check out this experiment which proved, using incredibly sensitive instruments, that there is a measureable difference to the flow of time within just a single foot of elevation change.   :o

Going to the past is a much thornier issue, given the inherent paradoxes.  My understanding is there are two schools of thought on this.  One is:  It possibly could be done, given extraordinary manipulation of the fabric of space-time, but what you'd really be doing is creating a new alternate timeline, John Titor style.  This gets around the paradox issue since your original timeline would be unaffected.  The other is:  Sorry, you're out of luck, it would break the nature of cause-and-effect such that nothing would make sense given the way we perceive the linear flow of time.  Check out this classic limerick, which helps illustrate the point.   ;)

There was a young lady named Bright
Whose speed was far faster than light;
She set out one day
In a relative way
And returned on the previous night.

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I wonder if anybody saw a miniature time machine piloted by a cigar briefly appear and then disappear on its journey through time.