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If Succubu's (succubi?) were real there would be a way less lonely men in this world.

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If Succubu's (succubi?) were real there would be a way less lonely men in this world.

Really! Would any lonely guy pass up a BJ, even if it was from a ghost?! I think not. Besides, when it comes to that kind of thing you really want someone with a lot of experience.  ;)

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If Succubu's (succubi?) were real there would be a way less lonely men in this world.
Perhaps.  But once a man passes a certain age, or a certain stage, companionship and shared history become more important.  In order to have lived a life with valuable meaning, not just appetities.

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Well.  Now.  You have got yourself a situation. 

First order of business is which path do you want to take?  If you want to keep the thing you can - however that path leads to illness, death and eternal Hellfire and damnation.  I suspect you know that already at some level or you wouldn't have brought this up.   It is a viable path to take and in Big Chicken's experience it is the path that most in your situation choose.  You'll enjoy the ride as you weaken and wither away.   Eventually your body will give out and you will end up in the Pit, burning for all eternity.  Worst of all you will  know that you and only you put yourself there.

Now we'll assume that you want to be rid of the hideous thing.   Unfortunately the ridding is not as easy as the summoning - I suspect that you know that as well.   If it has been less than twelve hours there is a small chance of success at freeing yourself on your own.  I have attached a PDF file containing the words you must recite.    You can not just read them nonchalantly - you must put your heart and soul into it as of course it is both your heart and soul that are at stake.

If it has been more than twelve hours or the attached PDF fails you will need to seek professional help.  Sadly, you can not simply seek out a local clergyman - almost none would believe you or would be effective in assisting you even if they did.     Equally sadly, most of those men that could help you [and only a male can cast out a Succubus - no Rosemary Ellen Guiley jive will help you] are now dead and have not been replaced.  Demonology is not an easy field - Malachi Martin, Lou Gentile [the talented HVAC repairman|Demonologist] and Ed Warren have all passed on.    You could try
John Zaffis.  I am not sure how much he would charge but I imagine it would be a tidy sum.

There is one other that could help you and he would do it free of charge, as rumbling with the darkside is what he lives for.  That man is Pastor Butch Paugh.   He is out of the mountains of West Virginia  and is known as the "Hillbilly Preacher that walks like a Tank but talks like a Machine Gun [rat-a-tat-tat]".   Lucky for you he is still hale and hearty and he is on the radio M-F 9PM Eastern Time on the GCN Radio Network.   His radio program is called Call to Decision and Butch takes calls on air.  I would suggest that you call him tonight during the program.   If he can not get you fixed no one can.

Here are few Butch related resources:

Pastor Butch Paugh

GCN Radio Listen Live link [C2D starts at 9PM Eastern]

Call to Decision Website

Good luck - Big Chicken hopes you pick the right path.

P.S.   The above assumes that you are based in North America.   If you are in Europe or the Middle East and pulled a  Qarīnah instead of a Succubus you are truly screwed. If you happen to be in Africa, you could try and get to Zanzibar.  Once there you can try and hook up with what is known as Popobawa which is a greater power than any mere Succubus.   Decorum stops me from describing the actions that Popobawa takes but aferwards you would be Succubus free and perhaps even have Third Eye Enlightenment which would allow you to see things that others can not.  Reach out to Open Lines Gerry on this forum for more details on that sort of Enlightenment.   If you are Asia|Pacific based then Big Chicken does not know of any resources there that could help.   He would suggest posting on Shanghai Craigslist in the Casual Connections section and then await developments.


Big Chicken

Note the attached file is from Aslan's Place [] and per their instructions is attached with no alterations, with due credit given to Aslan

What if its not a succubus.  What if its some fat guy in a call center full of covert remote mind/body control operators!

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At least a Falkie Thong.

(I hope I'm allowed to read and post in this thread).
Pretty people like us enjoy nice things behind curtains, too, girl!