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Nelson Mandela time loop
« on: December 12, 2012, 03:01:41 PM »
Remember when Art Bell discussed that odd global memory experience whereby people all over had a memory that Nelson Mandela had passed away?  Now that Nelson is currently in the hospital fighting a lung infection, I had a strange thought.  What if his real death ends that time loop when his 'false memory' death occurred.  Maybe when he passes for real we will all shift back or forth or sideways into a new timeline.  Perhaps a timeline that erases, once again, the fact that he died; a new timeline whereby he is still alive once again.   Perhaps I should ask George his theory on this.  But I assume he will forget the question and start talking about the car from the Back To The Future movies. 

Btw, if by virtually nil-chance that we all do loop back due to Nelson actually passing away, we MUST meet up prior to Art Bell's retirement so we can prevent Noory from hosting the show.  Agreed?  Good.

Re: Nelson Mandela time loop
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I can't get enough of time travel stories & theories! It's one of those topics that are just so much fun. Through the Wormhole has had some good stuff on it. So, what's the plan?

Re: Nelson Mandela time loop
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Remember it well when Art talked about it and I was having similar thoughts.  Ask Jorch a question about it?  Hahahahah.... it would only be worth it if you want to get another WTF Nooron moment.  ;D  I can only imagine.

First Jorch would probably say something about Art "not being with us anymore" or "we don't talk about him no more."  You're right then it would be off on some tangent about "Back to the Future" or "I wonder if shadow rodents can travel through time."

Re: Nelson Mandela time loop
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To your point, DAE, is Abe Vigoda still with us? I'm talking about the actor who played Fish on "Barney Miller" and, uh, "Fish". I'm not referring to his twin who shows up at our family reunions. In a parallel universe, he starred as Don Corleone in "The Godfather".

Re: Nelson Mandela time loop
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