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King of Kings
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King of Kings

 Down through the passage of time and now to the end of this epoch What has become of man without compassion
These blessings given yet not received in faith Many seek in earnest their own glory by any fashion and taste
Humbled and brought down men find no wisdom in loss Why succumb to anger and let vanity make you a waste
Therefore the wind blows and you know not its course
This world you adore is not a kind host
Too say there is a better way is right Anointed was he that came for the highest post
 Lifted off our shoulders the iniquity of our plight
His language was like no other, dividing the darkness from the light
A sacrifice most donít believe Thus will be the greatest torment

Have you ever walked in sandals comforted by a warm summerís wind as finchís serenade
While you cross the neck of the trickling stream, an Oak tree reaches out like a faithful friend
The fruit you carry to your companion, awaits a pie too be made
Happily this couple continues on to the wooden house around the bend
The long journey to the fatherís house of the groom comes to an end
The bride who waited through much suffering now at last is about to be married
The groom who broke his back while buying the ring was never buried
The father says, after your thousand-year honeymoon the wooden house is yours
This land will care for you and love will grow
Into your cup he pours A unity between peoples sharing smiles of affection is what we know
This spirit will be common a joy is known
Stir your heart as you listen to hope that is true
 I promise you will see love forever not fading to blue

As we wonder with great awe the travail of the world
Do we not see flowers in the desert, That some day bloom in the spring
Yet the dragon desires them to be weeds of his Vale
Even if bows are broken the enemy will resort to a sling
That is desperation when one knows defeat is near
You say what is the prize of this unseen struggle
There are many souls on the fence and only two pastures are here
Misled multitudes step down into falsity were fools find no footing in the mire
Believe the divinity acting with care and a peaceful meadow you will acquire
Would you curse the savior that lifts you out of drowning waters
Do you choose to reward the old serpent that shuts you in a burning house
The battle is today and the twinkling of the eye tomorrow
Whose coat will you borrow

Holyghost aka stellar