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A theory of Gobekli Tepe: an immanent cataclysm
« on: February 06, 2017, 01:53:32 AM »
Look at the picture below you see 3 locks at the top a beast too, now look to the middle of the image a man falling between two birds one holding the Sun and the man is headed for Scorpio below which is before Sagittarius.  Now Scientist don't believe in Demons, or Giants but they are found in religious texts so is Astrology. 

Astrology has been around maybe longer than the stars as in astronomy.  I say that, because that is the inner working of God.  What does the 8th house represent death which Scorpio is known to reside!  Bear with me also look at the chart for April 13, 2029 when the Asteroid Apophis may hit earth.  You see Scorpio in the 4th house that is known as home base for Cancer meaning home.  Friday 13th is an omen for a reason now you see the demonic black looking asteroid in the 8th house that is not named Apophis but it is in the 8th house were Scorpio resides.  This is a great deal of info I have recently came across.  Trump is in office to suck us dry of funds so the government can spend more money underground for the morlocks.

This stone points to our time in a future date where a cataclysm will happen that being Armageddon or fiery comets hitting earth.  The birds will have a better chance then men that is what the stella is implying.  Man will fall and the reptiles will go on.  That is from a demonic perception.  Its the past telling us that in our age just before a Heavenly abode man will be behaving worse then an animal to one another.  So what happened 12,000 years ago Tepe was built then a flood because of an asteroid hitting N America.  It's that time again in 2029. about 12 years from now and that will go by for us old guys in a wink of an eye.

The 3 locks represent three ages of man.  But just before the 3rd lock is visualized a beast you see it at the top this picture.
1)  Age of Sin
2)  Age of knowledge and War beast age
3)  Age of Aquarius or Heaven of Earth after the beast age

You see then Gobekli Tepe was built by Giants for they were the off spring of Demons and the demons were watchers who also brought with them technology.  They knew of events to come or they would not be watchers.