Author Topic: Mike Vara Reveals the Truth about DMDN?  (Read 64611 times)

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Mike Vara Reveals the Truth about DMDN?
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We had a deal with a company that we allowed to edit shows of their choice and post on youtube and this company had 4 channels going strong and then youtube demonetized every channel because of my show content so that money is now lost.
I was fired from my job in Aug of 2010 for my internet presence was not a good image for their company and since then can not get hired anywhere and I mean anywhere.
I have been black listed and if you think this can not happen to you then you may want to think twice.
Since my heart attack in 2014 I can never go back to doing the work I use to do.
To top it all off Autumn & our Des was in a car accident that left the car totaled and Autumn is now out of a job for not being able to get there.
The last time we was in trouble like this was 2011 when we were evicted for telling the truth and we spent days in the park and bunched in a small radio studio downtown...

I love a good comedy.