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Repair idea - Broken Car Stero AUX Jack
« on: October 30, 2015, 10:58:06 PM »
Well this Friday night in order to enjoy Time Traveling in the car, I needed to fix the AUX Jack on the faceplate of my car stereo.  With those who own Sonys this is kind of an Achilles Heel that forces most people just go get a new system - ARGHHH nope! Not gonna do that. 1) Unscrew the backing screws and keep them from rolling about with a piece of tape 2) There was a wire already broken and one very loose, disconnect (making note of position) and strip the microwires (carefully) with the nail clippers if you dont have a small enough wire guage stripper - These are about 30 gauge standed - tedious! 4) resolder wires to jack and do a continuity check (wise option) and reassemble.

If Plug in is loose:
Step 2A Use a thumbtack is a lever for the two small bent pins that connect to the two channels - carefully bend those back with some leverage and test fit with an existing plug until it feels like a solid fit.