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Love this guy...old school East coast's where I was taught to cook...heck, even Roswells and I might have something in common...who knows...

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Do you ever have a high starch breakfast and wish you could balance the meal (for health), but don't want to add more evil?

Morning "Toast" Balancer:
1c Decaf or coffee
1/8c Pumpkin puree (from can)
1/2tsp Nut butter
Cinnamon to taste
Optional:  Stevia (But the nut butter usually contributes sweetener, too)
Side:  Water with a squeeze of lemon

Directions:  Blend, heat and serve.

The fine print:  The protein, pumpkin fiber & cinnamon and side of lemon water will slow down your digestion & blood sugar spike.

The protein probably will get digested last, so it's not the most efficient use of protein, that's the reason to just use a little.  Technically, pumpkin does add more starch to the meal, but unless you're willing to have salad, it's probably the best under the circumstances.

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We get a lot because my cousin is a fisherman in Bristol Bay.  Salmon is tricky because you don't want to recook it and reheating always smells a little dicey.

Flake it, mix with cubes of cream cheese (I like about 2:1 salmon to cheese) and warm in a frying pan in a tablespoon of butter until the cheese is soft.  Pour a capful of Wight's Liquid Smoke over.  Raise the burner to med-high and crack 3 or 4 eggs in the pan and scramble the whole thing, barely stirring until the strands of egg white are just set and the yolks are still runny.  Sprinkle with dill, salt, and pepper.

It sounds ghetto with the fake smoke but it cuts the day-old fish smell and heating leaves a pretty subtle smoky aroma.  If you can't do runny eggs, I'd suggest using the fish-and-cheese mixture as filling in an omelette instead.