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George Knapp
« Reply #9690 on: November 18, 2019, 04:04:12 AM »
I see that George Knapp is scheduled to host c2cam this weekend both Sat and Sun nights!  :D
He just confirmed he'll be on next weekend, too.

I didn't catch the first two hours tonight but did catch the wild horses segment.  Not bad at all and I'm not all that interested in the subject.  Knapp is so much easier on the ears than bumbling Jorch.

George Knapp
« Reply #9691 on: November 18, 2019, 03:30:44 PM »
Last night was a Knapp at his best, and at his worst program.  The first guest was some woo pitcher making claims about all the stuff he has allegedly seen/experienced near Knapp's meal ticket Skinwalker Ranch. As usual with guests of that ilk, Knapp seemingly took everything as Gospel without challenging, or even trying to bound the claims. 

The second guest, a retired FBI agent who spent a great deal of his career under cover, was very entertaining.  Knapp expertly guided the guy through the telling of a few of his more noteworthy cases, gently leading the guest past minutiae to get to the meat of his stories.  Knapp really hit his stride when the retired agent related his time undercover in Vegas dealing with mobsters.  One of the best interviews I've heard on C2C in some time .
Actually considering the robotics under DARPA and places like Boston Mechanics the "robotic dog" explanation seems more slightly possible than Dogmen and/or Indian Skinwalkers explanation for the strange creatures.

Knapp is very passionate on the horse/burro issue and so a good show. The small ponys on Asseteague and Chickadink are cool and they manage the herds via birth control and adoption. And are a draw for tourists. Knapp is right about somehow finding "value" in the wild horses and burros out west which will help in conservation.  I seem to recall tales about camels that went feral in Far West Texas and other places in the Western USA. Brought in in attempts to use like burros since they are used to dry, desert environments.

Knapp knows Vegas and history so I look forward to listening to the undercover cop stories.