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satan is my master
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Don't have any grass.
But I can bring the Hopper, that okay?

He certainly would have had some grass.

satan is my master
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I think the Hopper & some grass is the only thing that will save this thread.

satan is my master
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     It wouldn't hurt...and hemlock is on the menu.

satan is my master
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It's threads like this one that keep me coming back.

satan is my master
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satan is my master
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if jesus were to walk the earth today, he would be branded the antichrist.
they would take him to the hospital, put him on risperadol. they would obliterate his brain.
beware of those that move in his name, for they move in the name, but not in the spirit.
jesus was a criminal, anarchist, who ran with whores and thieves. he was executed by the state for his rebellion. he was not a 'lover' in the sense that you would use the world. what you call 'love' is hate. what you call 'hate' carries 'love' with it by its very nature.
the polarities of the human soul have been forcibly flipped, switch, so that all that you interpret is in reverse.
you revel in your own hypocrisy.

jesus is just one example, he is not particularly relevant or potent, but you people espouse his name as important.
but remember, if he came today he would be called the antichrist.
He might not seem potent or relevant, but you'd have to admit He IS the One Satan chose to tempt.  Didnt hear of any other big names Satan chose to tempt.  No one else recorded for history any big episode of being tempted by Satan (except Adam and Eve, and Job, but I mean more recent).

satan is my master
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everything you wrote is like incoherent dude, you are not even following along. every time you post you sound drunk. im done with this place honestly its pretty uninteresting here and everyone is like blanked out retarded. its like literally not even worth responding to what you said becuase it doesnt follow along logically from my comments. like trying to explain physics to a mentally handicapped child wearing headphones.
Well, "Ya can't please everyone" and what's wrong with that!

satan is my master
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whats important is satan, not my sex life.
That is not what the Satanic Bible says!  And Satan is black while you are white so no matter how you twist it, this version of Aryan doesn't make sense to me.  Even if, as you say, dark is light and light is dark, your color and his would still be polar opposites!

satan is my master
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satan teaches you to MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and WATCH OUT FOR YOURSELF. in that way, the world does not become interconnected. the planet does not become CONQUERED as it has by humanity. THERE IS A BALANCE. The balance is important. not too many humans, not too few. live in balance with nature. when we all become one, we become a weak, collective, hive-minded race with no freedoms. this is labled as love and unity, THESE ARE EVIL IDEALS. Stand on your own two feet, maintain yourself. that is what it means to live in balance with nature, satan is the balance.
If minding one's own business and taking care of oneself while avoiding unity is important, then why do you care about any injustice to Ramona?

satan is my master
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Raising others up does not put me any lower...

satan is my master
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Well with a name like Jesus... DUH!
That's a good one!

satan is my master
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satan is your only purity

satan is your only redemption
Tailored Intro to Anti-Satanism

As for Satan being the "only redemption", Satan doesn't care about your redemption any more than you cared about Jazmunda! 

The thing with Satanism and Anarchy, is that they aren't civilized.  When a man only minds his own business and only plans for himself, people like Ramona (just bear with me) could get hurt.  Your concern for Ramona and for civilized grieving does not fit into the Satanic value system.  Do you see the contradiction here?  Satan is the Father of Lies, full of secret contradictions designed to trick people into avoiding healthier value systems. 

Illogic of Satanic Value System

In uncivilized Satanism and Anarchy, many populations get hurt:  The elders, newborns and children, most women, pets, the disabled, injured, pregnant, and sick.  Basically only strong men between 14-45 rule.  Everyone else is a target. How are you going to feel about "minding only one's business" when YOU are old, missing teeth, missing neurons, half blind, deaf, weaker, with medical conditions like stiffness, incontinence, numbness, easy bruising, constipation, and more.  What good is Satan to anyone who is not in their prime?

Satan is uncivil.  Civlized societies create protective institutions to help vulnerable people:  Hospitals, prisons, first response teams, environmental facilities and national defense.  You were a vulnerable person when you were born.  Presumably, altruistic people working in a hospital took care of you in a civilized way.  Under Satanism, why would anyone care for a fetus coming out the birth canal?  Under Satanism, no one would even WORK in hospitals, where workers sacrifice their own strength to help others, being required to have annual TB vaccines (That's 20 vaccines in twenty years), full of mercury (a neurotoxin), phenol, and dead virus, shoved into the skin), working 12-hour shifts, putting their backs out lifting patients and pushing wheelchairs, not being allowed water at their work stations, and working with dangerous things like:  contaminated spittle, sputum, urine, blood, feces, viruses, bacteria, germs, and antibiotic-resistant super bugs.  And performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, staunching projectile bleeding, patching back up gang members as well as other victims, a lot of whom can't even pay!  There are easier ways to get a paycheck.  Under Satanism, why should any workforce revolved around helping others at a sacrifice to oneself.

Under Satanism, why should any first responder ever interrupt their pleasant drink, meal, safety, and their family's  welfare, to rush out into danger to help victims?  You could be such a victim, needing help.  But Satan says first responders should mind their own.

Under Satanism, why should there be a military (or in the case of white supremacists, a militia)!  By his own rules, it should be every man for himself and as far as elders, women, and children who knows.  Why should a warrior protect anyone other than his own immediate family?  For LOTS of reasons.  Because his wife's family of origin matters.  And his adult son's wife's daughter is their kids' teacher.  His mom's brother is the one who fixes their plumbing.  His niece is their babysitter.  The nephew runs the grocery.  Her fiance supports her.  His family of origin helps him after he married into the new family.  A man cannot exist in a Satanic vacuum.  Community is reality.

Under Satanism, who would work in nasty businesses like waste water management and solid waste management?  Those systems wouldn't even exist.  And then where would you be!  With Akwily!

Under Satanism, why should anyone work in a prison?  Prison workers face danger and stressful work in confinement, sometimes with Hellions.  Employees are harmed and it affects their families.  Some are murdered.  But employees do it because we have a justice system.  Prison employees protect children, victims, and everyone else from dangerous people.  But it is a sacrifice to the employees' own safety.  Under Satanism, there would be no prisons or prison staff.  It would be every man for himself, and a lot of the time, criminals would be the victors, stealing and enslaving.  Is that what a young man wants, a young man with a brood!

Beyond Beezlebub

It is never to late to begin to demonstrate repentance to one's Creator.  Even if a person thinks they sold their soul, the sale was a fallacy.  First of all, deals with the devil are not legally recognized.  So, basically, they are illegal.  Our country does not recognize illegal contracts.  One cannot morally be held to an illegal agreement.

Satan doesn't own any living souls, because the soul's destination is determined after death, by Diety.  The Father of Lies just tries to gain souls by making the victim believe the soul is already sold, when actually, it is free and clear.  If the victim doesn't realize they still have time to repent, then most don't even try.  So Satan wins by default (because the  victim basically was a no-show before their Creator).

Origins of Satan from Historical Writings

The whole Satanist thing is a little odd, because if one believes in Satan, then one believes in the Creator and Jesus (aka per Greek Joshua, or something related to the word Salvation).  Because that's how it all goes.  I'm not aware of the individual Satan as part of a belief system, outside Jewish and Christian history.  There are other evil entities, but Satan comes straight from Christianity and Judaism.  So it is very illogical to worship Satan when one knows Satan wouldn't even exist but for the Creator.  A Creator with some terrible plans for Satan.

Most Satanists are well acquainted with the Gospel, a Gospel about how the Creator is perfect and therefore cannot be combined with defective sinners.  So the Creator allowed part of Its own Self to be killed, a sacrifice (on the cross) in order to be able to unite with us even with our sins.  And the part of Diety that was killed not only bore our sin, but also went into the realm of the grave to offer forgiveness and redemption to the dead, many of whom rose and were seen walking around town, having been raised from the dead.  The part of Diety that died also rose from the dead (Easter) and was witnessed walking and talking, interacting, before ascending into Heaven.

The Logic of Salvation

Who doesn't want a righteous diety?  The part of Deity that can bear sin had to be dead in order to retain righteousness while allowing unity with sinners.  And rose again, in fulfillment of prophecy.  So it is never too late for a living person to turn away from Satan and toward the Creator.  After the 1,000 year period, Satan himself might repent too.  We don't know.

The Identity of the Redeemer

In the ancient Book of Hosea, Book 11 Verse 1, there is prophecy that the Creator would send a Messiah, who the Creator would have to call out of Egypt.  Jesus was not born in Egypt, but He was taken there after he was born.  So that fits.  There are at least 67 Written Torah/Old Testament prophecies to support Jesus (aka Joshua/Salvation) as the Savior, from prophesying Jesus' birth to His baptism with the Holy Spirit ( to His works, to His death, and to His resurrection and beyond.
(  Not to mention that Jesus' lineage, his geneology, which also was prophesied, can be traced back using the two sets of Begats, lists of who Begat who, from Jesus (aka Joshua/Salvation) all the way back to His most prophesied historical lineage, and even back to Adam.  One set of begats is from His maternal side, and one is from Joseph's side.  Not to mention the Gospels, which are accounts, including eye witness accounts of Jesus' miracles.  Early Christians were martyred, killed, for their faith in the Messiah, something they staked their life on.  And Christians are still killed worlwide for their faith.  Christianity has spread worldwide, in fulfillment of Scripture.

Satan is historical from the same sets of ancient books as Jesus.  And his role is known, as deceiver, Father of Lies, etc...  But when one considers the messages in the books in their entirety, it is clear that Satan is not worthy of worship nor trust.  Even when he speaks truth, his motives are short-sighted.  He knows he has no place in the Begats, for he was likely created, not begotten.  He is not the Redeemer who was the Reason (Logos, which also means word) that was with God from the beginning.  He is not the Redeemer.

Satanists may repent, which can start as easily as expressing the following:  Jesus (or Joshua, or the Greek/Hebrew names) of God (G-d, Abba), my Savior dear, of whom G-d's love entrusts me to hear.  Ever this day, be in my heart and soul, to lead, guide, convict, forgive, and redeem me wherever I go. Amen (aka I believe, or so be it).

satan is my master
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i walk with him, we are very close