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# Those Who Do Not Learn History,
# Are Doomed To Repeat It.
# The More Things Change,
# The More They Stay The Same.
# When History Already Proves,
# What Side Of It You Are On.
# Again, And Again...

# Walls Just Work!
# "They" Have Contaminated The Timeline!
# Going Back Many Thousands Of Years!
# Fake History!
# Fake News!
# Normiez!
# Red Pilled!
# Pepe!
# Cuck!
# Shill!
# Rush & Jones Selling Narratives And Supplements.
# Some Of Those Supplements Might Be Red @ Least.
# MakeChinaGrea...Er,Wait!
# MakeAmericaGreatAgain #MAGA!

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The usual games illegals seem to love; rape, drunk driving, fraud, murder, the usual....

Illegal charged with raping a 12 year old girl: 

This friendly illegal is  gangmember but also apparently likes to kill women:   

This illegal likes to play the drunk driving game, like so many other illegals. He has been caught several times: 

Obama Judge says it is ok for an illegal to commit fraud to obtain a license. (The Obama Judge likely thinks that this will help the illegal vote or get Federal/State funds via some welfare or other government give-away.) 

Apparently some illegals are almost cannibals!  ;) No, actually the illegal was just using his teeth in an attack on our ICE officers. 

This illegal takes one of their favorite activities, drunk driving, to a higher level- the usual drunk driving game but also hit a state trooper- in work zone! 

Aren't these people the Democrats, and some Republicans, want in our country such a great addition to this "melting pot?" They contribute so much to society and culture.