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I think you’re overlooking something that could really help stabalize Mexico and Central America. These places both used grow great weed but because it was criminalized the criminals profited. Then cocaine rose to prominence and fucked everthing up even more. If we could just get these places back to growing the truly wonderful varieties of weed they used to grow it would not only help to stabilize their local economy but through trade our relationships with them as well. Let’s get high and let’s get rich, folks. This is totally doable! ;)

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I got no beef with that plan.

But all the LED grow shoppes in Cascadia might...

Oh about Uraguay!

With no dispensaries open, many Uruguayans are indeed growing their own marijuana. Urugrow, a dispensary in Montevideo, sells all the supplies needed to do just that; owner Juan Manuel Varela told the Globe and Mail that his customer base had grown since the legalization law was passed. Turnover has doubled.

But what about those who don't want to grow? Many Uruguayan marijuana users won't want to go through all the trouble of growing their own plants in the first place. They have two options: roll the dice and register with the government to gain access to a limited supply of legal but relatively expensive and mediocre marijuana, or continue buying from the illegal marketplace. How many choose to leave the black market behind will be the crucial factor that makes or breaks Uruguay's experiment.

Tourists are not allowed to buy cannabis, which is only legally available to Uruguayan nationals and legal residents. However, with just a quick google search, one can find, for about US$200, a tour through Montevideo that includes a “free gift.” Hence, an example of the market spontaneously working around absurd regulations.

And what about the promises of better public health and public safety? Unfortunately, it’s hard to see clear improvements. It’s certainly positive that many users now get their cannabis from legal or semi-legal sources and avoid the terrible Paraguayan brick weed that’s sold on the black-market.

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It's cute how y'all are talking about choppers and dirigibles like that's the tippy-top of the tech tree.


You don't throw the wheel away as an outdated and useless machine simply because you have invented the wing (or rocket engine for that matter).

Dirigibles, and choppers are both cheaper than satellites and can do things the satellite cannot...

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And don't forget the ground sensors.

Along the US-Mexico border, small teams of Marines are using a suite of advanced sensors and remote monitors to assist the US Border Patrol in scanning the most vulnerable sections of the untamed border. These Marines belong to specialized units called Ground Sensor Platoons, and for over a decade have been quietly partnering with the US Border patrol to help agents catch drug traffickers and migrants who cross illegally into the United States from Central and South America.

Despite being infantry Marines, the weapons of choice for Ground Sensor Platoons aren't bullets. The Tactical Remote Sensor System, or TRSS, is a suite of sensors, cameras, re-transmission devices, and monitoring equipment that are used to track enemy movement. The sensors are sensitive enough to detect how many people may be walking nearby, what direction they're traveling, and can even differentiate between different types of vehicles. Some of the sensors are equipped with day and night imaging capability, allowing Marines to identify the exact nature of their target. And like most equipment fielded by the Marine Corps, the system can take a beating: the Corps claims the sensors and relay equipment can operate autonomously for up to 30 days.

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Greatest Hits, recently posted on other site that nobody reads because it might offend, I guess?
These are the kinds of people we are told by Democrats, and some Republicans, and by, interestingly by many Churches and Foundations, must be allowed in our country or to cross an open-border?

Man suspected of killing California homeless men with a baseball bat was deported six times, police say (reported in Amazon news, even!)

More on local news. Apparently this precious illegal also killed his own family members.

The illegal raped his own daughter?

Beloved Coach Murdered By An Illegal In The Sanctuary State of California 
"The judge had harsh words for Valera, describing him as “a coward” who has shown no remorse. “Mr. Gomez did not pose a threat to the defendant,” Sanderson said. “The multiple shots were not necessary.”  Gomez, who was born and raised in Parlier, was involved with Parlier’s youth football league for about 20 years and also was a volunteer football coach at Parlier High School.  Valera, 41, was living in the United States illegally."

Do Illegals Help Cause Global Warming? Lawsuit asks 
Most people are aware of the pollution and damage illegals do to the environment (leaving trash, cutting fences, breaking wells, causing fires, trampling delicate desert lands, harming livestock, polluting water, etc) but a lawsuit alleges that illegals also help cause global warming but a Judge dismissed the suit.

Honduras man arrested for alleged rape in Lake Charles

An Illegal, who was also a sicario for Zeta cartel, extradited from Laredo to Mexico, so will likely be returning to his old ways soon
Illegal caught with $25K worth of stolen tequila and a loaded pistol.

Illegal bludgeons women unconscious and brutally rapes her in her front lawn 

Illegals also like firearm crimes, often to smuggle into Mexico since it is so violent:

North Carolina stats for illegals committing sex crimes on children are in for Sept:

A usual case and very sad. Note Hispanics are frequently, maybe most frequently, victims of illegals: 
"Police arrested the driver of the truck that hit them, 38-year-old Cesar Corona-Quiterio, on charges of intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault. He is also being held for an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer."

Democrat admits strategy and former ICE official calls for her to leave the race: 

Illegal Mexican released due to "sanctuary" policy accused of murdering three:

Mexican Poliice Commander heads to prison in Chicago: 

Highest number of illegals under Trump so far:

Illegal released due to "sanctuary" murders his wife: 

The usual drunk driving game so beloved by illegals has more victims. The illegal was deported, but waltzed across the border to play the drunk driving game and killed someone, is also being charged Federally:   

This illegal apparently likes to beat up his daughters: 


some of the usual rape games so beloved by many illegals: 

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Y ahora:

I’m beginning to think ... Trump’s wall was ... metaphoric!

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Saves lotsa $$$ that way... 8)

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