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Hasta la vista, baby 8)


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"MS-13 is taking over the school," and then she was one of many that was killed by "Three were unaccompanied minors who had been caught at the border and then placed in the community by a federal refugee program," in addition to some others. In other words the very people Obama allowed in and the Democrats praise beat people to death with baseball bats, which sounds a pretty painful way to go, though the illegals have worse ways.
I cannot believe Amazon news, of all places, is finally having to admit the problem of illegal children Obama wanted in!  :o Besides the rape, drug dealing, murders, and crime there are BASIC issues:

"But the challenge went beyond language. Many of the new students were years behind in their education. Some had never gone to school and couldnt read or write in any language." <-- any wonder why many of our public school are failures or that our children compare poorly when compared to other countries?

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No surprise that the lawyers would try to cash in and do politics with the illegal who initially claimed he found the gun stolen from a Federal Agent and was shooting at sea-monster seals and then, upon counsel, decided the story was that it was in some bag the illegal found and "went off" inadvertently killing the women simply walking around with her dad, according to initial reporting. The jury that let him off and the ineffectual prosecutors should be the ones prosecuted, in an ideal world. But he will likely get some pay-out and politics will be pushed.
Some more good news:

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I always hear the subject line of this thread in Mr. Bell's voice, delivered about the same way as, "...and what a difference it's made!" in his ads for gold.