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The Gaming Thread
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I just lost all my souls again. :(

The Gaming Thread
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I've been playing a lot of NES rampage and Indiana Jones in the Temple of doom.  I noticed tho just recently that Duck Tales is in my collection as well.  I had the nintendo power that featured Duck Tales back in the day when me and my sisters got it for xmas... my sisters were gaming now thats a looooong time ago!

All three are classics. I once had to stand around and fetch quarters from the change machine while my older brother beat the entire temple of doom game at the arcade. Shit got boring as hell. Fun game though. Great music! They managed to squeeze a lot of the important parts of john williams' score into 8-bit format. Made for some cool voicings in certain sections.

Duck tales haunted house level was the shit. The moon one kept fucking me up though.

Rampage was fucking awesome.

The Gaming Thread
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Jolly Lollygagging - Electric Boogaloo Edition: