Author Topic: If anybody wants to see how much Justins story has evolved  (Read 1742 times)

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If anybody wants to see how much Justins story has evolved
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The first thing you'll notice is he's changed his shooting story so that now his feet are on the ground, on the show, he's fully in the vehicle. I assume the legalities of that were pointed out to him, thus him NOW making a point of stating he put his foot on the ground.

Second thing I want to point out, Notice how this Darkness Dave almost plagiarizes the interviewer of Big Foot Files? Coincidence? George himself says there aren't any. Yet Darkness Dave acted like he vaguely heard of some other documentary from the UK....LIAR! Probably had it queued up on a monitor.

There's no mention of him thinking it was a guy in a suit. It goes from Bear to monster. Now he's spending 15 minutes in the beginning shocking listeners by suggesting he thought it could be a guy in a suit and shooting anyway. In the old interview he makes no mention of his buddy not wanting him to shoot.

"Looking back I would have gone for my camera" Not a cell phone, he's suggesting they actually have a camera with them! What's he say now, about a year later?

Justin gives them hair and his boots, the hair is black bear. The boots don't have any blood on them. They were thoroughly examined by the National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory in Oregon. 

 Which should end this, right?

So why a new documentary?  Why are they still talking about the boots? Why are they on Coast? Justin claims there's nothing to gain by a hoax. Really Justin? No regular spot on the new show? No new documentary?

They almost act like they believe people will never see the Bigfoot files show...this one...

These guys aren't just a debunker show, either. Watch all three episodes and you'll be shocked at what strange unforseen conclusion they come up with for Yeti's!

Re: If anybody wants to see how much Justins story has evolved
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I appreciate your posts very much.