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Did Art quit again?!

I think so, but I don't trust rumors.

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I have actually worked in diverse environments and I believe there are people who subvert the efforts of others in every work environment.  The major difference that I've found is that in the sadder and poorer parts of society more minds dwell among the negative aspects of life.  Minds commonly dwell on their reality.  People there ("there"?  So, NIMBY, I guess) seem to have less of an ability to train their minds (You realize you're calling poor people stupid, right, just bec they don't behave like you)  to rise above and overlook certain situations. Perhaps their code of situational conduct is more serious, since all they have is their rep.  They are more likely to react before thinking.  Their options are limited and little breaks up the monotomy. They are more likely to react emotionally and physically.  I suppose you react financially - if you don't like a scene, you buy your way out by starting your car and leaving.  You are not dependent on waiting for the bus, if there is one.  They dwell in a world of resentments and grudges.  Then how do you explain impoverished little old ladies, homeless children, nuns, people in the Peace Corps or Americorps, priests, church-going poor people, starving students, and nearly everyone who serves you every day.

Using excessive words of a certain sort leaves the impression that you want to identify with people who 'can't make it in the world'.  Actually, using words like the people you associate with, your friends and role models, keeps you in their loop.  Maybe you don't have the native ability to lift yourself out of the gutter - you are to be pitied.  Hope is not a native ability.  Hope is an experience we learn from.  Hope is taught and role-modeled.  But maybe you're the sort who is lazy (Classic, stereotyping low-income people as lazy.  See list of service employees below)and it's easier for you to wallow in that element of society.  I guess you are to be pitied then, as well. Sanctimonious pity is not valuable.

I use 'you' rhetorically, I hope you realize that. Rhetorically again, right, lol.

There are many reasons for poverty.  You obviously were only exposed to one type of poverty.  Here are some groups of poor people you failed to include in your stereotyping:  Food banks clients, Care Credit customers, people on manufacturers' charity prescription drug programs, people in public housing (bad attitudes not allowed), youth working their way through college unsupported, some emancipated minors, families devastated by flooding-fires-fraud-medical-legal, targeted individuals, single parents whose ex'es don't pay support, and honestly by most government standards, nearly every service worker is low-income who makes your latte, doles out your in-person checking withdrawals, posts your bank deposits at night, washes your car, rings up your purchases, serves your table, makes your fast food, stocks your grocery shelves, cleans your public restrooms, shelves your library books, sorts your recycles at the plant, shrink-wraps your products, does care giving for your grandpa, cleans your great-aunt's hospital catheter, takes your business inquiry calls, schedules you, verifies your insurance, staffs your fuel pump, greets you at the front desk, delivers your newspaper, rolls your condoms, fills your vending machines, sells you shoes, sells you flowers, surveys you, solicits you, makes your payment arrangements, asks you to pay your bill, assists the professionals you hire, and ****secures the establishents you patronize****.

Don't kid yourself!  Receptionists are not all 21 year old girls living at home.  Stockers are not all married DINKs.  Servers are not all supported by a spouse.  Factory workers do not all have unions.  Front desk workers are not all full-time (Almost no service workers are nowadays).  Shoe department sales employees don't all get commissions.  Food servers DO declare their tips to the IRS.  Some bosses DO steal tips.  Bank tellers ARE often lowly paid, as are many non-professional healthcare employees.  Even fast food employees are not all young, not just starting out in the world.

In our society, there is only room for one or two people to be paid higher than the twenty people under them.  Unless someone has a union, special funding, or is a professional.

***** Yay to Seattle homeowners for chipping in to make an AA degree possible for millions of poor students!****


According to my interpretation of the following article, about 14% of Americans live in poverty.  That's a lot.  Not just in bad parts of town.  I base my calculation on 45 million impoverished Americans of about 325.7 million Americans alive today.