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When I pm'd devoidzero for his Dropbox password, I told him about the Art Bell shows I had saved on Realtalk/Versacorder tapes. He encouraged me to look through them to see if I have any not on the Torrent or his Somewhere-in-Times. I found 12, though some are only partial.

With his patient instructions I changed them to MP3s on Audacity. I left the commercials and news in because I thought people might like at least a few shows where they can envision sitting down to their radio and listening to the Art Bell show, back in the day.

The Dropbox link is:
Man! That is awesome! Thanks!

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Hey, does anyone have a copy of the last show Art did:

March 11th, 2016 - Open Lines

I think we're missing that one and that would round out the MITD part of the devoidzero collection.

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I think I have a copy of that show. But In mention. I would like it if anyone had some old tape recordings. I dont want anything in exchange other than that. Well ok one thing its a long shot. I would kill for some recordings of dave paul off the wall wsb from the early 90s. Now that....ahh Dave was golden at times.

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Searching for a show from 11/20/98 - the guest Andre Schlesinger of the Church of Satan. If anyone has access to this file, please PM me.