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Discovered some Dallas Thompson fun
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Got home late tonight, threw on an Art stream to wind down the evening. The infamous Dallas Thompson episode came on. Dallas Thompson was the loon who survived a decapitating car crash driving backwards at 70 miles per hour and then discovered his mission of flying to the center of the earth through a hole at the North Pole in a one man helicopter. Definitely one of the most entertaining and most clearly crazy guests of all time.

Found his book on Amazon and the reviews are hilarious. All of them except one were clearly written by Dallas. All positive comments come from accounts with his book as their only reviews. Here's my favorite review of his book on Amazon.

Cosmic Manuscript, Greetings from the garden of lilies and purple butterflies ! Love, light and peace. I write this to you, hoping you'd share it with the rest of the World - it is meant for those in the World grappling with the truth - of the NOW and the ETERNAL, those just beginning to recognize the search for love, light, peace and harmony, as I have very recently. The tribe I belonged to before you touched me was the materialistic, capitalistic, rationalistic world and my essence there was of a worker bee. This world had made me a cynic, a pagan, bitter and disillusioned. And so lost. You touched my soul on a day i was feeling like dying - so utterly miserable. And fed this thirsty spirit with your special brand of Butterfly Dreams and Celestial Tones. You have held me safe and warm under your wing, feeding me with the water of love, light and hope. Patiently waiting for this butterfly to break out of her cocoon and learn to fly. I say patiently because I had little faith in myself and in the process, rearing my reptile head at every given opportunity. Today I see butterflies dancing by my window, playing in the sunlight, lilies in my garden, stars shining so bright in the sky, as I learn to usher the Cosmic water. Meditation has helped me calm my mind and get in touch with the wonder of Celestial Creation - the colors, the light, the peace and the love. And I feel beautiful, I feel transformed as the darkness recedes. I do not really understand it all yet, but the discovery is so exciting. I feel like a new born baby - struggling to breathe, kicking, screaming - and yet so happy to be alive and play in the light. In your words like a celestial butterfly learning to fly, and dance to Eternities Tone! I can't wait to to truly understand this process to merge the dimensions - I am so thirsty - but I must be patient. I am loving the discovery and that keeps me going. When I asked you, how can i ever thank you for opening up this dimension for me you asked me to share the water. I am starting this by sharing what I have learnt and the returns are so awesome. I have in a small way shared the Water and in doing so have experienced more love and light. So all you folk wondering what this is all about, let the light in - you will be dazzled eternally. And Dallas, please continue spreading the Water and offering the Light......there are more thirsty souls than you could ever imagine. In Peace, Dina

But wait, it gets better...

Sorry, babbling moonbats. Material in this "book" was plagiarized, lifted, STOLEN, word-for-word, from previously-published materials. The "author" is IN HIDING as a result, and refuses to surface for fear of well-deserved lawsuits. He's a phony in every way imaginable or describable. The fact that he CONTINUES to make money off of THEFT indicates just what a snake-oil salesman he is.Of course, he needs willing skulls to fill with his drivel--so your lives have not been totally wasted. Well, on the other hand...

He lifted entire pages and paragraphs from my earlier published and copyrighted book, Caverns, Cauldrons, and Concealed Creatures, which he gleaned from excerpts on the internet in 2000. I have been told that he plagiarized from many other sources as well.As for the material from my book, this is easily demonstrable. Maybe if I can find him (he seems to be in hiding, more or less), we could even settle the matter legally.Due to his theft of copyrighted material, another online plagiarist has copied and posted online the same material that this person first plagiarized. This is why I will never publish material online again.For info on my books, see


If you want a couple of lulz, check it out.

Discovered some Dallas Thompson fun
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Here's some more fun and the real story on what happened to Thompson.

This article is awesome

And what about Thompson? His final posting in his Yahoo Group page had been on January 11 2003. Then, he had vanished. Adherents of Hollow Earth theory, writing in the chat forum, couldn’t help but speculate. “Maybe there is something someone did not want him to find,” said one. “It is quite a mystery,” said another, before wondering if he had made his trip north. “Maybe he’s there?”

Further investigation, however, suggested a rather more prosaic answer. Thompson’s book, Cosmic Manuscript, is still available to buy on the internet. Among all the five-star reviews (“I am a doctor who has read thousands of books, and Cosmic Manuscript is in a class of it’s own”; “I consider there are no accidents. This book came to me instead of me searching for it”; “I LOVE this Cosmic Manuscript”) there’s a solitary one-star review.

“Sorry, babbling moon bats,” begins its author, a W M Mott. “Material in this ‘book’ was plagiarised, lifted, STOLEN, word-for-word, from previously published materials. The ‘author’ is IN HIDING as a result, and refuses to surface for fear of well-deserved lawsuits.”
Mott goes on to allege that Thompson “lifted entire pages and paragraphs from my earlier book, Caverns, Cauldrons and Concealed Creatures”. These were serious allegations. Could this be the truth behind Thompson’s evaporation?

When I contacted Mott, he told me, “I have good reason to believe that I have located Mr Thompson. He is not blind, nor has he ever been. In fact, he is passing himself off as a writer again.” Mott supplied a link to the self-published web-biography of an individual named Dallas W Thompson. This individual lived in the correct place, Bakersfield, California. Like our man, he’d spent a portion of his youth in Hawaii. He was also the author of a self-published book – a thriller called Eyes Wide Shut. A photograph shows a heavyset older man in a peach shirt staring directly in the camera in a way that strongly suggests someone who is not blind. But when I contacted him to request an interview about the Hollow Earth, he emailed back, “The Dallas Thompson you need to talk to is not me.”

It sounded unlikely. There were just too many coincidences. Nevertheless, further digging uncovered the original local newspaper cutting that reported Thompson’s car crash. It named him as Steven Thompson and revealed that he was 26 when the accident happened in 1997. But the biography of the Dallas W Thompson that W M Mott had accused of plagiarism had said he was born in 1944, a significant difference. Indeed, the photograph on his website shows a man who appears to be in his 60s.

Perhaps there are two Dallas Thompsons in Bakersfield?

Eventually, I find a phone number that must surely belong to our man. He lives in Bakersfield. His name is Steven D Thompson. His age, estimated by a records database, is quoted as between 40 and 44. Right place, right name, right age. Excited, I ring the number. It’s disconnected.

Maybe Thompson is in hiding. Maybe government forces or evil bankers made him disappear, terrified of the world-changing truths he was about to unleash. Maybe he did journey to Hollow Earth, descend into it with his helicopter backpack and is now prancing joyfully with the mammoths, and the ancient tribes, living in a paradise of pure air, warm climes and abundant food that will sustain him for another 1,657 years.

Or maybe he forgot to pay his phone bill.

Discovered some Dallas Thompson fun
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It remember it as being one of those episodes where the truth didn't matter a jot, we were all just having fun listening to the story and laughing at Art's perplexed reactions to all the madness. We were going every deeper into the rabbit hole and Art was at his best, using all his skills to make this an interesting interview, when it would clearly have been a disaster in the hands of anyone else. God knows what butchery Dave would have made of it. Probably carved it an ass and gone to Open Lines after half an hour.

Discovered some Dallas Thompson fun
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Obviously a subterranean civilization with advanced technology would be able to infiltrate your communication networks, punylings!

Dallas Thompson
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So couldn't they track Dallas by his tax records/sales from the book? The checks must go somewhere. Nobody that kooky can disappear, nobody has been been willing to put the effort into finding him. Thanks for the links. Good reads!