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I decided to listen to Sasquatch Chronicles after Zak was done. Love a good skunk ape story.

I could never get into bigfoot. I think maybe the tone of the investigation was set wrong with that original film that seemed fake to me even as a kid. I was a regular watcher of In Search of...but bigfoot...meh.

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Who is this demented woman who can't even describe the mothership she claims she was on?  Like all these people it's hard to tell if they're delusional or just pure fraudsters.

Dave tries to put up a front that he's a serious interviewer by asking skeptical questions but the guest bluffs an answer and he quickly agrees that mainstream scientists are more interested in keeping their funding so that explains why they aren't open to quack science like hers -  the real reason of course is because they have better uses for their time than dealing with kooks with zero academic credentials. Like most pseudo-scientists she uses a variation of the 'appeal to authority' logic fallacy where she posits that because the world's greatest scientists don't have a complete understanding of so much natural phenomena including consciousness that means her credibility is at least as good as theirs, they are all in the same boat, equals. Her description of her breakthrough experiment with DNA exposed to some kind of energy demonstrated the presence of an entity/angel is laughable. Speaking of laughable, she nervously giggles constantly because she knows how ridiculous she sounds. I think she knows she's a con artist.

Cory describes thought patterns as "thought particles" that can be stored in certain vorticities of the universe, in particular black holes. She explains that the structure of space is configured with black holes that store information on its surface, including thought particles. The information particles stored in the surface of every black hole of the universe can be accessed through Universal consciousness. Once one has linked in to this type of particle information, they can speak extraterrestrial languages, understand extraterrestrial symbols, and access teleportation and time travel. This entire construct makes up the Cosmic Mind.

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Also, as I listened to Dave almost plead with C2C regular caller Charles from Elgin, Tx to get to his point and ask a question
he should have hung up on the dolt like a proper broadcaster would

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he should have hung up on the dolt like a proper broadcaster would

Sounds like you are calling George "a proper broadcaster".   ???