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Is it me or.....
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damn... I just shuddered like a man has never shuddered before... My only claim to fame was a benefit show with the misfits here in philly... Electric Factory... anywhoo... my band and a ton of other "local" acts were backstage being kids... we were all like early 20's some of us teenagers at the time... mind you this was the "OLD" as in years Misfits not the classic lineup.  We were causing a bit of havoc being that we had never played a venue such as this and at one point were told... "you guys are being too loud for Mr Only he's trying to sleep please keep it down."  and with that... all of my respect died.

Is it me or.....
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I know you guys don't mean it this way, but in some places Coont is a racist term for black coochie. Use with caution.