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Wilbur Allen is mistaken
« on: April 11, 2012, 09:44:27 AM »
Wilbur Allen and George Noory, 4/10 /12... where to start???

Let's start with the "Apollo 11 UFO," which LONG, LONG AGO passed from the status of UFO to that of ICO (Identified Cruising Object.) It was one of the panels of the SLA (Spacecraft-to-LM Adapter.) Buzz Aldrin has never at any time said otherwise, nor has he ever at any time said he saw anything else in space that appeared to be extraterrestrial technology.

Gordon Cooper indeed claimed to have seen very inexplicable things (see BUT NOT DURING HIS MERCURY OR GEMINI FLIGHTS.

Allen and Noory gave a correct account of Ed Mitchell -- namely, that he has said he's been told by high-ranking military officers that "we've been visited" but he has always denied seeing any extraterrestrial activity during Apollo 14. But they deduced all the wrong things from that account. Wilbur Allen said "How can he believe one thing and not the other?" -- to which the swift answer should have been "Very easily." Noory said that Aldrin and Mitchell between them added up to a case that was "incontrovertible." Oh yeah? Two astronauts who both say they never saw any woo-woo, and that's incontrovertible??

Then, of course, we got to the part where they make unfalsifiable statements. "Oh yes, all the astronauts have obviously sworn an oath of secrecy." That's the equivalent of putting hands over ears and going LAA LAA LAA I CAN'T HEAR YOU. Highly persuasive...NOT!

Pathetic. A totally irresponsible use of the public airwaves.

Re: Wilbur Allen is mistaken
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Pathetic. A totally irresponsible use of the public airwaves.

And Allen's insisting on referring his alleged photographs of UFOs as 'samples', as though they constitute actual evidence, is really annoying. I'm thinking he does most of his 'research' from his Mom's basement.

Re: Wilbur Allen is mistaken
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2012, 09:10:58 PM »
OMG, listening to this segment while refinishing a floor, and what's to husband "I need a show called 'logical fallacies' where people like this come on and we deconstruct all their assertions... Correlation does not imply causation! Post hoc, beeyatch!"

Then you go to the guys site and he's got these pan-and-scans where he zooms in really close on street lights in such a way they appear to be large and moving.

The "saples" thing irritated me no end too. Snoory seemed a bit more awake tonight because he actually said "by samples, what do you mean?" and Wilbur replies "well... Photos" and snoory is like "there are lots of photos" and Wilbur spends he next twenty minutes trying to explain the speed at which digital cameras record vs. the human eye but clearly has no idea why.

Then... George asks him abou flap areas and he doesn't know what a flap is. Dude, did you listen to this show ever, or read a book about ufos?

Sadly I think he is actually one of the more sincere guests, unless he's such a good con man that his na´vetÚ and earnestness is a complex put on. Something anomalous has happened to this man, but he insists it's e.t., even when George gives him face saving outs like the jungian/vallee thesis, which would make it all subjective and less foolish. Samples! He has samples and data!

If the contactee thing is real, who or whatever is behind it has a sick sense of humor because the contactees are always kind of credulous, sad and vehement, and usually their lives are destroyed. I never want to se a UFO!

Re: Wilbur Allen is mistaken
« Reply #3 on: September 22, 2013, 10:08:48 PM »
Listening to WA on the w Howard Hughes. Dude is bat shit crazy

Re: Wilbur Allen is mistaken
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 I'm thinking he does most of his 'research' from his Mom's basement.

Yeah, but his mom is fuckin HOT! Tight bathrobe n all? mmm MM!

Re: Wilbur Allen is mistaken
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Does any one know where I can find a recording of Gordon Cooper & Zechariah Sitchin show from January 23, 2001?