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How did you record C2C?
« on: June 19, 2011, 05:19:48 AM »
This is for all listeners...but mainly I am asking those who have been following C2C since the early 90's or before.   I want to know how you may have recorded C2C before the internet became huge, before the website, before art dabbled in webcasting free on the net, before streamlink.

I know that real life sometimes made it impossible to listen to Art every night, or there may have been a time when you heard of a show coming up you really wanted to listen to but couldn't because of some reason or another.  At those times, how did you make recordings of the shows?

For me, I taped the shows on VHS tapes. Ok, laugh if you want. 

I didn't know about C2C until near the end of 1992 when a friend of my parents mentioned it in a passing conversation with my father.  I stayed up late one night, pretending to be asleep while I listened to the first hour of C2C with Art Bell...I fell asleep during a commercial break.

I was a kid still living at home in and listening to a late-night talk show that started at midnight and didn't end until 4AM wasn't kosher with the folks nor did it jive with school.  I didn't have a way to record it with my stereo as I had no way to time the recordings.

A couple of years earlier in 1990 my grandparents bought me my own VCR and small TV for my bedroom and later that year, I got a cable drop by my parents for good grades.  In early 1993 a media store I had been working at part time went out of business and I was able to get all their unsold VHS tapes  (couple hundred) for around $20 and a promise to help break down all the old isle shelving and help clean out the store for free. 

That night, I had rearranged my room and while pulling in my stereo, TV, and VCR I noticed the RCA input and outputs.  I dusted off the old unused manuals for all three pieces of equipment and after a little thought, I figured out I could probably record audio from my stereo onto my VCR.  I tried it by plugging my RCA Audio Out line from my stereo to the Audio In of my VCR and then test recording a local AM radio station.  No dice.  Reading the VCR manual over again, I found that it had to have a video signal or else it wouldn't record the audio.

I then plugged the RCA Video Out from my TV to the Video In of my VCR. Doing a test recording worked great, but I found out by playing with the recorded channels that if the channel was off the air and the VCR was getting static, the audio would stop being recorded.

To fix it, I set the VCR to record Channel 3, the channel I switched to to watch cable TC.  I then tuned the cable box in my room to the weather channel since that is ALWAYS on.  Put the VCR in EP mode so I could get 8 hours of recording time per tape, set the 'start' and 'end' timers on the VCR to 11:50pm local and 4:10am local respectively, made sure the stereo was on and tuned to the local affiliate every night before I went to bed (and that the speakers were unplugged) and that family members understood not to touch my stereo. Voila! I could get two full shows on one tape and it worked perfectly!

Laugh all you want, I was a poor high school kid making due with what I had at the time.  I thought it was beyond great at the time.   I'd get home after school and do homework while listening to the prior night's shows.   I believe I have every show recorded from may 1993 to December 1996.  In late 1996 I started playing with MP3's and by Jan 1997 I moved from VHS to recording directly to a computer and then converting the shows into MP3s the next morning.  Unfortunately, I lost all my recorded shows from 1997 to 2005 in an apartment complex fire but my old VHS recordings were safe at my parents. 

I'm hoping to rebuild the gap in my C2C collection from 1997 to 2005 and one day I plan to take time to convert all my old pre-1997 recordings to MP3's and share them.

So today, I bit torrent.  I dislike Snorry but it's C2C, harddrive space is cheep, and who knows when Art might decide to make an appearance.

Re: How did you record C2C?
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I still have several old cassette tapes around of Art doing particular C2C interviews, particularly the first and last Terence McKenna interviews.

Re: How did you record C2C?
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Yup, I taped the shows on cassettes on my giant and cheap "boom box" in the mid-late 90's.  Not necessarily out of a desire to save them (I wasn't thinking that far ahead in middle and high school).  Rather, I taped them to listen to on my Walkman on the bus to school because I couldn't stay up late enough to listen.  In fact, I usually taped over recorded tapes with new shows.

Additionally, I would replay choice parts to my friends during lunch time or during P.E.  I didn't convert many people, unfortunately.

My interest in unusual topics spring from far earlier, though.... elementary school age.  I would devour UFO books, watch Sightings, even developed my own Paranormal Investigation Society at the age of 8.  The headquarters was a "fort" in the woods. Surprisingly (or perhaps not surprisingly), however, I've never once had anything even remotely close to a paranormal experience personally.

Re: How did you record C2C?
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Re: How did you record C2C?
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Re: How did you record C2C?
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I had an "Art Bell Cassette." I recorded the show and played it back if I fell asleep, but I just used the one tape and it's long gone. I wish I had used multiple tapes and kept them now.

Re: How did you record C2C?
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