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Re: 1000s Guns Seized
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Aren't some of those grandfathered via "curio" laws? Or maybe he held Class III but I guess not considering the raid. Still one anonymous caller results in this kind of raid? Highly suspect, if true. It could be the call lead to deeper investigation and surveillance that THEN resulted in a warrant a raid/seizure. Though I still have some problems with an anonymous caller starting the process, if that is indeed what happened. Also, isn't there some kind of "ex post facto" protection via Article 1, Section 9 Constitutionally if some of his collection was deemed illegal after his initial possession/purchase?

California does not allow ownership of full auto for citizens as well as a few other liberal states. I am not sure on how the grandfathering of non full auto "assault weapons" worked in California. But California did allow new AR15 ownership through legal loopholes, like having a permanently attached 10 round magazine and no pistol grip. All of which was easy to unfuck after buying it and was very easy to do.

example of ways you could neuter your "assault weapon" and be legal