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Sex Hormone B G
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SHBG is an important sex hormone that transports sex hormones throughout the blood.  SHBG is not Sex Hormone Bell Gab, it is Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (known as SHBG).  While it doesn't get much media attention, it's very important for people's love life.  You want to have enough of it.  Too much, however, is not good, either.  But, you need enough.

The liver makes most of our Sex Hormone.  If your liver is always digesting protein, it won't have enough time to make Sex Hormone.  So, in our quests for slimmer builds, we need to be careful about going overboard with excess lean protein.  It's easy to grab a protein bar or chicken wing instead of potato chips or fruit.  It even feels like the right thing to do.  But, better to have the chips or fruit, instead of eating more protein than you need.

Some nutritionists are a saying to eat half your body weight in grams of protein.  But, they seems to have forgotten that the calculation is ALL metric.  "Grams" of protein and "Kilograms" of weight.  So, it doesn't not translate to "pounds" at all.  One nutritionist told me to eat an obscene number of grams of protein daily.  I told her she was wrong, but she insisted.  She said it had to be half your body weight.  But, she was mixing "grams" with "pounds", which is totally different than what the calculation should be.  A kilograms is about two pounds, so she was way off.  Most people should eat 35-55 grams of protein a day.  Any more than that could be hard on your liver (reducing longevity), and too much can lower your Sex Hormone below the required amount.

Sex Hormone can be increased by avoiding too much protein, but also by including the following items to your daily diet:  Coffee, tea, olive oil, cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cabbage, caulifower), walnuts, soy and almonds.

It's a complicated hormone with many roles, so I don't understand all of it.  And having too much is not good, either.  But, you want to have enough!  A doctor can arrange a quick blood test to be sent to a lab to check your level.  Estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone get all the press, but Sex Hormone is just as important.

Sex Hormone B G
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I like "Sex Hormone Bell Gab" better.


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