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Bakegab: The Bellgab Bakeshop
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Bakegab: The Bellgab Bakeshop
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Haha yeah that is the most famous story, probably a myth.  I don't think it's an accident, though, that, as you head east from Vienna, you get phyllo dough and then, in Turkey and down into the Levant, the fantastically elaborate forms of baklava with pistachios and rosewater that make the usual Greek-restaurant stuff (which the idiots insist on microwaving, turning it to mush) seem like peasant food -- that whole laminated-dough thing has an eastern feel to it.

You can buy gluten to supplement grocery-store flour -- I dump a little Bob's Red Mill Vital Wheat Gluten in practically everything which makes the dough stretchier and hold more liquid so less flour is necessary.  For the sweet doughs I make I am always trying to get by with as little flour as possible.  I don't measure anything but I know when I overdo it the dough resembles rubber cement so the effect is perceptible, not just some mysterious take-it-on-faith thing.

I find that lard is the essential ingredient to a heavenly leaven'd-ough...