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Heather Wade/ Drama /Saga
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I have been semi paying attention to Heather Wade and the current drama. Arts medical report came back and he died of an accidental overdose but with COPD as a major contributing factor. Karen stated that Art knew he had problems but was in so much pain he had to mix medication to feel any relief. As a result he accidentally overdosed.

Karen went on the ELLgab podcast and said that Heather was in love with Art. Karen said Art never went to Heathers house without his daughter. Airyn also came on the podcast and was upset Heather was still promoting her show using arts name. Heather is back to doing her show and posted on FB she handed over her old website to the Bell estate.

Karen also said Airyn and Heather are not getting along. Airyn pleaded and was crying just to be left alone by Heather. Karen said Heather has implied Art committed suicide and  she was in a relationship with Art. Karen and Airyn both 100% said Art wouldn’t cheat on airyn and Heather was 100% wrong. Airyn was really upset and felt she had to defend Arts legacy. Airyn was literally in tears and saying she had real life problems like her Daughter struggling with Arts death.

Sorry for any typos I’m on my phone.

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