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Life Hacks
« on: May 09, 2018, 01:23:08 PM »
There are new mugs which seem to have metallic paint on them, but really are totally microwave safe!  Is this going to confuse children?!

Most spray nozzles will fit onto a bottle of rubbing alcohol for a quick hand sanitizer.  It's great even in the car because it is pretty much a dripless potent mist, drying quickly and needing very little rubbing.  It lasts a long time since the mist quickly covers territory with little waste.  For over ten years, it has not been too drying on my hands.  Hasn't ruined any clothes.  For those who want to, the trigger can hang, especially over a lanyard or band.

The best spray nozzles are not the ones that come with spray bottles.  The best nozzles come with reputed products.  So, after using up a product with a good nozzle, re-use the nozzle for your hacks (rubbing alcohol sanitizer, vinegar water counter wash).