Author Topic: Non-Consentual Mind-Reading of Helpless Patients is Unethical and Degrading  (Read 1011 times)

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Like the others, I'll try to keep up with the database you are giving us, Albrecht.  At least the NY Times concedes that although the recording was crickets, the employees nonetheless could have been attacked by something else.  So, they are leaving that open.

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"DARPA seeks proposals to design, build, demonstrate, and validate a nonsurgical neural interface system to broaden the applicability of neural interfaces to the able-bodied warfighter. The final technology aims to enable neural recording and stimulation with sub-millimeter spatial resolution. "   

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This is not, particularly, about mind-reading or control but that the "system" is slowly, sometimes not so slowly, taking even more control over children, this time in the guise of "child's rights." But now, at least in Iowa, a parent doesn't have the right to see medical reports and consult with their child's doctor- from the age of 10! Note: targeting of the "heartland," and a creepy possible slippery-slide to other more nefarious things with age-of-consent being so low? Also what else? Vaccines, abortion, gender-bending, prescribing meds (pharma trials or just for whatever,) experiments, abuse, and parents aren't allowed to know?

Now, I have no knowledge of the below particular case. Maybe there is some allegations or proceedings going on? But the article makes it seem it is by STATUTE not a specific family/parents issue. 

Re: Non-Consentual Mind-Reading of Helpless Patients is Unethical and Degrading
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This was my favorite part of the article because so bizarre:
"says David Pizarro, a psychology professor at Cornell who specializes in disgust."  Must be hilarious to mention at a cocktail party.