Should Heather Wade and George Senda join forces in radio?

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Author Topic: Should Heather Wade and George Senda join forces and co-host Midnight in desert?  (Read 482 times)

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Should the two yahoos join forces in radio?

Only if it finally craters the show and puts it out of its misery.

Mean spirited thread.


Only if it finally craters the show and puts it out of its misery.

That's the plan

Accidentally  tunes into this combo

I dunno, is Mr. Senda much good?

Ms. Wade has me convinced she's genuinely interested in the usual subject matter of her show, her voice is seductive, and she seems to be trying.  Unfortunately she often doesn't seem to be any more knowledgeable than Mr. Noory, even if she's actually paying att'n to what she's doing, so her results don't necessarily turn out better.  A few weeks ago she didn't even know the extent of the AM radio, medium wave, broadcasting band in the USA; how are you in that job w/o even knowing that?!

But then, she's on late night radio.  Hers may be said to be the flagship program of Dark Matter, but it's among the weakest on the schedule -- but it makes sense they'd have their better programs on at other hours.  It's the "flagship" only because Art Bell, a meaningless distinction now AFAICT.  The other programs on Dark Matter handle the same topics as "Midnight in the Desert" better & more entertainingly, and cover others too.  Most of the better programs on DMDN have co-emcees, so I'm inclined to think Ms. Wade's sharing the mic would be a good thing.

Last night I noticed Ms. Wade's sounding less seductive, and twangier than ever.  I think she might be trying to sound like the Paranormal Filler hosts, but it doesn't suit her.

So I've decided to vote "yes" here on general principles.  I don't think I've ever heard Mr. Senda, but am willing to take a pig-in-a-poke chance the interplay makes the show sound better.

OK, now I've sampled a recent YouTube of Mr. Senda's touting an event of his.  A little slow, but I'd guess that as a co-host w Ms. Wade he'd talk faster.  He'd have to.

Do we have any indication Mr. Senda would be interested in doing a 4 hrs. nightly show?