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It was disappointing that a local Memorial Gardens business here lets plums rot from their many plum trees.  Last year, I took without asking.  But this year they had a sign up not to pick.  I called and asked permission, but they said their policy is NO.  I wish they would donate the plums to the food bank.  I don't understand why they let plums rot on their nice memorial garden lawn - you'd think they would be glad I got rid of some of the slimy fruit from underfoot.
You have to be more creative. Get yourself a high visibility vest, a clipboard and a 5 gallon bucket. Pick to your heart's content. Nobody ever notices or questions someone in a high visibility vest. If you're worried about being confronted google the garden's/parks dept website and memorize at least 1 female and 1 male name. If somebody asks what you're doing say(in a world-weary tone) "Look I was told by (insert name) to get rid of these things before somebody slips and falls on these things" If they press the issue tell them you'll quit but get out the clipboard and ask them for their name and phone# "in case there's a lawsuit" If they persist further pelt them with the plums and leg it

Seriously though look up if there's a community garden/allotment in your area. Either they'll give you a plot of your own or you do a little work and they give you a share of the crop. If you can get a small area to grow where you live that would be great. Even a few sq ft in full sun can produce a decent amount of food(look up square foot gardening) Start off with easy to grow stuff like spinach, lettuce, beets and radishes. Seeds can be obtained cheaply at dollar stores in spring or around this time on clearance at big box stores. You'll lose weight, be less hungry, feel better and it's good physically and mentally

Sustainable Dieting and Health (Naps, Diet, Exercise)
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Well.  Thanks, guys.  Good ideas.  The clipboard and vest - that's great!  I'm happier today.  The scale moved, I paid for vegetables, I got another work shift...

Maybe the new moon got me down...  Thanks again.  There is room to garden here and I'm a good actress...

Sustainable Dieting and Health (Naps, Diet, Exercise)
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Pretty excited that the scale moved again.  I'm below the next 5lb marker on the scale.  So happy.

But, I had to lower my weekly goals.  It was too unsteady to have good weeks followed by failures because after fails, it's hard to get back on track or even have much focus at all.

So I lowered my weekly goal.  Not ideal, but feasible.  Slow and steady wins the race.  It's going to take longer than I had planned which is better for my skin (no one wants loose skin!) anyway.

It really concerns me that I lost this weight twice before, and that I paid no mind as it crept back on again.  What the Hell was I thinking?  I guess I didn't realize the importance of keeping it off, and then when I quit drinking, I gained 25 more.

Maybe by going more slowly, I'll really develop new habits so that the weight doesn't just come back.  And I will be paying attention to that.  It's one thing to be cute and curvy at 30, but it's another thing entirely to carry extra pounds when you're older with stiffer ligaments, no collagen, and no youth on your side!  I had a client for whom it was almost impossible to get around, just because of age-old obesity.  Ugh oh my gosh I don't want to end up like that!  Has a lush, lush mature lot that she pays someone to maintain, with incredible plants, shrubs and trees, but she cannot even get up to enjoy seeing it.  All her strength is required just to loo and have a couple meals in the kitchen.  Wanted to smack her when she packed a big baggie full of cookies to take back to bed.  God help us all.  But, the endorphins from the food probably make her feel better.  I don't want to be like that.  Bed exercises can make us feel better too.  Nothing wrong with fruit or nicely prepared dairy or vegetables.