Author Topic: O'Neil Kicks Voynich Manuscript ASS!  (Read 266 times)

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O'Neil Kicks Voynich Manuscript ASS!
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Folio 1r decoded in Latin.  House of Este is involved with the Voynich Manuscript.  I owned this VMS, monster.

Re: O'Neil Kicks Voynich Manuscript ASS!
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"Pointing to the fact that the pictures show only nude women and no men, Skinner told the Guardian: “The only place you see women like that bathing together in Europe at that time was in the purification baths that have been used by Orthodox Jews for the last 2,000 years.”

He believes the drawings were of an invention designed by the mysterious author that aimed to ensure an efficient supply of clean water to a mikvah. “I think there is no other explanation for what they are: it is either rank fantasy by the author – which doesn’t really fit with the medical, herbal and cosmological sections of the manuscript – or it is a mikvah,” he said."