Author Topic: Islam is a cancer and should be eradicated from the earth.  (Read 10539 times)

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Islam is a cancer and should be eradicated from the earth.
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Islam is a cancer and should be eradicated from the earth.
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The likely affirmative-action hire and promoted Muslim cop who shot and killed a forty year old white women wearing her night clothes (a clear threat to his Islamic sensibilities, I guess) is trying to get his conviction overturned. And the conviction itself was on watered-down charges likely due to political correctness since he was infamously used as an example of "great Somalians" etc previous to this incident. Though apparently he also had previous "interactions" with females that were troubling, though not deadly, and clearly acceptable because of "cultural" understanding. 

Islam is a cancer and should be eradicated from the earth.
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Islam is a cancer and should be eradicated from the earth.
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Aside from the normal terrorism, crime, rape, etc the crazy thing about Muslims is how they treat women. I recall specifically being in Paris that summer where it got unusually warm (global warming of course  ;) ) and you had this deal where a bunch of old people were dying since many places don't have HVAC systems and people, seriously, were away for the annual vacation in August and so not in contact with ma or grandma. Anyway, my point was witnessing some Muzzies in the park. Kids, boys, like normal boys running around, kicking around a ball with dad- all in shorts, t-shirts, but mom in full-on black Darth Vader Muslim suit head to toe. And it was warm. Hell- it was hot, especially for Europe. And the men/boys could, as normal people, try to dress down, take their shirt off and run through sprinkler, etc. But Mom was full-on Muslim black garb, including some weird kind of veil so you couldn't even see her eyes. Crazy. And, frankly, excuse the pun, scary when I first saw her!

The Nation of Islam and Scientology
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The relationship between the Nation of Islam and scientology is becoming stranger and stranger.

Whether anyone likes it or not, scientology membership is disproportionately white. Massively so. And Louis Farrakhan is militantly anti-white.

So, what the hell are they doing in bed with one another?

Miscavige made a big show of announcing a Harlem “ideal org” more than 10 years ago that is yet to open.  No big priority there - in that same time he has wrapped up and yanked the ribbon on “ideal orgs” in Cambridge, Ontario, Malmo Sweden and Basel Switzerland. So, clearly, the “reach” into African American society was just a PR show for the benefit of Isaac Hayes at the time.  He did get the IAS to fund an ideal org in Inglewood in LA. That org I have commented upon quite regularly, as though it was supposed to be an outpost for the local community in South Central LA, it seems to be populated almost exclusively with imported white people from other orgs like Linda Lombardo.

Well, now they are apparently trying to attract some segment of the local population by having the West Coast leader of the Nation of Islam come and preach about his conviction that the religion of scientology is really the way to make it to heaven. I guess this is more likely to draw some bodies in the shop than an upper middle class white woman talking about the priced out of reach OT levels.  But I wonder if anyone has explained to Tony Muhammad and the other NOI people who have become involved with scientology that this is NOT really the “modern science of mental health” but is in fact the most religious religion there is (read their court filings…) Does he understand that scientology believes they have the ONLY path, and that everyone else’s beliefs are rubbish (of course the PR statements are otherwise, but that is all they are - PR)?

I could not help but be struck by the news from the recent sermon delivered by the head of the NOI, Louis Farrakhan in Miami last week.

This is quoted from the Final Call, the official newspaper of the NOI, founded by Louis Farrakhan:

Later in his message, the Minister called for 10,000 fearless men willing to make the ultimate sacrifice rather than live under tyranny. There comes a time in the life of every people who yearn for freedom where death is sweeter than to continue life under oppression, he said. Blacks must protect their lives if the federal government refuses to intervene when Black lives are unjustly and the principle of a life of a life is laid out in scripture, the Minister explained. “Death is sweeter than to continue to live and bury our children while White folks give the killers hamburgers. Death is sweeter than watching us slaughter each other to the joy of a 400-year-old enemy. Death is sweeter. The Qur’an teaches persecution is worse than slaughter then it says, retaliation is prescribed in matters of the slain. Retaliation is a prescription from God to calm the breasts of those whose children have been slain. If the federal government will not intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those who kill us, stalk them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling,” said Farrakhan. The crowd rose to its feet and gave another standing ovation.

Where is this marriage going to end?

This couple (scientology and NOI) are not being honest with one another. It would appear that each believes the other has something they can offer them. Yet it also appears each is telling the other what good intentions they have for their relationship while not disclosing the real truth.

This is like watching a serial wife abuser getting together with an avowed black widow gold digger. Everything is lovey dovey at the outset, but who knows which side is going to prevail in screwing over the other? The only thing that is a certainty is that it’s going to be a train wreck. They are heading in completely opposite directions - but head-on toward each other.

Some might say they gold-digger deserves the wife abuser and vice-versa. And it might make an entertaining movie. The problem here is that people are going to suffer in real life.

From Mike Rinder's blog 'Something Can Be Done About It'.

Islam is a cancer and should be eradicated from the earth.
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Only  third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter for the Muslim Somalian cop who killed an unarmed nightgown wearing middle-aged white woman from Australia (a clear potential threat) who had reported a possible sexual assault and who had previous incidents on record against women but, likely, dismissed due to "cultural differences." 

Clearly not nice behavior and worthy of some sanction, if circumstances are as claimed. But FELONIES? Is water now halal? Certainly persecution and charges not a "payback" to make up for the egg on the face of the government with regard to the Somalian cop murderer and all the other crimes by the "refugee" Somalians at malls, parks, and streets that is the new Minnesota Nice?   ;) 


Islam is a cancer and should be eradicated from the earth.
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