Author Ghost Ship or what on Lake Superior?  (Read 2295 times)

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Ghost Ship or what on Lake Superior?
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By your description I think I would just avoid the lake completely.  There has to be better places to put a canoe in the water...  ;)

It's beautiful.  The Pictured Rocks are best viewed from the water.

Of course as the Sandman mentions, if things turn sour you've got a problem.  Maybe the Coasties can get you out and maybe they can't.

Ghost Ship or what on Lake Superior?
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The water will tell you a good 1/2 an hour before you even get a clue by the air & sky, that a storm is coming in.
But weird shit happens. there's usually a 'feel to the air. When the water starts turning dark, the hair on the back of your neck will also stand up. It's almost an electrical thing. Find the closest island and shelter in. Storms on the big lake come in quick - real quick..
Weather apps are generally too late. Superior changes moods like a woman 'at that time'. (No offense offered, ladies.)
I honestly think there is infra-sound involved. You can feel it before you can see it. Almost like that 50 mph wind that's 60 miles away creates a turbulence that travels across the waters before you have any visual inkling that you're about to be slammed with a squall.
Superior can be a real wicked bitch.
The Great Lakes are different than any others in the world. They actually slosh. The waves travel from one side to the other, bounce back, and if the wind is just right, reinforce the next set of waves heading for the other shore. Think additive resonance. Superior is especially bad for this. The 3 sisters are a real phenomenon and are so close together, that they'll break the back of any vessel unfortunate enough to encounter them.  Imagine getting hit by three tidal waves - 20, 40, then 60 feet high, all within  10 seconds of each other. That's enough to drive any vessel under water and break it into pieces in the process.
Most people that even knew about it considered it an old wives' (or widows') tale and thought the sailors were just feeding them shit. (Naval legend - ghost story, sailors' tale.)
Science has finally caught up to what the great lakes sailors have known for hundreds of years...


Yeah, dark water - seek shelter fast. In other words, get the fuck to a sheltered cove - get off the water.

BTW - Door county WI used to be known as Death's Door County because of the hundreds upon hundreds of ships that went down there. They changed it to Door county to bring in the tourists.

I love when the Chamber of Commerce comes up with these naming ideas to lure tourists. These days there might be tourist who would COME to Death's Door County with the increasing popularity of goths, paranormal shows, and euthanasia. We have a small town down here that renamed itself Rockne but in this case the school children were allowed to vote on the renaming and those choose Knut Rockne because he had just died in a plane crash. They have a statue of him but that is about it.