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So why did the military drop it?  Seems cheap enough to pay a roomful of guys to carry on with it if it was delivering results.

I would say that they most likely continued it but sent it deeper underground into black budget.

Random Topics / Re: MH370 crashed
« Last post by comaphobe on Today at 04:23:25 AM »
hm :scribble: *new product idea

Happy Funball II

The plane disappearance gave CNN job security for many many months, including that gaylord Don Lemon or whatever the fuck his fake name is. They just made shit up for weeks and had panel after panel after panel of speculation discussions, no substance at all, and coverage was around the clock for literally weeks.

Big Brother won't let you pee on your own without being monitored and taxed per stream, but a state of the art plane can disappear with several hundred on board, and years later is still nowhere to be found. A transponder and locating beacon with a power cell proportionate to a piss poor charge cycle of a battery in a Samsung Galaxy.

Random Topics / Re: MH370 crashed
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hm :scribble: *new product idea

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Check it out...

1) Aw shucks, thanks. I just Joogled it.


Actually that is kind of cool that you posted that. Perhaps some day we can team up and get ourselves killed by the shadow government together.
Just heard they are coming nearby. Will be there. The Lovecraft quote was on the awesome double-album.

When I got this on CD in the 80s it was condensed to a single disc and it was missing a bunch of tracks that the LP and cassette had. That said, the intro to Aces High was really fun.

I saw Maiden only one time and it was in 2005. They played material from just their first 4 albums, it was the best setlist, it seemed that about 1/3 of it was Di'Anno stuff. I really love the Killers album.

Check out Dortmund 1983, it's A++.

The only thing weirder than a Les Paul on stage with Maiden is when it's being held by Bruce (Revelations @ 9:00). That is really fucking strange looking x2.
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« Last post by Rix Gins on Today at 04:01:49 AM »
The Seattle Star, January 20, 1917.

Attachments: S-1.jpgS-2.jpg

Thanks brig! You're a very nice person. I mostly lurk theses days but I'm here.

THERE you are!  Arite!!  ;D :-*
Random Topics / Re: One Hundred Years Ago
« Last post by Rix Gins on Today at 04:00:39 AM »
The Tonopah Daily Bonanza, January 20, 1917.


  Mr. James Ellis, prime mover in the celebration of Burns anniversary, is looking for a chef capable of providing the Burns banqueters with an appetizing dish of genuine haggis. As master of ceremonies, Commissioner Tom Lindsay is assisting in
the good cause, but both gentlemen admit they expect to encounter some experience before they find the man they are looking for. That the untamed American citizen may understand the importance of this dish it is necessary to explain that haggis is the piece de resistance of every Scotch banquet, since it is the national dish, commonly made of the heart, lungs and liver of a sheep, minced with suet, onions, oatmeal, salt and pepper, and boiled in a bag, preferably the stomach of a sheep. The local feast is slated for the 25th of January, when every man with a drop of Caledonian blood in his veins is expected to join in honoring the memory of the plowboy poet. Odd Fellows hall has been engaged and reliable reports are heard that the scouting committee has succeeded in securing a piper who will introduce the skirling of the pibroch to add to the realism of the event.
  The program will present a regular Burns night, with songs, recitations and dances with real Scotch kilted Highlander lassies in the fling. By engaging Odd Fellows hall the followers of St. Andrew will be enabled to entertain a much larger number than last year, when the celebration was held in the Mizpah Grill, which restricted the attendance.

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