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iHeartRadio parent warns it may not survive another year

lol, the infamous mist tunnel.

That's what Bain Capital specializes in, destroying companies for fun and their own profit - vulture capitalism. Matt Tabibi wrote some excellent articles on them during the 2012 Presidential election because Bain Capital was Mitt Romney's company.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: The Michael Decon Program
« Last post by ©StarrMountain® 2010 on Today at 02:40:24 AM »
Thank you for listening it was a bit of a rattlesnake
A little bit, heh, heh. ;) ;D
I know it is not a movie...

Went to this year's traveling Cirque show. If this show is coming to a town near you, and you are interested in a review - here are my thoughts.

I have seen every Cirque traveling show since at least 2003 and most of the ones in Vegas.

This is not my favorite - not by a long shot. It wasn't nearly as high energy as most Cirque shows.

There are at least 4 acts/segments that were very weak and could have been cut entirely. They seened to have been included mainly just to eat up time. They lacked humor and were kind of obvious that they didn't meet the normally high standards.

The Asian women are still flexible as all get out. Any women that can sit on her own head gets my vote. I would have liked to see them do another segment.

The juggling was top notch and the yoyo act was really cool.

Some interesting aerial work and the woman that did the aerial work with the bicycle was really gifted even if the choreography was more technical than it was artistic.

There is some amazing balancing work. Two segments come to mind. One act had chairs being stacked up, not just up from the stage, but also down from the top of the tent. Keep an eye on the people up top. They were amazingly skilled in making it look like the gravity was pulling them up to the top of the tent instead of reality. The second one involved a single gymnast showing what can be done with some serious indo board skills/practice.

The "trampoline" segment using a net as the tramp was really choreographed well.

Some of the traveling shows I would pay to see more than once. This is not one of them.

If you just love Cirque and have to see every show, go ahead and go - I am still glad I went. The Asian women (If I remember right, they are Chinese gymnasts) are always worth it.

If you have never seen a Cirque show, this might not be the best choice for a first timer. If you have extra money then go, just remember that there are better shows left to see. If this will break your budget, then hold off and save your money for a trip to Vegas and go see the Beatles Love show or Mystique. I haven't seen Ka yet. I think I have seen the rest, including the seductive Zumanity.
Random Topics / Re: Game of Thrones
« Last post by trostol on Today at 02:26:08 AM »
I'm zooming through Season 2 and I'm pretty impressed.  Some of the places like Dragonstone and the Iron Islands look just like I pictured them (both interior & exteriors).  Also the excellent casting continues - Yara, and Stannis for instance. 

So far I'd say this series is an excellent case study in how to write an adaptation for the screen.  The writers have clarified the main plot lines, brought the essence of each character into sharp relief, and drawn a cohesive picture of the world in which everything takes place.  Some of the dialogue is as excellent or even better (or at least more succinct) than the book.  Sure some details are lost in this process, but that's the trade-off.  In this case I'd say it mostly works.

Still I wonder how well people who haven't read the books are faring with the complexity? For sure it's dramatically reduced but it still makes it easier when you're like "Oh, there's Davos!".  :D

remember that later on
Watching the shit show, did he just say his dinner was 4 game hens?
Society seems to have tacitly accepted such unruly behavior, even encouraged it.  Everywhere you go now, libraries, restaurants, dentist/doctor waiting rooms,  you see adults with this "I-don't-hear/see-anything" glazed look on their faces.  It's a nice if uncommon occurrence nowadays to hear a parent actually control their kids (or at least attempt to - it's the thought that counts). 

Remember awhile back, some restaurant tried to disallow kids below a certain age from eating there.  It was immediately picked up by the nat'l news as "anti-children" or some such hysteria.  What a joke, there's a zillion 'family restaurants' where kids have free reign , but oh noes, we can't have one place where I can enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee without some kid throwing his crayons at me.

Anyways I've pretty much given up on this, so for food I either 1) do take out, or 2) go to a place that serves food in the bar area which is a no-go zone for the little wildlings.

Kids are fine, they're usually better behaved than their parents.  It's when they are screaming or running around, or in this case coughing on people's food that it's a problem - management should be able to tell the difference, and take care of it.
Random Topics / Re: AA employee tells customer to "hit me"
« Last post by PB the Deplorable on Today at 01:54:06 AM »
Another version of what happened, but there is no verifiable link:

From Eric, another customer on the AA flight:

I was on this flight directly across the isle from the woman filming the video. This is what I observed: 1.) woman gets on the plane pushing a car seat type stroller with one child in it, carrying a second child on her hip and dragging behind a very large folded stroller that was too big for the overhead bin or to go under a seat. 2.) the flight attendant shown in the video approached from the back of the plane and informed her in a calm manner that there was nowhere to store the stroller. ...

This and the UA incident should have both been handled before boarding.  If airline employees who ''need'' to board show up at the last minute after the plane is full, they need to find another ride.  If someone - in this case this lady - either needs help or simply has too much stuff, the employees need to take care of it, instead of just letting her through to fend for herself in the tiny airplane aisle.
Radio and Podcasts / Re: Lisa Garr
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Thomas from La Jolla checked in to let the guest know he's gonna buy his book.
Radio and Podcasts / Re: The Michael Decon Program
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Thank you for listening it was a bit of a rattlesnake
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