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Note: The sound is muffled at the beginning and end of this audio inbox.
in this interesting clip
we learn a local shop has a sale on frozen chicken (a favorite of George's)
he also mentions various other pressing matters that he must attend to
might I suggest....
anytime a frozen chicken is in the picture, and we all know how George likes his chicken...ONLY partially thawed and with bones, he should make the chicken number one priority !
you may ask why, well partially thawed with bones, and we know he has almost offed himself several times while stuffing his fat pie hole, so if he would meet his demise he would have saved all the time and effort and work doing laundry cleaning etc
I'm sure that this question has been asked and answered many times on this thread but I don't have the time to do a search.  Why is it necessary for Jorch to rotate between La and St. Louis?   It's not like the show is any better in one place or the other.  Since he rarely has an in-studio guest it can't be a matter of ease of access for interviewees.  Is it a contractual requirement and if so what is the rationale for it?   I must be missing something obvious here.
Politics / Re: President-Elect Donald J. Trump
« Last post by Meister_000 on Today at 08:48:48 AM »

Note: The sound is muffled at the beginning and end of this audio inbox.
Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert With Heather Wade
« Last post by Chad Jacobs on Today at 08:21:44 AM »
I've subscribed as a TT since July of 2015 when Art came back and before that paid for Sirius just for his show. I've held a C2C membership since the late 1990's and also listen to most of Dave Schrader's/Tim Dennis Darkness Radio show. Here's what I like about Heather Wade:
1.  She usually comes off as sincere. 
2.  She usually exhibits real interest in the subject matter. Contrast this with George N. who often seems to be detached to the point of distraction.
3. She often knows a good deal about the subject matter especially when it pertains primarily to the paranormal. Less so when it involves matters of politics and science.
4. I like the fact that she often asks followup questions that are relevant.  This is one of the things that G. N. often misses. If anything sometimes Heather will ask questions to the point she goes down a rabbit hole or will debate a point that is only tangential to the primary subject matter (as she did when conducting an interview supposedly about the Mandela effect, but which went on a 30 minute plus detour over whether or not we went to the moon).  The point is that you can tell at least she is passionate enough to followup on areas she finds fascinating or which she strongly disagrees.
5.  I find that now that Darkness Radio is no more she is my only reliable outlet for sometimes captivating live, paranormal radio.  George N. has gotten better, but he has way to many shows on alternative health stuff ect. .  Which paranormal shows do others here find that they like consistently better than Wade's (obviously Knapp, but twice a month is scant pickings)?
fat fuck,
one last post ?
(shit, I don't think the prisons in Mexico have internet service)
We ALL will miss you...NOT
I see it as an even trade anyway
we get Guzman
they get Falkie
(kind of like an old fashioned "trade" our idiot for your idiot)
sorry Canada
that will teach Mexico to not bitch about paying for the wall !
Radio and Podcasts / Re: the jaz cast
« Last post by Walks_At_Night on Today at 07:53:50 AM »
Thanks for listening and thanks to WhiteCrow, Taaroa, & akwilly for calling in. Was a fun show and I needed to talk about the scary shit that I witnessed today. Also dispensing lady advice to akwilly is a favourtie hobby of mine.

I missed it. Pooh bears.......

Any chance of a download being made available?
TODAY is the day !
I have been told you are on Trump's "to do list"
ha, get ready to be "done"
right after those Hollywood idiots are shipped to Canada
you will be boxed up and sent to Mexico
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