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Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« Last post by Inglorious Bitch on Today at 04:29:35 PM »
Now we know why you hang out in the Falkie thread.  ;)
LOL, Senda's milkshake brings the boys to the yard.
Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« Last post by Catsmile on Today at 04:27:01 PM »
Oh ffs, don't flatter yourself. Bonkers? You're just not worth it. Spending your days typing different versions of the same "Its all about me, fuck everyone else".

Without a doubt PB mostly spews fact free idealism's. Which he rapidly pulls from a little manifesto of his own creation. Speaking of rapidly pulling little things, it's clear his manifesto was conjured up from early masturbatory fantasies inspired by Ayn Rand. His stunted single note diatribes and screeds are far more palatable for forum consumption, and less bannable than spamming a manifesto umpteen times a day. PB is indeed quite full of himself now that the POTUS has a magic (R) after his name.

PBs idealism can only exist between his ears, or in a vacuum. Some here would argue there's no difference between the two. While some of these ideals may look very appealing on the surface to some people, myself included. Ultimately they only exist in a vacuum of pixels, mutating when exposed to the air of reality. Corruption, endless lust for power, and unintended consequences are but a few of the mutagens that can turn ideals malignant. Such mutagens plague all Political and Economic idealism's. Thwarting even the best laid plans of mice and men, as history can attest.

TL;DR: Paper Boy is like Ted Kaczynski with WiFi.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« Last post by bateman⭐️ on Today at 04:20:38 PM »
Stop. You're getting me hot.

Now we know why you hang out in the Falkie thread.  ;)
Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« Last post by RoseGirl on Today at 04:12:15 PM »
God Bless Jeff Sessions and President Trump!

Everyone come listen to Uncle Jeff!

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« Last post by Inglorious Bitch on Today at 04:09:56 PM »
Also, BellGab needs to raise awareness for "man-tiddys."
Stop. You're getting me hot.
Assessment of last night's Howard Hughes interview:
Richard Hoagland comes up worse than empty

It was total bullshit.  RCH was even waffling on the publication date for his book.  That means it's not finished and/or he can't find a publisher.  This was just a 90 minute teaser to get 19.5 memberships. 
Politics / Re: President Donald J. Trump
« Last post by Lt.Uhura on Today at 04:02:39 PM »
In their efforts to "shrink government", the Trump administration has chosen to work in an insular environment, with little input from outside the WH, shunning and excluding expert opinion in the areas being legislated (such as healthcare). Or even worse, assigning people to lead departments they know little about--even loathe (such as the EPA). How exactly will this result in Making America Great Again?

Meanwhile, as the clueless/arrogant/evil (take your pick) Trump WH pushes their agenda of power through keeping people in fear from threats outside our borders, Americans are suffering from within. Evidently the insular WH also protects them from recognizing the irony of their decisions.

As more Americans fail drug tests, employers turn to refugees

Republicans confirm substance abuse and mental health coverage would no longer be mandated under Medicaid expansion

The Republican proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act would strip away what advocates say is essential coverage for drug addiction treatment as the number of people dying from opiate overdoses is skyrocketing nationwide.
One of his friends should probably tell him that his fortress thread got melded with this thread, and everybody can read those posts now.

And see the cartoon girls with big boobs he kept on posting.
Quite coincidentally of course it is also the place with the highest amount of benefits for scammers and grifters poor disabled folks like himself with the least amount of documentation and scam checks and they don't question people of honor and integrity like Senda & Kathy.  :D
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