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Politics / Re: Inauguration
« Last post by Jackstar on Today at 09:54:44 AM »
GWB looks infuriated. teehee
Politics / Re: Inauguration
« Last post by Jackstar on Today at 09:53:37 AM »
This f****** limo needs an A-10 behind it
Politics / Re: Inauguration
« Last post by Schlyder7 on Today at 09:53:36 AM »
LOL  Hillary looks bitter  LOLOL
Politics / Re: Inauguration
« Last post by Juan on Today at 09:53:25 AM »
Hillary looks old.  Bill looks on the prowl.
Politics / Re: Inauguration
« Last post by Jackstar on Today at 09:53:16 AM »
They smiled, likely at the thought of human suffering. Definitely ghoulish.
Politics / Re: Inauguration
« Last post by Kidnostad3 on Today at 09:52:02 AM »
I just saw alll the Supreme Court Justices, all walking in a line.

They look disgusting. Like ghouls.

I was thinking zombies.
Politics / Re: President-Elect Donald J. Trump
« Last post by PB the Deplorable on Today at 09:51:42 AM »
Today we will get a fresh example of which side the angry, violent people who hate our country - our people, our history, our Constitution, our system of government, our system of free exchange - are on.

The people who block roads and bridges, set up barricades, burn our cities, loot our stores, attack our police, foul our parks - and now today block transportation systems and generally harass others with threats and violence, in an effort to stifle people they don't agree with who freely want to attend an event and hear the speakers. 

Does any of that sound like ''peacefully assemble to petition the government for a redress of grievances'', or does it sound like domestic terrorism?

Does is sound like they are the peaceful, tolerant, enlightened, non-violent, non-judgmental,  inclusive, compassionate, open minded folks among the rest of us that they claim, or destructive, hate-filled criminals?

Today we'll have a fresh example of who they are, which party supports and encourages them, and which media outlets support and encourage them. 
I've subscribed as a TT since July of 2015 when Art came back and before that paid for Sirius just for his show. I've held a C2C membership since the late 1990's and also listen to most of Dave Schrader's/Tim Dennis Darkness Radio show. Here's what I like about Heather Wade:
1.  She usually comes off as sincere. 
2.  She usually exhibits real interest in the subject matter. Contrast this with George N. who often seems to be detached to the point of distraction.
3. She often knows a good deal about the subject matter especially when it pertains primarily to the paranormal. Less so when it involves matters of politics and science.
4. I like the fact that she often asks followup questions that are relevant.  This is one of the things that G. N. often misses. If anything sometimes Heather will ask questions to the point she goes down a rabbit hole or will debate a point that is only tangential to the primary subject matter (as she did when conducting an interview supposedly about the Mandela effect, but which went on a 30 minute plus detour over whether or not we went to the moon).  The point is that you can tell at least she is passionate enough to followup on areas she finds fascinating or which she strongly disagrees.
5.  I find that now that Darkness Radio is no more she is my only reliable outlet for sometimes captivating live, paranormal radio.  George N. has gotten better, but he has way to many shows on alternative health stuff ect. .  Which paranormal shows do others here find that they like consistently better than Wade's (obviously Knapp, but twice a month is scant pickings)?

Schrader and Dennis are continuing the Darkness gig over on podcastone starting next week, five nights a week.  It is scheduled as an hour and a half show with no commercial breaks.
Politics / Re: Inauguration
« Last post by Kidnostad3 on Today at 09:49:07 AM »
Turn that on its head. What will happen to the UK ex pats living in Spain etc? They currently have a reciprocal arrangement of free at the point of treatment healthcare. What will happen to European firms employing British employees, who currently can work and live without permits or visas in the EU. What about the current joint European scientific arrangements with all EU scientists; worth billions? Again, scientists can at the moment move freely between research centres and the data is owned by all without tariffs or restriction.

None of the above (and much more) has been thought out by the likes of Farage. All he saw was 'immigration'.  I wonder how he'll explain to the many UK firms who could face ruin because they'll be forced to lose their most skilled but none British employees?  Or the fruit farms who won't have their font of foreign fruit pickers?

Speaking of U.K. Expats, there are something north of 750,000 Brits currently living in the U.S.  Now we know why all those FEMA camps have been set up.  Oh well, it'll still be an improvement over living in the U.K.
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