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Random Topics / Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
« Last post by Open Lines Gerry on Today at 02:49:00 PM »
Didn't that guy have a hot wife/or assistant or something too? God that was so long ago.

This is not new - just something I had put together at the time of the interview:

Random Topics / Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
« Last post by Inglorious Bitch on Today at 02:40:53 PM »
No Ibby? She'll be mad.

Left off the poster AGAIN, left out of secret Senda threads....I should just accept my status of red headed stepchild.
Random Topics / Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
« Last post by Norm on Today at 02:39:20 PM »
And now I am getting ads for bras!

I'm getting ads for penis implants!

Falkie, this is for you my little butt buddy. FREE GLASSES!

Radio and Podcasts / Re: The Michael Decon Program
« Last post by username on Today at 02:34:28 PM »
Putting together a radio show for terrestrial purposes... is extremely frustrating.
This is amazingly funny.

Someone from this board did it several years ago. It's juvenile but undeniably funny. Noory is a corporate Yes-man. They are easy to make fun of. Art created something by NOT following the rules. It became wildly popular, so it was "tamed" by bringing in Noory. I haven't listened to it since Art left save a show or two. What I heard was pathetic, but they wanted it to be that way.
Random Topics / Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
« Last post by brig on Today at 02:29:55 PM »

They couldn't wait to get away, could they?   But she did make sure to get a good view of the book in there...
Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« Last post by Swishypants on Today at 02:24:35 PM »
Makes me wonder if you were in the industry? Also if you search the forum there was at one time a large, downloadable torrent of a lot of Art's old shows.

Nah! I never worked in the radio industry. I've just been alive long enough to see different personality types and how they tend to behave.
Random Topics / Re: Music
« Last post by bateman on Today at 02:14:35 PM »
Well done losers.

The party that's lost over 1250 seats since 2010 has decided to hitch its wagon to the minority of all miniroties, Colin Kaepernick...

Was Berock Obama's divisiveness helpful to Black America and race relations?  Was it meant to be?  How about the Black Lives Matter thugs?  The Antifa fascists?  Now that the Left has duped a bunch of dumb ballplayers into disrespecting the country on national TV, is that helping black Americans and race relations?  Is it meant to?

The ''Progressives'' Democrats that have governed (if that's the word) our big cities for the past 60 years - have they helped black Americans?  They claim to be their champions, they give them just enough to scrape by on but never do a thing to actually help them out of poverty.  How does driving businesses and jobs away help anyone?  How does telling kids everyone hates them and they have no chance in life help them?  How does catering to teachers unions instead of demanding students have good schools and good teachers help the kids?

How does telling kids that cops hate them and will kill them if given the chance help anyone?  Wouldn't the fear and anger that generates lead to MORE kids attacking police and ending up being shot, instead of just complying when pulled over?  Are more dead kids the goal of the Left, or does it just look that way?

Do any of these groups care at all about black on black crime?  Black unemployment and lack of opportunity?  Poor schools?  Why do the handful of people shot when attacking police make headlines for weeks on end, but dozens of blacks murdered by other blacks every week not even rate a mention from the media?  Has anyone in the NFL ever said a thing about any of this?

The Democrat Party and it's various hate groups should be designated as terrorist organizations, and treated as such.
Random Topics / Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
« Last post by ponyboysunset on Today at 02:13:06 PM »

When I'm good I'm good. LOL. Thanks bateman  :-*
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