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Random Topics / Re: Celebrity Deaths
« Last post by albrecht on Today at 01:27:48 PM »
That is crazy. 61? And he didn't seem like an unhealthy or obese guy. Surgery is by itself always a risk but wonder what the surgery was for. RIP.

"the only actor killed by a Predator, a Terminator and an Alien"
Random Topics / Re: Dutch Sinse. Earth Quake Predictions.
« Last post by StarrMountain® 2010 on Today at 01:19:07 PM »
2/25/2017 -- Nightly Earthquake Update + Forecast -- Major seismic unrest brewing BE PREPARED.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: CBS Radio Mystery Theater
« Last post by Robert on Today at 01:11:56 PM »
I don't recall that while listening on WOR.  Maybe the Budweiser inserts went out only on the CBS network.
In fact the whole ad campaign in NYC was odd, but maybe necessitated by the economics of the time.  The Budweiser print ads referred to it as "CBS Radio Mystery Theatre", which would've confused listeners in the NYC area, because they might've tuned in to WCBS for it, not knowing it was on WOR.  Maybe it would've cost too much to produce a different print ad with the "CBS" masked out for insertion into the papers.  Or too much to pay somebody to notice a goof like that.
Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert With Heather Wade
« Last post by Element 115 on Today at 01:05:15 PM »
Element, not to be a shameless shill (lol), but my six year old granddaughter wrote her first song, Singers Of Power over the Holidays.  I read the lyrics and thought "Hey, there's something there," and I went to work producing it into a real song, which she sings on.  I then got some cheap video editing tools and in three hours produced a video for it.  It's quite cute, even if I do say so myself.  I would LOVE your opinion on it, and perhaps you can show it to your four year old and tell him, "Look!  You can do that too!"  Especially with the incredibly talented parents he has!  Please check it out at:

If you're on a phone just scroll down a bit and you'll see her smiling face with her copy of the CD with the "album art" she created for it.  It's been a gas doing it and something I never expected from a six year old.  Hell, I didn't write a song until I was 18!!!!!

That was awesome.  She has the music in her for sure.  They both seemed to have a blast recording the video (and you seemed to have fun too).  Nice work!  I love the guitar solo too.

I'll show it to my son, he always wants to sing in the mic but usually just ends up wanting the reverb and delay to hear his echoes instead of really singing.  He sings with my wife at night when they sing before bed.  I think once he hears his voice amped he gets self-conscious.  I'm trying to get him over that.
Random Topics / Re: OJ May be Freed, with a tidy sum
« Last post by mikuthing01🕍✡️🕎 on Today at 12:48:34 PM »
Politics / Re: Woman's March Washington DC thread.
« Last post by pyewacket on Today at 12:48:22 PM »
But she's wearing a 'pink p*ssy' hat....

The Organizer of the Next Women’s March? She’s a Convicted Terrorist
Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert With Heather Wade
« Last post by PKaiser on Today at 12:46:41 PM »

Thanks Dyna-X! I really appreciate it!
Politics / Re:
« Last post by Taaroa on Today at 12:46:04 PM »
Here I was thinking it had finished weeks ago

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert With Heather Wade
« Last post by PKaiser on Today at 12:45:53 PM »
I think the little guy stole the show with his dance moves!

Brig, that's so cool you watched! I'm dead chuffed!

Many folks have mentioned James' part, he just turned 3 and he's a riot, very personable for that age.
Politics / Re: Political Musak
« Last post by pate on Today at 12:39:53 PM »

It's the only political song that comes to mind at the moment.

I hope our Alter Schwede, Gabor sees that one.  Nice!

Ha- You beat me to it- I was going to post that one, too. Also one of my favorites. Thanks, Pate.  :)

For a change of pace- here's one on consumerism and the environment:


When I hear that song, even when I was a youngster,  I always wanted build a thyme masheen to go hang out with Joni at a time when we were both the same age and put the moves on her.  That song made her sound like a fun lady, love the laugh at the end, very genuine (twitch)...

I'm surprised there haven't been more contributions to this thread, and that it took me so long to think of posting a Tom Lehrer tune or two.


I'm somewhat surprised too.  Both that there haven't been more contributions as there are a great many political songs {EMPORER PALPATATION ref} to choose from and that you had difficulty in finding a few to throw into the mix.


Here's one I just thought of whilst reading some other threads hear in the politics thread arena, fun video too.  These guys have several candidates for this thread:

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