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Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert With Heather Wade
« on: May 04, 2018, 01:48:09 PM »
It really was interesting. I couldn't stop reading it and was telling my friend I was traveling with about it while reading it. This was it:

I think that's his boat in the picture. As to his demise people think he just gave up and jumped off his boat. I've worked on boats but I don't think you have to to find that an awful way to end it all. So, hopefully it was aliens.

Also, I got it wrong. His boat wasn't found adrift. It was found beached. The one in this picture looks to have been looted. I don't know.

I want to read this now. Just grabbed the Kindle version. Thank you!

Some days the only things that keep me going are the ALLCAPS rants by Happier Times.  ;D

On Vigil....

Someone passed my latest email to asshole chefist
Someone told me about it
The ONLY ones I KNOW I can trust for certain are justin, jeremy and Abram abd one other.
Accordingly, since NO ONE donated to help me out INCLUDING WHITE TROLL and since people hounded me to play content that was partially copyrighted AND as I saw NO indications of any shadow forms in the background when I watched last night's video which means that people were lying about it, and fucking with me after Tuesday there will be NO more live videos.
If  my so called " fans " and " friends " are so willing to betray me, then WHY should wear myself out producing content for a bunch of ingrates and trolls, even if its only one or two doing it ?
I have NO way of telling who is doing it.
Kathy is coming over and she is sure to have something to say about it.
I am also rethinking my doing live videos on the way to Alien Con as well since the full support is not forthcoming.but I thank those who have donated
Enjoy the darkness,

And fuck Chefist, NV, Bellgab and whomever is doing this.

After this all email communications will cease except to Jeremy, Justin, Abram and one other.
I will continue to do normal videos when I can.

I know Chefist will enjoy this once one or more of the assholes forwards this to him.


Well hell, if TheErinnF is "and one other" that puts a lot of pressure on her to unblock his email address. Maybe when the job search is over. 😑

Dammit. I might have to subscribe to Coast Insiders or whatever it's called just to hear that call to Noory. 😂

Poor George Noory. If he got more calls like that, I'd start listening again. 🤣

He will not entertain questions, but in 4 to 6 months his money problems will be greatly eased.


I love the request for everyone on the mailing list to donate $5, accompanied by the precise how-to. Jesus wept. People have been throwing dollars at him on YT like he's a sad old stripper all week. NO MORE SOUP FOR YOU!

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert With Heather Wade
« on: May 04, 2018, 11:06:56 AM »
This tweet from Keith sounds kind of like the host is actually himself:

"I have landed a host, as to whether heís viable will be your decision I suppose. Hope youíll approve or at least give the guy a fighting chance. I got lucky he became available. Real lucky. I like him, a real normal person to deal with, not some diva."

Congratulations, Falkie!

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert With Heather Wade
« on: May 04, 2018, 10:49:05 AM »
Lying here with a migraine and listening to old Art shows on U7 Radio. Realizing this whole Heather thing, while entertaining as hell, is tragic and silly.

Keith, you have been a good and faithful servant, but you need to just pour gasoline on MITD and burn it down. We can all dance around the bonfire one last time for kicks. That show could be kind of painful even when Art hosted it.

Maybe in 10 years, Asia Bell will spring forth with amazing broadcasting talent and shock the hell out of all of us.

Falkie called C2C and told Noory he was "under psychic attack."  Which one of you is responsible?  ;D

Evelyn Paglini IN DA HOUSE!!!!!!!

Watched the live show on rerun.

He skirted around the time he tried to strangle Kathy to death but he did admit to pushing her out the front door and locking it, on multiple occasions, while she was bare ass naked.
He seemed mostly concerned that telling the story might get him demonetized on YouTube rather than the fact that he comes off as a giant asshhole.

He also played a song to and beyond the point of annoyance.

....this is horrible. Sheezus.

Wow. The latest live stream was really something. He states he's now an ordained minister. We also learn he can complete his law studies and become an attorney easily. So look out, all -- he means business!

It seems he's "entitled" to "take over" that "Midnight In The Desert" radio program. It seems like "it better go to him" -- or everyone will never hear the end of it. Despite never worked a real job in his life, that is, without being fired in short order, he's going "Big Time" overnight.

Whoever that Keith Rowland is, he'd best concede to the guy's demands -- and he has an entire laundry list of them that grows by the day. I hope Rowland understands that. Resistance is futile. Obviously.

But it's now "Reverend Senda" to us Sewergabbers. When he gets his church formed, he will no doubt have armies of followers. One wacko after another joining the ranks. This could get interesting.

But when he states he talked to a number of law enforcement people who reassure him "no one cares about what he's done in the past," he'd better reconsider. Yes, they do. There's federal-law enforcement. As in him not being around firearms. That is that.

But it appears his willing accomplice Abram is still hanging around -- against better advice -- so it appears even federal laws addressing felonies does not apply to either. We learn something new to "educate" ourselves every day with the guy.

I feel enlightened. For sure.

I became an ordained minister several years ago, mainly for the "Emergency Clergy Parking" card you get to hang on your rearview mirror and mostly for kicks. I believe it cost $40 back then.

God knows what he's got up his sleeve in the grift game if he really did do that.

I need to pray.

He reached a new level of disgusting today. Erinn can have him.


Necklace got almost instantly banned. The cat got to stay in chat, but a bribe was required. I had no idea what you people were doing in there. I heard bippity-boppity music and left quickly because it was giving me a migraine.


Maybe "Necklace" works -- I might jump in to scream "FREE TALKIE THE CAT!" and leave

Boycotting his livestreams until Talkie is free. Plus I don't have the energy to make yet another person. All my others are banned.

My spam blocker today lists multiple emails from him with "Talkie" as the subject. Too bad, so sad, I can't read them.


anybody have an email address for
Ms. Tracey Smith, she posted as that on Falkieís LIVE chat
(the nice lady Falkie upset)

Ask the white crow. He's a wise man with all the answers.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert With Heather Wade
« on: May 01, 2018, 07:22:25 PM »
Has this already been shared?

Her weeks-long melodramatic reaction is an insult to anyone who has lost a parent, a child or a spouse. My family is in shambles at the moment, yet we all had to pick up the pieces and go back to our respective jobs within a week or less after my fatherís death. My 7-year-old niece is terminally ill, yet we all have to buckle down and put on a brave face and keep going, one day at a time.

I tried to defend her in the beginning, but at this point Iím pretty outraged. Shut your mouth and take your hands off the keyboard, Heather. I acknowledge your pain, but you canít expect the world to stop turning for it.

I am so confused because I don't know how pawn shops work. Am I understanding this correctly:

Once upon a time he pawned his coin collection for a loan. Now every month, he has to pay them $58 in INTEREST or they'll sell his collection??? IF SO, THAT IS INSANE. No wonder he's BROKE. Dude, unless they're worth thousands, just kiss them goodbye!

Apparently his loyal following over here has collectively donated $60 in Super Chat money so far (listening to him read the names is gold) ... but he can't get it until he gets an AdSense paycheck, and he won't get that until he reaches $100 in AdSense money? If that's true, that seems unbelievably lame. I figured Super Chat would go straight to a PayPal account or something.

Anyhoo, to further summarize the video below, it's the beginning of the month and George has already RIPPED THROUGH his monthly disability income or Social Security check or whatever in record speed.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert With Heather Wade
« on: May 01, 2018, 12:36:11 PM »
Maybe it'll be that Jimmy Chunga guy. Or Chumba. Whatever his name was. We all loved him so much.

Compare and contrast....Watch this guy's video, don't be put off by the title...There is more entertainment, insight, and imparting of knowledge than Senda could ever conceive of. It's also very entertaining with the kids.  ;D 

I actually watched this whole video and found it relaxing. Who knew peat moss could be so ASMR.

Did they put back Talkie the cat yet? 😩


lawl. At least that one isn't mine. I would just shoot it to his PP account. Or send some stuff via Amazon.

I feel nostalgic. I like sending gifts to random strangers. I just have really bad taste in strangers, I guess. 

I'm pretty irritated with him. I believe that using his maths last night and looking at the camera and revealing the total amount I guess I donated to him during my pro-Falkie days was a pretty calculated move on his part, as he knew it would disgust people here.

Either that or he's just a complete and tactless idiot who was hoping I was watching and was trying to remind me of how much I've helped him out in the past.

Either way, I'm disgusted with him. I wish I'd never heard of the guy. And to think that he's one of thousands who are exactly like him depresses the hell out of me. There's a woman on YT who could be his twin, always wailing about how poor she is, all her illnesses, on government assistance, begging for gifts and donations, ugly-crying right up in the camera, living in filth. Everyone's got a con game.

He thinks he's one of a kind. He doesn't realize he belongs to an entire tribe of Losers Who Believe People Should Give Me Things Because I Exist. YouTube should start booting people like him off that platform.

Who is Biff???? STOP

That was in 2016. Give out my social security number too, George. 😑😑😑


I wanna hop in as Necklace at Tiffanyís, but I just took an Ambien and I donít wanna wake up to some horrifying charge on my credit card that I canít remember ... unless itís from Tiffanyís. But with my luck Iíd have an allcaps GEORGE SENDA DONATION blackout charge moment.

Did that even make sense?


I watched a few minutes of it. I'm so confused as to which of my 9 YouTube logins aren't blocked at this point. I should've kept a list. I think the alien is still in.

He's going to do this EVERY NIGHT now that there's the smell of money wafting through his streams. He's been waiting his whole life for Super Chat

Heís in a real bitchy mood tonight. Arms crossed in defiance and everything.

Iíve got his Live on now, but Iím not logged in.

Iíd like to thank whoever asked him about JFK, as he is tediously reading from Wikipedia now.

Any updates on Talkie? As soon as he puts that cat back, I can start my 25 cents-a-month payments on that $500 bribe.

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