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Random Topics / Re: the teachings of gnooryblows, your messiah
« on: June 07, 2017, 04:12:19 AM »
Good for you not to fall for the General Musings of thread shit.  You have much to say and should post it wherever your muse tells you to.

Random Topics / Re: photos of michael vandeven on the beach
« on: June 07, 2017, 04:04:17 AM »
i never threatened you faggot, i said i wasn't gonna come back. end of story. stop being a faggot pussy ass bitch and twisting other peoples words because you never have anything original or interesting to say. you gotta project qualities onto others just so you can run the same 10 tired lines you always do. stupid moron
Ouch, you made me cry.  Too bad your pea sized brain couldn't understand that I wasn't talking about you specifically, but about many posters here that start talking about quitting.  You are such a narcissist that you think the world revolves around you.  Good luck with that.

Random Topics / Re: photos of michael vandeven on the beach
« on: June 07, 2017, 03:29:35 AM »
What is with all the flouncing here when one threatens to quit?  Either quit or don't.  Please stop threatening to quit.  Are you hoping for people to beg you to stay?  Grow a spine and make a decision.

He's still wearing the same tighty whities,  well tightly yellow and brownies.

Random Topics / Re: what does it feel like to be wrong?
« on: June 04, 2017, 06:14:16 PM »
that doesn't mean anything coming from the guy who lets his wife do his butt
At least he doesn't steal poo.

I wonder what idiot provided the funds for this? On top of his getting the roof over his head payed for, food stamps and medical benefits courtesy of the American taxpayer. I don't have health insurance, so fuck me when I'm sick. I won't even go into the food he takes regularly from food pantries. I should stop working 6 days a week and just grift like fat fuck Senda.
Don't do that Falkie's existence is pathetic.  If you ever feel like giving up just remember that Falkie has seen his penis as many times as you have seen yours in the last ten years or so.

Nothing comes to mind. 

Random Topics / Re: the big bang is the biggest load of bullshit.....
« on: June 02, 2017, 07:29:05 PM »
Of course you don't believe in the Big Bang.  It doesn't involve poop.  I'm sure you believe the creation myth where the universe was created after the creator went into the the bathroom after some woman forgot to flush and scored some brown trout with no eyes.

It's time to remove this human shit stain.

I'm surprised he didn't think it was a suppository and stick it up his ass.

Cockatoo doesn't fit.  Need a cockatwelve or cockafourteen.

Here is a synopsis of every George video, past and future:

"Waaah, waaah!  Poor me!  Everyone picks on me because of my medical issues.  Waaah, waaah!  Life sucks and everyone is mean to me.  Give me money!  Give me Money!  Fatty Patty is a bitch.   Waaah, waaah!  Sewergab sucks and so don't the people on it.  Except for the ones that give me money, wait,  they suck too.   Waaah, waaah!  My mom was mean to me.  I didn't do all of the awful things I've confessed online.  Waaah, waaah!"

No need to ever watch a Falkie video ever again.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Amy On The Radio
« on: June 01, 2017, 04:51:21 PM »
Garanimals pajamas would combine two of these, but could sabotage nookie.
I seem to remember that you could mix the same animal of different colors or different animals of the same color.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Amy On The Radio
« on: June 01, 2017, 03:22:36 PM »
I'm very glad I don't know Amy.  She seems to be extremely high maintenance.  I also hope she is never in the same state as Falkie, the consequences would be unfathomable.

Falkie should get a tetanus shot while he's there
I bet the tetanus vaccine would contract tetanus.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Amy On The Radio
« on: June 01, 2017, 05:12:14 AM »
Purple Amy Eater?

Everyone that guessed some kind of bite would prevent this weeks show wins!  I'd like to predict that weasels will have something to do with next weeks excuse.

Peepin' George

Ok, so, I'm in tears now...

Me too, laughing too much hurts.  I loved the recounting of the Herculean tasks; buses, walking, lifting matresses glued to box springs, rejecting blame from Kathy, coercing coaching Kathy on the finer points of making YT videos, missing buses to desired destinations and having to use the stairs.  I am also glad he does not think any of his knee, back or foot issues are due to his weight.  That would require discipline to remedy.


She apparently couldn't see what was wrong with it when it was made, but now that people are reacting negatively to it she absolutely does.  ::)
At least she apologized for doing it.  So many only apologize only for offending others.  It was disconcerting that it took the reaction of others to make her realize it was over the line.  Let us all remember she would have thought this was OK if only a few complained.

I do not think he beats her but he does slap her. He has pretty much said so.

George is quick to anger and sometimes he hits her a little too hard.
I fall into this camp.

I feel sad now.  I was hoping to see Sweet Kathy on the bus going home with George.  :'(

Would that be a happy or sad ending?  I guess that is why the word bittersweet was invented.

New Kathy's Corner is up and surprise, she has no bruises because they have been apart.

And a real surprise, her place is clean and no crap all around.

I love it when Falkie and Kathy talk about greed in others.  I suspect Kathy may start bruising again, she does not take George's direction quickly or fully enough.

Random Topics / Re: positive thoughts on gnooryblows
« on: May 30, 2017, 07:26:39 PM »
I like a couple of others less than you.

Is that an abstract drawing on the mattress of Senda and Kathy? The 'connection' seems really big though.
It's the remnants of a performance art piece entitled The Mayo Man Knocks Once but Pumps Twice.

What are you, a friggin' scientist working in your Sheffield lab or something?  STFU.  Falkie has announced that he is sick and tired of certain people on a certain web site making assumptions about his health, and that he will finally get all of his medical records together in a file to show you how thick it really is.  He won't show you the actual records, just how thick the file is.  Then you can all STFU finally!
What is thicker, his fat pad or his medical file?  I would not put a bet either way regardless of the odds.

Its actually 1/4 scale but fully functioning.
Almost everything looks 1/4 scale when next to Falkie.

Falkie could learn some things from Dan. You have to take safety precautions and have the right gear, be respectful of property, etc. (💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼) Dan sometimes films entire houses that've been abandoned, furniture and all. He doesn't touch anything. Falkie would sadly probably start shoving old dolls and rusty junk in his backpack. 

Of course the proper gear (boots, gloves, ventilator mask - whatever it's called) would take money. And that would require donations. Everybody run.
That place would be a nice upgrade for George.  I bet it wouldn't take long for him to get those rooms as dirty as his current hovel.

When the coffee was done, he asked, "who will help me drink this lovely coffee?"
I will, said the Whoozit,
Lovely story but whoozit was obviously am imposter.  I would rather sip the nectar from the worst toilet in Scotland than drink anything prepared chez Senda.


Here is another opportunity for George to make money. Kopi Luwak is the worlds most expensive coffee.  It is commonly known as cat poop coffee.  I'm sure that there was some cat poop in all that filth in the kitchen.  He need not even know how to grow coffee,  he can just grind and infect it in his shit pit.

I was also quite impressed he was able to get the grime and filth encrusted button on his shit dispenser coffee maker to work.  I think he is a mechanical engineering genius.

I have seen unflushed public toilets used by winos that have been given bags of Taco Bell chalupas that are cleaner than Falkie's kitchen.  On that note, I'm off to shower and pour bleach into my eyes.

I'm not a big fan of these new Peeping George videos.  How long before he "accidentally" looks in someone's bathroom while it is engaged?  Does anyone believe he has the self-control to refrain from posting such a video?  I think this is a slippery slope that will lead to George's third eye being opened yet again.

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