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FB is not a hunt. It's social media.  FB doesn't "speak" anymore than "speaking" here.

Teasing is one thing, tonite was another.

"Horrible person?  Self-effacing, how cute.  I do it, too.

You know, even when the Cremation of Care is performed before an event, the opposite ritual is performed after the conclusion of the event.  So you took a seat somewhat lower than a reptile...

Cremation of Care? You mean that Bohemian Grove  horse shit?

Are you one of those God Damned Alex Jones kooks?

All that happened was that I called the little guy out for trying to contact me on Facebook and he blew up my PM box and lost his mind. But let that be a lesson to you and others, don't do that.
Exceptions would be given to DPS, Ibby, Yorkie, BJM and Chefist

OK, in the quote directly above this sentance, it looks like his finger pressed too lightly on the "d", so "d" didn't appear at the end of the word "save".  I bet a lot of these guys have lithe fingers, not ham-fisted.  To me that's not grammar, but ergonomics with smart phones and touch screens.  Or should I say screenz  ::).

It is just one example of many. But do you really need to defend the little guy? I just crack a joke here and there.

Hell it is not like I was evil and sent him a jalapeno pizza, an empty iPad box or a glitter bomb.  That shit would be truly evil.

These younger people were raised with social media.  It's kind of an oxymoron to say track down a FB account.  They are designed to be found!

Well, Rally Squirrel, when all is said and done, grammar is to a forum what make-up is to a tennis shoe. 

I recently got a new temp job.  It was casual, manager rolling on the floor (literally), staff breaking all the rules (even timekeeping) and mgmt not minding... So, I sent my boss a LinkedIn invite.  His wife's business card at a public agency was on our large reception desk.  I fielded calls for her to her husband warmly many times per day.  So I sent her a LinkedIn invite.  Her profile was public, and she works for a public figure.  Well, my boss flipped out.  Evidently, his wife routes her LinkedIn to to her email in-box, so he resolutely shamed me for emailing her! 

It was ludicrous.  If she doesn't want the public, or her husband's temps to invite her to connect, then she should not have her profile set to "public".  Of course, I didn't say that, but I did say my invitation was NOT an email, and her profile was open to the public.

So I can see how some people just don't see things the same way.

First, Damon is not young. He was not raised with social media, I doubt he was raised with the internet. But I found it creepy that a person I never speak to would hunt me down, it would be creepy if you did it as well.

Second, I just tease him once in a while it is no biggie. He posts things like :
i used thunderbird as my email program, so it save your email address.
And I like to respond with "In that order?"
I know, I know. It makes me a horrible person for tormenting him like that.

Third, I do not give a shit about your Linked in adventures. But I hope you at least got laid.
That is what it is for, right?

Use of tense - you mean timing?  Well, i think the actual timing of saving the email was inadvertent.  And his mention of it may have been in his own defense.  Can't blame a man for defending himself.

No, I do not mean timing at all, I used the correct word and that word is tense.

Here is a recent example :
i used thunderbird as my email program, so it save your email address.

They do not agree, they never agree.

I have teased him a few times about it but it usually goes over his head. And I only do it once every few months. About a week ago I simply posted "Your tense is painful". I assume that stewed for a while because I really don't talk to him.

Then tonight, out of the blue, he tracks down my Facebook account, just decided to search for me.
I find it creepy.

You are asking me to justify caring.  You know how ridiculous that sounds.

Not nearly as ridiculous as Damon's use of tense. I know that.

You did email him?  So you did.  BEFORE he invited you to be a FB friend.
Everyone keeps old emails.  Into the thousands.

Who made you Gladys Kravitz?

He did request that I email a screen shot of my phone showing that Falkie called but I did not use the same email as my Facebook. Sides, what the fuck do you care about it?

i used thunderbird as my email program, so it save your email address.

Did it also hunt it down for you and tell you to look for me?

You have the Falkie excuse system memorized I see.

You have emailed me in the past too and I blocked you fb

Nice try but I use a different email on Facebook than the one I emailed you with.

And FFS, I emailed you a year ago with a screen shot showing that Flkie really did call me. You kept it and hunted it down?
Don't be creepy.

I know that Jason Callan has let my real name slip a few times, it really is no big deal.

But Damon took that info and went stalker with it. He found my Facebook and tried to message me or friend me or something. Dude, don't do shit like that.
We know each other here so ask me here if I am interested in other forms of contact. (The answer is no) but this website is the place for you to approach me.

I sent Damon a PM once.  He got really angry at me and threatened to beat my ass  and to never do it again.

So I sent him a PM to apologize.

This got him even angrier and he said some awful words to me that he usually saves for Senda.

I felt really bad about getting him so upset so I sent another PM apologizing for apologizing.

This went on for about another half dozen iterations before I pointed out to him that if he would stop sending me insulting PMs, I would stop apologizing.  I said that I thought that this would be obvious to anyone and I asked him if by chance he is retarded.

By now, he was about ready to throw a clot, so I couldn't let THAT go by without apologizing again.

Eventually I got bored and stopped.

That sums up our inboxes when I said I did not believe that he was from Roseville.

He felt he needed to inbox me and prove he was from there. After a few exchanges I just got bored.

I believe we have a somewhat complex legal issue at hand.

1. As "Heaters" then manager and he asked for my advise.  Then he acted on that advice by his own volition, why would I have any responsibility?

2. Questions, is anyone responsible for donation refunds?.

3. If so, who is responsible for brig's 5 bucks?

4. Is interest appropriate if it can be determined that a refund is do her?


As a banker you should be well aware of that word.

That was sarcasm.

And nope. I haven't given him a dime or a gift or a damn thing since before I was Fallen. That Kindle was from back in the day. Somewhere in the depths of this thread, we thought it would be funny to send him a cheap Kindle when he wanted us to send him an iPad.

I recall you telling him it was to help with his clutter problems because it would hold all his books.

But in your heart you may have done it for the laughs. It certainly is not a thing I would send for lols but we all have different ideas on how to prank the dumbass.

He also purchased the worlds most expensive totebag.




    One Day of General AlienCon Programming
    Access to the day’s Nighttime Events
    Access to the AlienCon Marketplace
    Access to purchase Autographs & Photos


BRONZE PASS - Covers all 3 days


    All General AlienCon Programming
    Access to the day’s Nighttime Events
    Access to the AlienCon Marketplace
    Access to purchase Autographs & Photos


SILVER PASS - covers 3 days he went 1


    All General AlienCon Programming - covered in day pass
    Access to the day’s Nighttime Events - covered in day pass
    Advanced access to the AlienCon Marketplace - He did not use this
    $30 Autograph or Photograph Voucher - He did not use this
    Guaranteed premium seating for MainStage - He did not use this
    Expedited on-site check-in - He did not use this
    Exclusive AlienCon tote bag - He got the bag

So he used $61 worth of ticket plus got a bag.

Did his mom used a big black dildo when she was watching her son have sex??

Your tense is painful.

I trust Curtis to handle the money then the fat fuck falkie. Speaking of the fat fuck falkie, is he still alive??

In that order?

Yes, he is live now and he said he was in LA once with Kathy and the saw Knotts Berry Farm but no where near Disneyland.
He also said that he lived there so he knows the area well.

If people don't ask him for refunds when he doesn't make good on his promises, then he will never stop "Lying for donations".

Well then you need to convince people like Amber and Erinn, people that gave him money, to ask him for money.

But peeps like you and I never gave Falking any money. We gave Curtis money.

It is as if you donate donate to the Red Cross to help a flood victim but the Red Cross does not raise its goal, they give some stuff but they misuse it and never show gratitude.
No rational person would ask the victim for the money back because they never gave them money in the first place.

You must be learning to make up stories from Senda.  I told you to buy Mrs Troll a coffee from me, First, Second and Third time.  I have never PM'd YOU to refund my money, NOR have I ever asked Curtis to.  I want Senda to refund my money, Not YOU, not Curtis. As his manager/investor or whatever you call it, please tell him that I am asking him for a refund.  It is Senda that used and did not appreciate anyones donations for anything.  Senda should refund EVERYONES donations for everything, NOT just the gofundme ticket. IMO.

To be honest, Senda should be paying his fans $5 each for staying up all night wondering what the hell happened to him.

Brig, you really need to read things better before you donate money or you risk getting ripped off.

You gave money to Curtis and he did exactly what he said he would do.

It was unforeseen that Senda would quit early but Senda doing an unpredictable and stupid thing should always be predicted.

Personally I also donated $5 and only did so because it was the minimum in order to post a message. When Senda had all messages removed I asked for a refund because I did not get what I payed for, but I do not care, the entire shit show was worth $5.

I asked him why he needed the golden ticket for all 3 days. All it did was get early access to the dealers room on Friday, fast passes to a few panels, 1 free autograph and a tote bag.

I figured he was paying $200 for an autograph and a tote bag. Well I was wrong. He missed Friday he was late for the panels and he forgot who he was signed up to get a free autograph from. So he spent over $200 for a tote bag because he only used the one day basic ticket.

Ok.  :)

There's something about him I find likeable and amusing.  At least he isn't stuffing his face.  I subscribed for now, but he's not a bellgabber, so I dunno...

I never said to subscribe so don't come crying when he does shit you don't like.

It has not been meantioned yet it needs to be:

At 31:30 the Swiss Army Tooth is put to use, it was greatly missed.

I do enjoy videos from Timothy Birmingham so I hate that the recent trolling he gets amuses me.

A few weeks ago he set up a PO box to get fan mail and possibly gifts and soon after it opened he got a few nice boxes of treats from other countries.
Then a person or a few people started signing him for free samples he as no interest in like feminine skin care lotions.
He has not raged nor blown up but yo can tell that the volume of crap he has been sent is getting to him.

The spam gifts started here:

I wonder why none of us thoght of hitting Senda with all that?

Falkie got on the train on Sunday morning at 10AM and because it hit a guy he got home 14 hours later.

But where did he stay after he checked out at noon on Saturday?

Looks like George was at the dance party. But did he find the red haired gal with the epic ass?
Oh hell no. At 30 second in he found the youngest girl in the room and kept coming back to film her dancing.

The jokes on Senda, she hid the jalapenos under the cheese.

That was actually my plan for next time.

Didn't Kathy eat all his mayonnaise last time he left her alone for a day or two? 

I don't recall if it were mayo or something else, but he wasn't happy.

Kathy drank all the Pepto Bismol on him. But George showed her this time, sho brought over a pizza for the weekend and George devoured it.

I listened to a bit more of his hotel vid.  It seems that George was in a very foul mood.  I doubt he was able to enjoy much of his trip.

He was most upset that his equipment failed and he could upload the riveting he shot on the train.

You knoweveryone is on the edge of their seat to see the gravel pit videos.

Captain Boomerang!


I like the comic book version, the movie sucked.

But thanks for clarifying your rather cryptic message and continue to enjoy my posts from afar.

I really think that if he needs to eat, he should do it before or after the live stream.

He does

Random Topics / Re: BREAKING! Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
« on: June 16, 2018, 10:33:18 PM »
Dark Web Update!

From: George Senda <>
Date: Sat, Jun 16, 2018 at 7:59 PM
Subject: Re: AlienCon
To: Kathy goldfield <>

I am here qand about to go home.
I did one live stream last night and a second one but my Ipad locked up.
I did a bunch of videos on the kindle fire but won’t upload them until I go home.
For some reason videos i did on the ipad are not uploading with the hotel wifi.

Who is Kathy Goldfield?

Random Topics / Re: BREAKING! Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
« on: June 16, 2018, 10:31:43 PM »
maybe he is going to feed the kitties at the all night Asian massage place (like he did at the brothel) and hope he can “just snuggle” and fall asleep there ?

do those places have WiFi ?

By California law all massage parlors must close by nine pm.

I know what you might be thinking, why would they care about the law.
Simple answer, never commit an infraction while commuting a felony.

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