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did anyone find this odd ?
maybe why George hasn’t been hired by any of those interested parties promising him a show and was fired from C2C ?

I find it odd that he never watched it but considers it a conservative show. I saw it, it is not a conservative show. It was a good show with one character that voted for Trump but she does not hold conservative values.

I also found it idiodic when he started a live show saying it was a Free Speech issue. It has nothing to do with free speech he needs to read the constitution better.

Chefist was in a rather cranky mood last night.  Seems he took it out on the letter P, the letter D and on poor George.

 Chefist knew that you can not write PayPal without a P.

But George could have fixed it if he just typed a bit harder.

George spilled water on his keyboard and haters hacked his keyboard at the same time so now the keyboard isn't working.

That was great. I tuned in as he started a new stream and was confused as he beat the living shit out of his keyboard.

Earlier he spilled a bunch of dried cat nip on the keyboard. Then he spilled water on the cat nip that soaked up the liquid and gummed up the works.

It was a hacker, most likely Chefist.

What happened with Aliencon with the guy? Sounds like he failed to plan a single thing. Now, at the eleventh hour, it appears the Aliencon "dream" may become the Aliencon "nightmare."

I thought he'd claimed to have some ticket all along now? Bought with the GoFundMe thing. But now it appears tickets are down to single-day, low-entry passes and he's counting on that? And the hotel mess? Couldn't he have shopped around online a long time ago to get a much better deal on lodging?

Did he try networking online with those going to that convention? As far as hotels and meeting places and all of that? Some may be willing to carpool. Or ride-share to split fares. I'm sure there were ways even in hotel further away when some shuttle or transport back and forth from the convention center would be available.

He needed the three night and two days deal. No way can he manage without the check-in Friday night. I mean, it's a hotel room. You won't need anything elaborate. Just a place to eat and sleep, get up, clean up, change and then hit the convention all day. Then just have that base at night and that's all it is. Those should come a lot cheaper than what he's paying for a lot less.

My word. Like the two nights and even one day was $500 on its own? That's more than the highest passes for the event itself. Gee. I'd think he'd want the check-in Friday evening, then"hit" some local areas around the convention for a bit of night life. Did he budget anything for that?

Same with Saturday night. I'd think you'd want to "hang around" with fellow conventioneers after the day's event and not waste away in some hotel room. I'd think that -- considering it's some "event" and some "big deal" so some would treat it as such.

Then have the Sunday night, too. To recover. Even "hang out" with others. And travel rates would be better on that Monday. Plenty of time to get cleaned up, packed away and out of the hotel by check-out time. I'd thought he'd have planned for that.

And luggage is a good point, as mentioned before. Does he have any? Especially if he ever flies. He'd need some FAA-approved luggage things. Like so many of us have stored away. I'd shudder to think he brings that "dried jellyfish bucket thing" or, worse, some cat-litter bin posing as luggage. And, as noted in previous posts, does he intend to drag all of that around the convention if he can't check-in yet? leaving the event, perhaps, just to check in? Then have to wait in line to get back in?

I thought the Aliencon thing was going to be his "big chance" at proving himself? If he never mentioned that, he sure implied it. So, here he is on his own merit. And it doesn't look good. This whole thing should have been plotted, planned and then carried out much better. Why? The guy claims to know just about everything.

But this one, be it so simple, looks like a bit too much for the genius we all know. But it appears this "plan" will pale in comparison to the no-doubt-upcoming "medical malpractice" settlement he's expecting. He's figured out Aliencon, so how tough could figuring out how to take down a major hospital -- one having major (legal) resources -- with ease.

Senda does have a ticket, a full ride ticket plus he has purchased autographs already. He was just reading the webpage on a show because he calls it content.

He is going to buy a train ticet on Friday when his check comes and he is still waiting to buy the flight back. Planning is work, it takes effort.

There isn't going to be any fuckin lawsuit any more than he's going to sue MV.  Sendapants is too much of a coward to even approach an attorney in the first place.

Senda woud sue but he is cheap.
When Chefist started a copyright claim on The Guy From Pittsburgh Senda called ever shyster lawyer that he could find on the bus stops, focusing on the free consultations only.

After a call they all told him that it would be several hundred bucks just to take the case.
He was fuming in a video about false advertising and they were not really free.

I had to just shake my head at the last video where she was berating Patty for being cheap and splitting the Chinese food.  While describing how she made her breakfast and coffee every morning.  Probably did the dishes too. But she is selfish.

I think I missed it, what video was that?

Yes, he said he didn't get it mailed yesterday and was going to mail it today, then came back from his shopping today, and said he didn't get it mailed today, and didn't get his ticket yet, but will get it on Friday.  Friday is the 1st, when he gets his Suplemental disability.

Add to the growing list of things he does not understand - the price of airline tickets. By Friday the cost of that ticket should go up quite a bit as it is the same month as the flight. If you see a good price you buy it right away.

He was pissed in one video that Patty keeps taking Kathy out to Red Lobster while he is stuck at home eating TV dinners. I think George encourages the animosity of Kath towards Patty because he is jealous.

Does anyone believe that this fat piece of dog shit  will actually make it to Alien Con? It takes work.  It takes effort.  And unless there is someone to take him by his bloated hand, he won't make it.  He will have some sort of it financial, health, or relationship, and won t he able to go.  Naturally it will be the fault of some goddamn  trolls. 

Fuck Falkie with an old rusty tire iron dipped in battery acid.

I think we will see some sort of rerun from the Sacramento con. He took a train to it because Kathy refused to drive him, he got within a quarter mile and had to walk the rest. The walk caused his back to go out and he spent most of his time sitting in the lobby. After he realized that he took out too much from an ATM causing his account to be over drawn sending him into a financial crisis yet again. Upon gettin home he was bed ridden for a week.

He will go to Pasadena but it will destroy him. He will not get good sleep, he will be unable to get around and the pitty party will start all over.

She's a chick, what do you expect.  They love Senda like a little boy loves a stray dog.

It is the "I can fix him" syndrome.

I want to hear Senda apologize I tell you! 

I have a feeling MV won't tell him his bellgab password untill he gets an apology.  He has been seen lurking online here, and I believe the only reason he doesn't post, is not because he has learned how to control himself, and not respond, but is because he doesn't know his password, and MV won't give it to him, because he hasn't apologized.

George will never believe MV did not do it. The idiot still believes that DPS called his mommy and that well over a decade ago and has been fully explained what happened.

Senda can get his password and he does not need to apologize to MV, MV does not personally look over every password reset request. Senda can easily post here but he will not because  he will not get validated nor will he get money and he has no control over it.

Jeez it seems like you are at the Fallen Serphin level of understanding Falkie.

RE: "Raving lunatic Senda accuses MV of hacking his toaster and ham radio."

Yes. Let the guy's bells of freedom ring. This one gives everyone else who is "out of it" a bad name. The guy has no idea about anything -- but at the same time apparently knows everything that's going on.

Does he even know what his router does? It has traffic going in and out all the time. But that seems "strange" to him. Rather than figure out how things work, it's easy to go off on psychotic rants and make just about every false accusation known to man. Or anyone else.

Does he know what a firewall is? Does he even have one? Does he think to monitor such "signals," as he calls them? Then find the "hack" if it exists and block it? If all his devices are indeed "infected," then it no doubt comes from God-only-knows-where online sites he visits -- since he's clueless about his own online security.

Then the "cop" stories again. Yes, he's a great friend of law enforcement. They are, apparently, from what he implies, always looking out for him. Why would a local police agency agree to prosecute a citizen for interstate hacking, anyway? I think that would be the federal Leviathan law-enforcement jurisdiction. God forbid he lied to any of them about this "proof" he's amassed.

Remember, he's close with all the cops everywhere he goes. I recall he even "stops in and visits" with the police chiefs themselves. And, no doubt, like the others, encourage him that his gun rights should be restored. He needs to be able to defend his life from all the loonies out there. Yes, all the hackers, trolls, haters, stalkers... I'm sure they agree (?)

These are either the worst cops known to our society, which I doubt, or the "he's talked to everyone and they agree" evidence is utter b*s.

Talk about the guy's unwavering attempts to successfully make a total fool of himself at every turn.
It's a gift. Or, maybe more at a skill like any other skill. Or he's an artist. Expressive art. Working in foolhardiness the way some work in clay or canvas. His own words are his brushstrokes -- and we've all enjoyed the resulting masterpieces.

This video, of course, being a real "da Vinci" among the lot.

You are starting to learn that everything he does now is the same as as what he did then and it is the same as he did before that.

Well, then if the deal cannot be delivered as promised, why haven't our donations been refunded yet?  I would like to use my refund to donate to bellgab.

On the go fund me page it was laid out clearly with tiers. The first tier being just a ticket for Senda.

Nothing that Senda said mattered because it was not his campaign.

Falkie has banned me from chat again.  He mistakenly thinks I was trying to "freak him out" by telling him about the shadow creature that he now believes is obviously his cat.

Sure didn't look like a cat to me...

When I blew it up to full screen I could see the cat rears but its movement is jerky and not fluid like a cat.

And of course you got banned, Falkie tries to find the worst in people even if he has to make it up.

Hey Falkue heres à news flash and you dont even need that Newspro XT2000 ticker to read it:  It’s not Christmas. And your not getting jack on déc 25th.
I looked at his Amazon wislist and was still scrolling down the list at item 300 and still loading.

I am sure one of his friends will buy him this spank material

No matter how many times it was explained to him that speedometers don't register going backwards. He didn't understand what 0 going in reverse meant. He's a stupid cunt.

That is because Falkie interprets what is said rather than listening to what is said. When you say it does not register speed he hears you say that he was not backing up.

Just like his recent run in at the senior center. He was asked to not put wet food on the sidewalk. There are several good reasons for that request such as the fact that it is slippery. He heard her tell him to stop feeding the cats so he got mad.

It's my understanding that if he hangs up, nobody has to pay.

Senda has said no to that offer. He needs to be in charge.

This one sounds to me like he will only respond in chat to people that donate.
Although he never seems to read the chat anyways.


George has entered into a seriouse weight lifting regiment. He will be buff in no time.

I enjoyed the part where he did his Drax impersonation and moved so slow that no one could see him.

I don't like to see dreams die either, White Crow.  However, I believe that George should actually do something for his donations.  I want ten minutes on the phone with him to set a few things straight.  He can't drop the call, he's got to go the full ten minutes or whatever the allotment of time may be before I remit any extortion money.  The hurdy-gurdy is playing...time for the monkey to dance for his peanuts.  As soon as Curtis takes him by the pudgy hand and sets everything up for him, let me know.

As George would say "Well the thing is.."
That is not a donation, donations come with no strings attached and you are offering a wage. Wages are given for services rendered and that is of no interest to George.

Looking for artists.

Jason Callan is finally opening a shirt store so he is looking for simple cool images that he may use, if you have any good ones let me know.

Brig no one is getting a refund from George. If anyone wants a refund it will come out of my pocket not Curtis's

George has said that he put some money into it himself. That is the only refund that concerns him.

What was their reaction upon taSting the Spice?

They ended the live show then as Abram was leaving they saw the delivery guy, so that one had no on camera reaction.

Who purchased the "HOT" Chinese food that Abram supposedly ate?  Still unsure about this one.

 :o :o :o

As usual, asking for a friend of a friend.

I ordered the Chinese food super extra spicy, that was me along with the empty iPad box, fake lottery ticket and glitter bomb.

I had nothing to do with the unpaid pizzas that were sent.

I have a few more ideas when the time is right.

you're probably one of the young men around here who have bought that carb king pizzas in the past.

I proudly purchased the deadly pizza that got him to call the cops. One of my finest moments.

13 hours of train and 15 hours of garbage like this.

That was the highlight of the trip. We will get a ton of this

Has that blob of misery addressed the fact that he claimed to be stopping live vudeos, only to start doing them again a day later?

He did because his quitting had conditions. IF he did not raise the money to pay his internet bill THEN he was quitting.

He needed $80 or so. Amber gave him $20 and Abram gave him $20 and "a friend" paid the bill in full. So naturally he took the $40 to Walmart and blew it on a poncho, a folding shovel, some shorts and other toys.

Does he really believe he has 'fans'... I mean that in the tight context of that word... or does he believe he has supporters?

I think he really does believe he has 'fans', which is why he is indignant that his 'fans' pay for his recreation.

The fact that his potentially missing an alien convention is being held over people's heads as a ransom item is evidence he is not a sane person.

I was actually amazed that his threat was "If I get no donations then you will not get 13 hours of live streaming from a train".

Was anyone looking forward to that?

If he goes, I suggest 2 more surprises for senda. The first would be to have somebody local post hundreds of "have you seen me? " xeroxes of senda all over the douche bag Con convention center and périphérique  . The second surprise would be a Gangstalker Évent where participating gang stalkers would follow senda all day every where he goes. They could give him signs. For example, whenever he eats,  they could rub their bellies while staring at him. From expérience,  this drives beggars like him crazy. From his vidéos, he's too far I to second childhood to notice anything subtile, so it needs to be blatantl'y obvious.

Somebody should........

Is the ticket already purchased?

He has said it and autograph sessions were purchased. If he did not do it then he aint going anyways because it is sold out.

Falkie is going to get a refund for his ticket? I think not.

Is it possible to change or cancel my ticket?

Tickets may be transferred or upgraded. Please note that all sales are final. Additionally, while tickets can be transferred, if you purchase from another source, you risk buying a counterfeit or invalid ticket. AlienCon is not responsible for tickets purchased from unofficial sources.

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