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Falkie is going to blow his money this month on a Trumpy Bear.

Wonder if Falkie has seen this.

A real Pittsburghian gets invited to Kennywood. As they should.

I think the thread will live with or without George.  I will always read this thread, but it's because of the talented Senda Fans, not cuz of Senda.

Here ya go, I went and watched this just to serve the cause.

Maybe George would come back to Bellgab if we started him a new, positivity sounding  thread.  Lets see, a Title comes to mind, but I better not say...

There is no doubt that the food he can not eat was left there.

Can you imagine offering Senda a plate of food only to have him yell at you "I can not eat this, go take it off then give it to me."

As the neighbor slides the offending food under some gravy.

Birth control is cheap, available everywhere and effective. Anyone too poor to support themselves who has a bunch of kids is irresponsible. Children born to idiots don't stand a chance in this world. They'll grow up poor, hungry, malnourished, abused, uneducated and probably end up as stupid and irresponsible as their parents. A never-ending cycle.

Therefore easy available abortions lowers the amount of people that will grow up poor, hungry, malnourished, abused, uneducated and probably end up as stupid and irresponsible as their parents. Thus slowing the cycle.


I think a better question is why have 8 kids when you can't support one.

Because abortion is considered taboo.

"Meals on Wheels is a program that delivers meals to individuals at home who are unable to purchase or prepare their own meals. The name is often used generically to refer to home-delivered meals programs, not all of which are actually named "Meals on Wheels". Because they are housebound, many of the recipients are the elderly, and many of the volunteers are also elderly but able-bodied and able to drive automobiles.

Research shows that home-delivered meal programs significantly improve diet quality, increase nutrient intakes, reduce food insecurity and improve quality-of-life among the recipients.The programs also reduce government expenditures by reducing the need of recipients to use hospitals, nursing homes or other expensive community-based services."

As a hater I am not bothered that he gets free food but he is an asshole because he scams people.

In his own words he sometimes runs out of money because he gives his cash to Kathy or he uses it to buy stray cats food.

Those are not valid reasons to request help because they are avoidable.

And I am a bleeding heart that thinks he should get the basics that he gets, housing and enough cash to get by. This is America and everyone deserves that, even if they are to stupid to find a way to do it on their own.


other video with food.

Why must he close his eyes when he eats?

It is not as if he is trying to find the subtle nuanced flavors. He likes to drown his food in ketchup , mustard, Worcestershire and soy sauce before he ever takes a bite.

Random Topics / Re: Fake News Falkie
« on: November 18, 2017, 12:08:30 PM »

Hello Fuck Tar, Lincoln Ca in north of Roseville Ca and ITS NOT A SMALL TOWN. Its has over 45,000 people. Why don't you talk about Capt Glen Edwards, He is from Lincoln Ca and the air force named an air force base after him.

Who has not heard of cow chip bingo?

He leads a sheltered life.

Tonight I saw a commercial about Meals-on-wheels delivering to the poor and impoverished, and wondered if Falkie is onto this.

Sure enough.  Dang he's fast.  Says he gets seven of them a week.  And has the chutzpuh to critique it.  Among other comments, he doesn't like the lima beans.  It's bland, edible, keeps him alive. 

So he what, eats lunch at the ''senior center every day, and now gets dinner delivered as well?  So what does he do with his food stamps and the rest of his money?

It's not begging.

He could only put mustard on it because he is out of ketchup? Last we saw a few weeks ago he had a big container od pilfered packets. Does he put on everything? Perhaps Kathy's cooter was not bleeding, it was ketchup to make it palatable.

Remember that family and friends are more important then Electronics devices

What is next?

I’m not sure how much lower this thread can go.  Perhaps George could start a new video series called Find the Odd Vegetable. It would be a video of George examining  those “accidents” he occasionally has.

I am sure it can go much lower but not at this pace.

This thread has been slower than Kathy.


here he talks about how he spends money like crazy. his apartment still looks like crap too.

The Pittsburg Steeler received a few damaged cans so he nagged the company into sending him a replacement case and Thirty dollars.


After a day with George we find out that Kathy is fine but sore.

So let me make sure I have this straight.

We've been informed that Kathy is nude at home and when she goes to Falkie's.  If St. Patty is forcing her to wear diapers, does that mean she strips down at Patty's as well?

How does that work, does she saunter in and disrobe in the living room?  Does she go into the bathroom and come out naked?  What does she do with her clothes?  Does it matter if anyone else is there besides Patty?  Is Patty also nude?  Does Patty strip down at Falkies?  Does she wear a diaper when she goes out?  So many questions..

Patty had to get her a diaper. That means she must be going commando under her shorts. If not then Patty would just get her to put her understand back on.
They are kind of baggy shorts, imagine the view if you were sitting across from her on the bus.

Once again we have Senda telling a story that he thinks is utterly hilarious.

I would love to see one of his "friends" not give the little fake laugh but to just plainly say. "I did not go on a piknik today". And just leave it hanging there with silence. I would laugh at that.


an oldie but goodie...

an inflatable Fleshy Mutant slow Kathy love doll is discussed
and SENDA mentions "someone" is a serial liar...
(oh, and it isn't SENDA)

I wasted a lot of my time and played his periscope vids.
He rambles aimlessly about everything jumping to new subjects at the oddest times. Like when he says "My first girlfriend, that was murdered. NOT BY ME! Oh and behind me is this huge book on ghosts." Then he is off on his books.

At one point he did get to the love doll. Acording to him it is being made and sold in China and he wants a lawyer to look into it.

He also brought up Pittsburgh Dad, he is still pissed about that guy.

Tiny One is FREE!...and George is upset with Kathy...


> Subject: I am furious !
> In some ways Kathy always as long as I have known her can be a complete and total IDIOT !
> Tiny One went out into the living room for a few minutes and then went back into the bedroom.
> I talked to Kathy this afternoon and there was NO mention of Tiny One not being in the bathroom.
> She was still frightened.
> Kathy just called me saying she went out to take out the garbage after I had told her that IF you go out you close the bathroom door and make sure she doesn't get out.
> Kathy let Tiny One out !
> I am madder than hell about this.
> I had told Kathy to mail me $ 2 so I can take the bus up there and reassure Tiny One and she told me this afternoon she was " too tired " to mail me the $2.
> Now the cat is somewhere where it has NO idea where she is much less Kathy is.
> I told her to mail the money as soon as she gets off the phone.
> If I had come up there yesterday this might have been averted.
> I have an idiot for a girlfriend.
> Again.
> Kathy is convinced the cat hates her because it hissed and growled at her.

> Earlier I picked up Fluffy to kiss and cuddle him and he hissed at me and I've had him 12 years !
> I told him not to hiss at me but Fluffy is 16 and gets in these moods.
> I am furious....
> g

Wait a second. The fare from Martinez to Pittsburg is only two bucks?

I know it is a long ride but the cost of a Snapple Peach Tea is what keeps Senda from going there?

Part (most?) of the entertainment value is Falkie's continual failure, and that he has no money for the things he wants - while wasting what he does have on junk instead of saving it for something worthwhile.  And that he wants all these things, but not enough to actually work and be able to afford them. 

He lives off the rest of us intentionally, through our overly lenient, overly generous social programs; and through grifting businesses who then pass that along to the rest of us through higher prices. 

Going to Alien Con is leisure entertainment for those who spend their lives produtivey.  Those living off the government don't need a break from work, and shouldn't have their leisure activities paid for.

I agree with White Crow on this.

I have spent money on George and sometimes it resulted in entertainment and others it flopped.

I never sent him a pizza to make him happy. Once it was to see if he would eat it on the air, he did.
Next it was the jalapeno pizza. Both well worth the money for the continued entertainment.

The fund is not for George to go on a trip and have fun. It is to make a video of George trying to do what he thinks he does well but from a third person perspective.
I think it would be very funny to watch.


 Kathy is convinced the cat hates her because it hissed and growled at her.

No, the cat hated her because she tormented it. It showed its hatred by hissing and growling at her.


Senda has strange ideas of what is funny. He decided this time that Jeremy is selling cereal, and that is funny to him.
Jeremy has to respond with the same fake laugh that we hear from everyone else, like OLG. SWT, TMK is a delay then a "oh. uh. ha ha ha"

From the Master's Deep Dark YouTube comment section:

"No periscope tonight. Two idiots fighting in their truck kept me up & wind is howling as we have the first big fall rainstorm to hit here. Periscope tonight for certain. Little Girl wanted to go outside. She took one look and hopped back on the bed.

I go see Tiny One on Monday to try to calm her down. On the first I see about getting Feliway which will help."

A Feliway will be a waste of money but it will not bother the cat.
It sends out a comforting smell that helps a cat calm down but not in situations like this.

I get wanting to get a cot off the streets and into the safety of a home but the cat does not owea debt of gratitude for it. It is not the cats job to thank you by cuddling.
But the humans do have jobs. Provide a comfortable home with lots of levels, like a good cat tree. Provide a place to sleep, food and litter. And leave the cat alone, yes that is one of her jobs.

It has only been a week and it can take a few weeks to a few months for a cat to acclimate. It has been eating, drinking and pooping so that means it is not overly stressed, yet.
But grabbing, yanking and force petting will stress it out more and she just might kill it with kindness.

I know she "loves her baby" and that is ridiculous, they have not had a chance to do any bonding, but leave the the cat be for a few weeks. Let it come around.

BTW, I hope our cat posts find their way to George.

Random Topics / Re: Senda's Saintly Mother
« on: October 19, 2017, 09:11:03 PM »
Ah, ok...usually I'll get a tip off for stuff like this...but nothing came through last night.

He says it at the beginning but then he says it was last night.

I don't want to fling shit at the two of them just for the sake of it, but I am worried that cat is not going to get what it needs.

I really doubt she will get it the proper shots and immunizations.

I once challenged Falkie to do a video that proves that he gives proper care to his cat. So he made a video of him feeding Orangey.
I told him, through the grape vine because he bans me, that it was not what I meant. What about shots and check ups. He said that he WILL get them shots he just needs money. He never has and never will get the cats shots and they all get to roam outside at will.

Random Topics / Re: Senda's Saintly Mother
« on: October 19, 2017, 08:29:29 PM »
I was not able to find where George was broadcasting at...that's why I ended it. I don't care how large the audience is...

In his two new videos he says he went to bed at 9:30 AM after a two hour show. He quit early because he was too tired.

It took him all night to figure it out so there was no show to find last night.

Random Topics / Re: Senda's Saintly Mother
« on: October 19, 2017, 07:51:05 PM »
I'm guessing she felt bad for him, supported him most of the time, and - this was the big mistake - tried to get him to take the steps needed to be self sufficient.  She probably tried crying, yelling, threatening, bribing him, cutting him off, signing him up for jobs, the works.  Early on she likely hovered and was overprotective, not demanding he ever do a thing, and realized her mistake much too late.

What we don't know is whether he is actually retarded, or just really this lazy, oblivious, and entitled.  I'm going with lazy - even a slow learner has a desire to clean up after themselves and try to develop job skills.

On a live show he said that he tried to take an IQ test. But the questions were all abstract, weird and hard. So he quit.

Whoever here said they want cats because they like how it makes them feel was dead on.

The two of them have so little command of their lives that it is comforting for them to think they can control something else's.

I said it.

Right away Kathy was complaining that the cat would not let her hold it. She just wants a soft kitty sitting in her arms and purring and fuck with what the cat wants. I bet they yanked the poor thing right out of the carrier the second Senda took it to her place, thus traumatizing it even more.

You are suppose to get it home, put the carrier in a quiet area, open it then back off. After a long bus ride the cat might take a few days to get out and start exploring. At that point you STILL LEAVE IT ALONE! It will eventually aproch you and eventually it will let you know what kind of relationship you two will have.
You never yank it out of the litter box because you are in need of instant gratification.

George will be live on periscope tonight after some football game.
His football boycott lasted as long as any of his other commitments.

Don't do it. She's going to look at you like you peed on her living room carpet.

I know that look.

Has he ever spoke of his father being a professional chef anyplace other than that yelp review?

He has said quite a few times that he is an excellent chef, usually when he talks about his amazing chicken soup.

Can not remember him saying the same about his dad.
But he did also recently call himself a fare to midland expert on cats because he has watched Jackson Galaxy.

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