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falkie bitches about his medical problems, bitches about meals on wheels, cat litter, and other problems.

How did you miss the part where he sat in a chair and crushed it?

George and "hard boiled?"  Isn'r George kind of pink and soft?

I would love to read it.

It had been a long, hot day and the phone wasn't exactly ringing off the hook.  I polished off the rest of my bottle of boiler gin when she walked in.  She had legs, those kind of legs that started at the ankle, didn't differentiate at the calf, then slowly worked their way up to the thighs.   Cottage cheese.

I got past the part where he walked out of his apartment, shot some people, the police let him go because it was OK, he ran into a gal that had big tits and he was offered a drink. He started talking about how much he liked Rush Limbah's Peach Tea but it is too expensive but some sometimes he can find it on sale.

I bailed at that point.

How does one “steal” a novel? He he no redundancy, or was it physically written on a typewriter and he only had one copy? Did he upload a partial novel and someone stole it and took credit?
The book was shared with one of his "friends" but Senda would not believe a "friend" would leak the book.

Instead Senda believed that the laptop  from MV infected the computer it was being written on by infecting his router and either-net cables. I am not making this up. There is an unboxing video where he shows a brand new router and cables that he nagged his provider into giving to him because his cords had spy cameras in them.

Anyways the book is the story of a hard boiled detective living on the mean streets of Martinez. Brock is the name of the detective but it is Senda and it takes place right after Kathy dumped him.
I tried to read it but it just rambles in every direction, it is just his stream of thoughts.


Yes people who’ve been on here for a while like yourself would be different as far as MV helping out. So George did ok in the beginning of the live streams? What was the show originally called?

OK is relative. He did better than expected but just slightly better. But he did shit.

On one of them I sent a birthday pizza. I joked on here that if he got a pizza delivered durring a show would he eat the whole thing on the air?
Well Ibby and a few others dared me to do it so I sent a cheap ass crappy Dominoes pie.
For the rest of the show he had his mouth full when he talked. It was a fantastic show but he failed as a broadcaster.

This is going to be so much fun playing "I Spy".. George will be finding new places for his collectables. A whole new added dimension to the game.

I did not spy anything good in the Earthquake video, other than the crazed look of fear in his eyes.

But I did hear with my little ear "This is the guy from Fittsburgh".

It knocked a beanie baby off his shelf? I hope he can rebuild.

Why did Falkie get two and she only got one?  What else did they eat when they went to SF - I know there's a Blondie's Pizza (said to be KAthy's favorite) right there on Powell, if it's still there they had to have walked right past it.

Blondie's closed quite a while ago. The last one left was in San Pablo and I think it is gone as well.

white or dark soy sauce?


his doctor said that George didn't have ulcers.

It would appear to be dark, and I forgot the Worcestershire sauce.

After seeing the mixture that he devours I find it hard to believe the donuts were bad. They just were not gross enough for him.

it helps to use a lot of Tabasco. trust me on this.  8)

The sight of Tabasco would inflame Senda's ulcers.

He needs large amounts of catsup, mustard and soy sauce to flavor his delicacies.

That's before tip.  Oh wait..

It was something like Dan's Donuts.

It was really Johnny Donuts but he was close for a Senda,

He spent $11.75 on three donuts.  Kathy liked hers, but Falkie didn't like either of the two he got for himself.  $11.75.

But not one penny for the ASPCA. The people that created the displays and gave him content to video... no cash for you!

At 2:40



Are lamps with no shades or lightbulbs a new decorating trend?

You found the one moment when she was not making a target with her hands in front of her crotch.



It is with deep sadness that I come before you all to share that George has suffered a personal tragedy with the passing of his dear friend MARONEY.  The Master has learned this evening that Maroney died of a heart attack on Dec. 23rd.

Please send good thoughts George's way during this difficult time, and spend a moment of silence and reflection in remembrance of one of his oldest and truest off-line friends.


George gives a nice tribute here but true to form at 9 minutes in we hear that he is asking the widow about the stuff that he gets.

Right after he finds out he is trying to get what he can, what an ass.

No one has messed with Senda in ages but I guess he misses it.

Why else would he make this?

good friend George shared this clip with his fans.  wuickly retracted. its good to enjoy


Well, what was she doing up until she became disabled?  What did she do to make herself more employable?

This is the grasshopper and the ant all over again.

Kathy is a woman that was born in the 50's and grew up in the 60's and 70's. Women were not taught to be more employable then. They were taught to find a man to take care of them.
Not all women bought into it and there are a ton of exceptions but from what Senda has said Kathy was always looking for the guy that would give her a life.

I can not call her the grasshopper because she had a goal and it seems she worked at it. Senda tells us about many of the boyfriends she had when they split over the years. And we know she was "easy".

Her plan sucked, her plan failed but it was a common plan for ladies at that time.

Is this "new" news for this forum?  I don't recall reading this story until now...  Somehow, it seems fitting that George screwed up the friendship over his own inability to properly use a phone.  ::)

Oh, and the pizza thing should go down in some kind of an internet "best of."  Topped off with a police report, it has to be one of the all time greatest moments.  :)

It is not new news.

On a show George was told that his number was leaked because he mistakenly called Rally Squirrel. His response was "Bull Shit, I would never call that fucking asshole."

Where can I hear this?

Chefist called him on Martinez Tonight, not sure the link to the episode.

Random Topics / Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
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Random Topics / Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
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Falkie has talked to the police about the pizzas.
21:18    Advice to Citizen             
Occurred at **1021** on Ferry St. , Martinez. SOMEONE KEEPS HAVING PIZZAS DELIVERED TO RP'S
TO MAKE THIS STOP. . Disposition: Ad
vice to Citizen.
1:42    Petty Theft                                             1706250002
Occurred at Domino's Pizza on Alhambra Av. , Martinez. THEFT OF KEYS TO STO
Disposition: Report Taken.

Here is the report.

What is the time mark on that?  I must have missed it the first time through and I don't want to suffer through a second viewing looking for it. :P

It is not in the video.

Someone found the report in the Martinez police register and posted it here. A day or two later Senda called the police and there was a report about them going to Ferry Street, a complaint about pizzas.

I cringe. I laugh.  I cry.  I rage.  I laugh some more. 

Every time this video pops up. 

senda is outraged that he can't get a (free) replacement pizza for the free pizza he was sent.  He threatens Domino's with not ordering fm them again if he can't get a free pizza to replace his free pizza.  Extreme buffoonery.  'Domino's knows me.'  This always gets laughter fm me.  As if, Fat One, as if.

What's amazing to me is that during his lamentations, he notes that the credit card number is 'blacked out.'  Lucky break there, RS, he fucked over his dead mother, I'm sure as shit with his history, that a month later you would have found that 'you' had charged the purchase of 12 year old Prius. 

''Pre-pubescent girls don't flock to me."  But they sure do make you 'twitch.'  Don't they? 

By the way, RS.  senda threatened to deal with you.  Did he ever call you? 

Bellgabs 'own' utube star. Bwahahahahahahahah

He never "dealt with me" but he did call me by mistake.
A few weeks latter he left a voice mail on my phone, for some reason he thought it was Abrams number. The message was about an upcoming show, date, time ect. Of course Abram was a no show.
He called again and the same thing. At this point Senda was pissed that he was stood up twice and at the same time I had given Chefist the number and he made his classic call.

Now George was convinced that Abram was a secret operative, that he gave away his number and embarrassed him by not showing up on purpose. They have not spoken since all because of George's stupidity.

Then to top it all off, Senda claimed that just the sight of the pepper-laden pizza made his ulcers flare.  This truly was a classic troll by Rally.

The police report was the best part.

I did.  What happened?

Before I sent George an empty iPad box I sent him a special pizza.

It starts at 1 hour and 26 minutes, he hears his door bell. There is a few minutes of dead air then the fun begins.


A personal favorite.


No car today for falkie. He talked about getting money out of his mom's bank account too.

No car huh? Well that was an easy call.


Falkie videos are getting less and less views. I do enjoy that he is getting less views.

Every time you post one of his videos it gets more views than it would have.

I do not believe you actually do like that he gets less views.

2007 Prius, per Falkie video.  Check.

Almost certainly Craig's list.  Check.

Has to go for a bit of a road trip to get it.  Check (Sunnyvale) 

After months of looking and saving on both our parts, I found Kathy another Prius. A 2007 which has features that were not in our 2006 like a sunroof. $2,999. No red car this time, it's in black. But now both of us can go out and have fun and we can do videos together.

Wrong price and color, but I only guessed that it is Craig's list.

Attention Bay Area Drivers:  Mary Kathy Got A Brand New Car.

My prediction is that there will be no car for Kathy.

George said that they go buy it on Monday. But this is a Craig's list deal. One person with cash in hand will nab it, no one waits for Senda they take the cash now.

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