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You of all people know that he has his funds divided into carefully counted piles of physical money (It is believed on one of the less cluttered shelves. Presumably they have carefully typed and printed labels on the shelf edge) and every now and then he has to 'steal' from one pile to put in another careful pile when the funds of that pile have either a) been spent on essential shit he doesn't need b) put into another pile that will be used for none essential shit he doesn't need.

Obviously such a careful accounting system has its drawbacks, and occasionally a cat will walk across the shelf and knock the carefully arranged piles into a heap on the shit strewn floor and Senda is in a real mess than. Not only that but no-one will come out and help him sort it out, so the best he can do is guess how much is in each pile...This is a task destined for heartache as he has no idea what was in each pile and which pile owes what to which for whatever it was he was going to steal from to buy.

He does what he always does. Grifts for the money he thinks got dropped or he miscalculated and adds a few dozen percent.

Are you clear now?

There is also a special pile that he can borrow from. That pile is the money that he believes his is owed,

The prime example is the coast to coast money, it did not arrive fast enough so he took out Patday loans to fill the pile and use it.

A recent example was Ahbram telling him he would try to give him $30 so Gere allocated that cash for something. When it did not come in he had to take from the Art Bell book sale pile and use it for cat food and that meant his Alien Con fund was short and he declared that Ahbram was o longer a friend.
Ahbram did eventually come up with the cash and the bromance is back.


Ghostly apparition fills the screen at around 2:01.

And hello. What's been going on in SendaLand? Did he end up getting thousands of dollars of AlienCon donations?

Hey Erinn, not thousands but he did pull in about $150 in donations at that was enough for him to stop crying for now.

And I think Amber is trolling him now. She has realized what a con , artist is not the right word, a con armature he is and I doubt that $20 will ever show up.

Well, everyone knows Sweat Kathy
Her eyes each a different color
Her teeth stick out and her chin goes in
And her knuckles, they drag on the floor
Her hair is like a briar
She stands in a bow-legged stance
And if I weren't so ugly, she'd possibly give me a chance.

All credit given to Coco

It looks like The Carpetbagger heard about Falkies idea to do a live call i paranormal show and showed him the way a real pro does it.

How would Kathy take this

By saying “I think well you know you know you now uhhhh you know I think you know hhhh uhhh ghhh you know you that is you know you know you know not very gahhh ugg nice you know”

Was $50 the only thing standing between Griftie and going to Alien Con?  How is that eve possible?

So he has his 3 day pass, his train tickets, money for hotel and food, money for junk on sale inside, a map of local churches giving indigents free food?

Is he still planning on streaming from inside the pay areas?  Did he sign up and pay for autographs from these conmen?  Does he know the retail value of the autographs fall faster the then re-sale values of new cars?  Does the hotel provide wipe sticks, ''sanitized for your protection''

He did grab more than the $50. He got $65 from another person, Ahbram dropped by and gave his $30 friendship fee and someone gave him $8 so his Superchat could hit $100.
Of course he will spend that $100, ot get it in time and take out a loan against it.

Plus he will become surprised when he finds out he can not pay Uber cash.

This guy does food reviews, train videos, paranormal subjects and now he is filming himself opening up junk mail.

I hope George does not find out.

At about 2:45, after blowing about 5 other words, he takes another stab at it ''aw-gate or A-gate''.  Goddam, he thinks serpentine and some of these other minerals he's never heard of are valuable. 

Some of them, agates, jasper, jade, etc may get a few bucks but it wouldn't repay the cost of finding them, polishing them, and selling them.  I've found a few places around here while hiking where there is literally tons of serpentine, for example, huge veins of it coming to the surface and laying out on the ground.  I believe it's the state mineral, but it isn't worth anything.  Jade and jasper too, mostly along stream beds, but it isn't commercial quality.

Seprentine is believed to have some metaphysical properties and can be sold to gullible fools at spirituality types of fairs.

Not that I would ever do that.

I have totally done that.

SMH, Falkie wants to move to The Battle Born State and he does not know how to pronounce it.
He will learn quickly that it is a bone of contention here.


FAT FALKIE having already mentioned he will NOT ask for donations AFTER AlienCON...
will he ?

Falkie stopped ASkING a while ago, he demands donations.

so FAT FALKIE wasn’t seeing slow Kathy at the time of the “freebie” ?
was the “freebie” before or after the dinner KellyDD enjoyed with FAT FALKIE and slow Kathy ?
was the “freebie” after he lost his virginity in the County Lockup ?
so it was after the “freebie” FAT FALKIE had to throw out his mattress ?

I guess my FAT FALKIE timelines are in error...

Unrelated events.

As far as I know the freebie was just boob play. I heard from Kelly that something happened but never what happened.

Did Senda go to Trumps doctor?

He says he is down to 227.3 lbs.


Which one breast fed him?

None of them were young enough to have kids, the one with a "Goddamned baby" and cancer was pre RedBook.
KellyDD gave him some sort of freebee, What the exact act was never said.

Not sure she has. He did see a hooker provider who did accomodate his wishes though. But her name escapes me.

KellyDD, Decadent Dianne and Farrah88 all gave him money.

Senda has his excuse for bouncing his rent check. He is blind and grabbed an old check book from a closed account.

It is a perfectly acceptable and believable reason but it does not explain why he was buying money orders in the past. All it does is give him a valid reason to have to buy and lose money orders in the future.

And we saw how little he really needs cash. He turned down $250 for a stuffed animal because the thought of parting with it made him almost cry.
I can see it if it was your childhood teddy or something but it was a damn Pokemon that he got as an adult.

Food Tales are not that fast or competitive but they are super cute and funny.

He talks about Wells Fargo and his account there ALL THE TIME.  Were we really supposed to think he doesn't have a free checking account and has to use money orders? 

You are correct, there are no money orders - lost or otherwise - and never were

He could easily have bounced a few checks and been put on a Money Order basis so i did buy that he was going to the Post Office each month and shelling out an extra $5 or so to purchase one.
But he follows his pennies, hell he picks up plastic bottles of the street. So I do not buy that he wasted the fee if he did not have to.

Even within the last month or two.

I didn't want to say it and expose him to close questioning, but I believe Falkie has more than enough cash and credit on hand to travel there, get a very nice hotel room, enjoy meals out, and buy all the books, t-shirts, collectable memorabilia that he sees and likes, special smaller sessions with his favorite stars, and autographs. 

He's detailed it all out on video for going on a year now, with frequent updates as to how it was coming along.  He had the money ad credit all lined up, and that was before Curtis collected the money for his three day pass.

I believe the current donation campaign is for the car, land, container home, next year's Alien Con, and cat food.  If so, he should be more upfront about it.

His lack of funds and need to beg stems from his lost rent money order. But he recently exposed that lie when he complained that the rental company had problems cashing his check and that from now on they would only take money orders from him. He was able to write checks therefore it was all a lie.

any word yet on...
FAT FALKIES toxicology report ?
well, I guess I should say his labs...
toxicology usually refers to a dead person...
too bad it couldn’t have been a toxicology report I am waiting on
and what about the poisoned coffee ?

He will get the coffee tested. Just as soon as he has the funds and free time. So it will be several years from now.

I am looking forward to him telling his Dr to crap or get of the pot, a saying he uses wrong, only to discover that taking pills for a few months will not take care of his cholesterol. It also requires diet and excersize.

Could he keep them in his cheeks, like a squirrel?

The judges do a mouth check at the end with flash lights.

I fell down a rabbit hole on YouTube once and saw way to many videos on it.

So George is an eating marathoner but the competition are sprinters.

Sort of but I look at Senda as a goat. He eats mush mashed crap.

I think any pro would tap out if they were served his dish of beef stew mixed with old orators and smothered in catchup, mustard, bbq sauce and soy sauce.

I wonder where she puts it?

Actually, if she's a Brummie I don't want to know.

Thinner and fit people make the better competitive eaters.

Senda has too much fat taking up space so his stomach can not expand fast enough to accommodate a large amount of food in a short time. Also the fit person stronger muscles that assist in getting everything down fast.

Senda has a big belly but the stomach is no bigger. He can graze a lot of food all day as we see in his multi hour shows, it is the speed that keeps him out of competition.

BTW look up Furious Pete, he is a real master.


Oh no doubt but we'll be having our 25th in the near future so she's been long suffering.   

BTW - I was pulling for the lady below in that eating contest today.  She's from your neck of the woods - Birmingham.
She did get that burger down but just not fast enough.

Is that Leigh Shutkever?


did anyone find this odd ?
maybe why George hasn’t been hired by any of those interested parties promising him a show and was fired from C2C ?

I find it odd that he never watched it but considers it a conservative show. I saw it, it is not a conservative show. It was a good show with one character that voted for Trump but she does not hold conservative values.

I also found it idiodic when he started a live show saying it was a Free Speech issue. It has nothing to do with free speech he needs to read the constitution better.

Chefist was in a rather cranky mood last night.  Seems he took it out on the letter P, the letter D and on poor George.

 Chefist knew that you can not write PayPal without a P.

But George could have fixed it if he just typed a bit harder.

George spilled water on his keyboard and haters hacked his keyboard at the same time so now the keyboard isn't working.

That was great. I tuned in as he started a new stream and was confused as he beat the living shit out of his keyboard.

Earlier he spilled a bunch of dried cat nip on the keyboard. Then he spilled water on the cat nip that soaked up the liquid and gummed up the works.

It was a hacker, most likely Chefist.

What happened with Aliencon with the guy? Sounds like he failed to plan a single thing. Now, at the eleventh hour, it appears the Aliencon "dream" may become the Aliencon "nightmare."

I thought he'd claimed to have some ticket all along now? Bought with the GoFundMe thing. But now it appears tickets are down to single-day, low-entry passes and he's counting on that? And the hotel mess? Couldn't he have shopped around online a long time ago to get a much better deal on lodging?

Did he try networking online with those going to that convention? As far as hotels and meeting places and all of that? Some may be willing to carpool. Or ride-share to split fares. I'm sure there were ways even in hotel further away when some shuttle or transport back and forth from the convention center would be available.

He needed the three night and two days deal. No way can he manage without the check-in Friday night. I mean, it's a hotel room. You won't need anything elaborate. Just a place to eat and sleep, get up, clean up, change and then hit the convention all day. Then just have that base at night and that's all it is. Those should come a lot cheaper than what he's paying for a lot less.

My word. Like the two nights and even one day was $500 on its own? That's more than the highest passes for the event itself. Gee. I'd think he'd want the check-in Friday evening, then"hit" some local areas around the convention for a bit of night life. Did he budget anything for that?

Same with Saturday night. I'd think you'd want to "hang around" with fellow conventioneers after the day's event and not waste away in some hotel room. I'd think that -- considering it's some "event" and some "big deal" so some would treat it as such.

Then have the Sunday night, too. To recover. Even "hang out" with others. And travel rates would be better on that Monday. Plenty of time to get cleaned up, packed away and out of the hotel by check-out time. I'd thought he'd have planned for that.

And luggage is a good point, as mentioned before. Does he have any? Especially if he ever flies. He'd need some FAA-approved luggage things. Like so many of us have stored away. I'd shudder to think he brings that "dried jellyfish bucket thing" or, worse, some cat-litter bin posing as luggage. And, as noted in previous posts, does he intend to drag all of that around the convention if he can't check-in yet? leaving the event, perhaps, just to check in? Then have to wait in line to get back in?

I thought the Aliencon thing was going to be his "big chance" at proving himself? If he never mentioned that, he sure implied it. So, here he is on his own merit. And it doesn't look good. This whole thing should have been plotted, planned and then carried out much better. Why? The guy claims to know just about everything.

But this one, be it so simple, looks like a bit too much for the genius we all know. But it appears this "plan" will pale in comparison to the no-doubt-upcoming "medical malpractice" settlement he's expecting. He's figured out Aliencon, so how tough could figuring out how to take down a major hospital -- one having major (legal) resources -- with ease.

Senda does have a ticket, a full ride ticket plus he has purchased autographs already. He was just reading the webpage on a show because he calls it content.

He is going to buy a train ticet on Friday when his check comes and he is still waiting to buy the flight back. Planning is work, it takes effort.

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