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I used to wonder about guys that were into the mags and movies too much
I would often comment
“What good is a movie or a photo of steak going to do ya, if your starvin’...”

Well, if you could look a a steak and rub your tummy till you feel full the comparison would make sense.

Via dark web E-Mail today, Falkie was telling me all the horrible things he would do to his haters if he ever won the lotto, which disturbed me greatly and also reminded me of this scene from the immortal classic JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK...

I shared the clip with Falkie and he was incredibly amused by it, so much that he plans to buy the movie.  And he spotted a detail I didn't notice originally: check out Falkie's very own green alien head cameo at 1:28 in!

As Noory says, there are no coincidences...

Well the thing is, Falkie hates the Dodgers.

I would like to see Falkie watch someone like Timothy Birmingham. He is similar in that he does no frills videos. He just sits and talks to the viewers and eats. No effects no editing. He has nearly 10 subscribers and gets a ton of views.
I wonder if Falkie can figure out the difference between him and Timothy.

God. I am watching his latest.

The other night I talked to in in length about Patreon and how it works. I gave him links to look at some well done sites.

Today he is insisting again that he can do live videos there and forgot everything he learned, mind like a trap he has.

I understand about Georges unfortunate childhood, but then again, I know only what he has TOLD us, and wants us to believe, and honestly, I don't believe much of it.

He knows how to get a credit card with no intention of paying it back.

I think George is lonely because of his inablilty to control himself, and because of his inablity to take responsibility for creating his own situations.

He probably has OCD, but there are meds for that.

From what he has told us he had abusive parents but he has also spoken about their generosity of course they are not mutually exclusive.

He no job yet he had every toy ever brought up, he talks about his rare comics and he was given them from age 4 until they stopped.
at one home they had a spare dining room that was his extra room and he filled it with all his models, given to him. He was given a lot of toys.

He also most likely received beatings and they resulted in some brain damage and emotional retardation.

Who is Amber McGarvey (fruit & cake)?

Correct that she was a Jason Callan fan and friend.

She used to participate on Facebook in some Sends roasts with Senda's train/earthquake being a favorite of hers. She even picked up the name Miss OJ. At some point she decided that she felt sorry for Senda because she thinks he is mentally ill.

the one I saw in SUPER TUBBY SIZE PLUS SHIPPING that night was over $30, I thought !
and the paranoid T-shirt, how much ? another $30 ? and the Chinese home button replacement ? another $20 ? and the Books ? another $20 ?...
well you get the idea !
and that’s just the last few videos !
the FAT CUNT has NO money because he cannot manage what the taxpayers and donations PROVIDE HIM FOR DOING NOTHING !

gee, and I used to think the government was BAD ?

He says the money for a bunch of stuff came from a long lost friend. a buddy found him on linked in and contacted then let him use a credit card to buy gifts for his birthday.

That did not last long at all.

New, Disturbing Leaks....

I have deleted ALL 43,000+ emails in my personal mailbox as it was  getting impossible to find anything
I have apologized to billy joe mulgarvey
If you sent me anything important, it's gone

given that only $20 has come in and most of my viewers are unwilling or just too cheap to help support my channel financially with casg or car food help. I am seriously considering STOPPING creating new videos after Alien Con
the old ones will stay up but I see little reason to take my time to create new ones so people who are unappreciative or selfish or stingy or cheap or whatever the description is, remain non supportive.
despite what the haters think and those who do not even watch mu videos, what I do IS work.
It takes up my time, money, energy and has sapped my health at times

Thanks to all who have donated in the past

He should have taken the advice given like Jason did.

A fave of mine:
SnapT "​If Pewdiepie had the same percentage of his subscribers watching his livestreams (3%), his livestreams would get 1.8 million people."

Senda "well Pewdiepie is rich and has millions of subscribers so of course he gets over 34 viewers."

It goes along well with him trying to explain the %18 that PayPal takes. "If you donate 36 cents thet take 18 cents, no wait if you donate $18 they take, ummm, umm. umm ok if you donate $10 they take........ well they take 18 cents from each dollar.

Percentages baffle him.

Even I'm saying no.

If you offer to contact his cable company and respective pawn shops and pay his debts directly (to them) just to get him out of the hole and give him a fresh start, he'll tell you he wants the cash in hand. I heard this from a friend back in the day.

So again: NO.

I also don't understand him when he keeps saying he's already paid for the iPad to be fixed but can't afford to ship it to Indiana. Wouldn't you wait until the guy fixes it successfully? This is one of the strangest lies I think I've heard.

You might have heard it from me.

I offered to pay a bill but he had to send the bill to me and I would pay it directly. I made the offer here when he posted here and pmed him the offer. I did it openly here so the results could be seen.
Senda never replied, he ignored it completely.

And Happy tells a true Story. Ms. Jordan was a health nut and she showed up at his door with multiple bags of fresh fruits, vegies ect. She brought them because he was crying in the chat on RedBook that he had not eaten in days because he was poor.
She did get yelled at and told to bring cash next time.
I trust the story because Ms. Jordon told it to me directly and she was never a drama queen.
I take the Kelly DD stories a bit lighter because she was a drama queen and a drunk.

I think George has started drinking a lot. Remember the days when he said he didn't drink? But then the beer came out and lately he's been muttering, "I need a drink." He's coming across as an angry drunk in this latest video.

Or I don't know if they have him on painkillers for his eye or some other body part, but it's almost like he's having a bad substance reaction.

I also think the caregiver has requested a transfer. I don't think that particular caregiver will be back.

We should all give him our collective blessing NOT to go to AlienCon "for the sake of his audience." He started that GoFundMe a year ago and "quit it" after 2 months because nobody was donating. But I know he did have some donations in that thing -- did Curtis cash it out and give it to him? He probably didn't even buy his damn ticket.

This rambling about the church he's going to start -- with the website and the paranormal seminars and the "small salary" his parishioners will have to pay him -- is a whole new level of disturbing.

(Yes, I have this thing on again while I scrub my bathtub. The irony. I missed about an hour of it last night -- like the part when he screams out the F word. Again, reminds me way too much of some angry drunks I know.)

I know you have never seen him like this before but I have. He has the mentality of a child and once in a while he needs to have a temper tantrum. The live video that got him booted from YouTube was much worse.
And the secret church plans are common as well, he likes his little secret projects like a kid loves his blanket fort. His book is a recent example, it was his big secret but he let it out and decided that troll stole it so he quit.
The same will happen with the church, He will tell the website it will get posted and in a fit of rage he will quit it.

I have seen it all a dozen times.

well, I for one have never known anybody (drunk enough and with a couple of paper bags) that would hump anything lookin like the Samsquatch even IF nobody would find out

yet, SENDA proudly proclaims having ..... well, you the point a mattress needed to be discarded...
is there ANYTHING he hasn’t shared ?
now, I am thinking about his interview, where he discussed Mayo and slow Kathy giving him oral...
is there ANYTHING left ?

If Kathy can keep her tooth out of the way she might give a good blow job.

and another thing
WHY does SENDA just sit idly by and allow all these animals (evidently ALL men, other than him) make lewd comments to slow Kathy...
wanting her for THEIR sexual pleasure (I, myself, find that hard to believe)
and threatening to RAPE her ? (I, myself, find that hard to believe)

but, I am sure these situations really happened because...
SENDA said so

a closing thought, maybe they “happen” because SENDA said “she still wants it...but I can’ her out”

Senda keeps telling us that Kathy complains that men only want sex from her and that she was going to talk about it on her show. She just cried that Patty is mean and that people are making George go to the convention.

Senda did say that guys just wanted to hump and dump her for years before she met him giving further insight into the fact that she was the town pump.


What surprised me was how fast he lies. He lied about the train. He denied the fact that amtraxk and caltran runs between martinez and lake tahoe. He denied that he is on ssi or any kind of bénéfits.

If Falkie claims his vidéo topic is paranormal, has there ever in any paranormal content actually in his 15 years of vidéos ?    Or has it been nothing but him asking for money and tricKing slow Kathy into helping him with his Con game?

He says he has done videos about paranormal subjects.

There is one on the children's story Slenderman that he considers his big video. He has also done about a half dozen videos where he simple lists off the titles of paranormal books on his shelf's, he calls those paranormal.

Other than that I have requested several times that he do videos on a few local legends. The first was Hairy Baby a local Susanville legend. He could not find it on Wikipedia so I was called a troll even though I told him it was a small local legend that would take a bit of real research.

Later I asked about The Water Babies of Pyramid Lake and told him they were spirits of drowned babies of a native American tribe, that just made him cry and all drowned baby subjects got forbidden.

Finally I asked about Tahoe Tessie. Live on the air he looked it up on Wikipedia, read the page and told me that he just did research into and let me know all I needed to know.

Paranormal is not is strong subject at all.

The guy has had over a YEAR to save for AlienCon and it kills me that he's now framing it as if he's ONLY doing it for his viewers and, therefore, they should pay for it. Like he doesn't get GIDDY about this stupid thing every year.

Tonight he said, "Well if people don't donate, maybe I just won't GO to AlienCon!" in this prissy "I'll show you" tone. Dude, FINE. Don't go. We don't care. And we REALLY don't care about the $75 autographs you want other people to pay for. Thrilling content, that.

He's flat-out panicked because he has ZERO DINERO for something he's known about since early last year. The man-child never learns.

I get shaky now whenever I hear "AlienCon." He's made it EFFING TRAUMATIZING for everyone.

Dodgy bastard.


In one video he let it slip that he had to go to Aliencon to keep his integrity. He might be trying to find a way to get out of it.

Jason has done a good run of great live shows but unfortunately tonight was not one of them.

It was off, most likely it was the beer. A pint of 11% might of been more than he was used too. A beer at the start is great but that higher alcohol level was a bad idea it seems.
The Superchat requests became embarrassing, I doubt he realized how often he brought it up but it really was too much.

Well all the shows can not be winners and he had to finally hit a clunker.

I hope my review was honest but not mean.

Oh.  I got the impression he shoved her out naked or something awful.  Just prancing about inside his bunker nude
is a different story - hopefully he had the door closed!

oh no he said she was walking around nude with the front door wide open. She was yelling at hin so he pushed her out the door, out side. closed the door and locked it. She was buck naked pounding on the door screaming.

It was indicated that this happened a few times.

Watched the live show on rerun.

He skirted around the time he tried to strangle Kathy to death but he did admit to pushing her out the front door and locking it, on multiple occasions, while she was bare ass naked.
He seemed mostly concerned that telling the story might get him demonetized on YouTube rather than the fact that he comes off as a giant asshhole.

He also played a song to and beyond the point of annoyance.

Senda and company show a lack of understanding once again.

Patty likes to brag to Kathy. In the past she has bragged that she can actually make potato salad and can pick up more cans than Kathy. This time she made Kathy jealous by telling het that she was just one Monopoly piece away from the million dollars.
George said that he is not mean so if he got that piece he would give it to her.

I know some of you have never seen the Monopoly Sweepstakes game at Safeway or McDonald's but it is simple, When you collect a monopoly you get the prize it is usually three pieces. Two are super common pieces and one is rare based on the odds, obviously that is the only way to have accurate odds.
So everyone playing is one piece from each prize and George not understanding how it works would just hand Patty a cool mil.

would that have been Bev and Bee ?
wet panties ?
waiting in a Martinez hotel ?
wanting a threesome ?
offering to pay for it ?
very very persistent ?

was that Bart El or DPS ?
or really two gals named Bev and Bee ?
(to bad really...he just can’t anymore)

What the hell are you going on about?

Falkie kind of réminds me of a Nigerian 419 scammer, and this thread is sort of like a 419 scambuster exploit site.

Has anybody fooled him into wearing some ridiculous costume or got him on a bus ride to nowhere with a promis of money?

Yes he has worn silly outfits and spoke in a baby voice to warn money.

I know Bart El or DPS had Mercutio on a wild goose chase for free tail but Falkie is too lazy to move.

I am so confused because I don't know how pawn shops work. Am I understanding this correctly:

Once upon a time he pawned his coin collection for a loan. Now every month, he has to pay them $58 in INTEREST or they'll sell his collection??? IF SO, THAT IS INSANE. No wonder he's BROKE. Dude, unless they're worth thousands, just kiss them goodbye!

Apparently his loyal following over here has collectively donated $60 in Super Chat money so far (listening to him read the names is gold) ... but he can't get it until he gets an AdSense paycheck, and he won't get that until he reaches $100 in AdSense money? If that's true, that seems unbelievably lame. I figured Super Chat would go straight to a PayPal account or something.

Anyhoo, to further summarize the video below, it's the beginning of the month and George has already RIPPED THROUGH his monthly disability income or Social Security check or whatever in record speed.

Yes and he has paid the interest on the coins for about three years now. He pawned coins and a go-pro when Kathy got evicted so he has paid over 2 grand to keep "his property".

I do not think he will even get paid by add-sense because he uses Freedom and gets paid by them. Best I can understand is that if you sign up on Freedom your YouTube money goes to them, they claim to promote you and then they take a percentage then pay you.

Did Senda say Area51Drone's real name at 54:25 ?

He did say a name but I trust that A51 never gave his real name.

Georgie said he was disappointed that no one sent him a pizza this year.

A friend should tell him that Rally Squirrel wanted to send a pizza but he is disappointed that the young lady never got a tip plus he is banned so better luck next year.

Did they put back Talkie the cat yet? 😩

I think the cat is still a Kathie's, he said he pick him on Thursday.

The good news is that Talkie is crapping every place but the box and Kathy has an inspection due.

Watching the the show now, apparently he loves Erinn dearly.

a very good book, I read it when it first came out
geared for a person with...say an eighth grade education
it’s purpose was to generate an interest in physics for young people...

I would have thought SENDA would have found it “beneath” his intellectual capacity !
note: that last statement was a joke !

One of the books that Senda said  he had to take his time with was “The Davinci Code”. He said it was very deep and hard to follow.

George is wearing his trademark red shorts.

I thought he had an accident and they needed a washing badly.

Laura nearly had her G&T come down her nose when I told her that Senda really thinks that money laundering literally means washing money in water and detergent.

Well you have to wash it to get rid of the coke smell.

I asked how pimps get the smell of cheap regime off the money but I got reprimanded for venturing into sexual territory.

I've asked this before...I don't really believe he's read all those I wrong? Seems he would have absorbed some knowledge through osmosis at least...idk

Remember, he is a natural speed reader.

He read “A Brief History Of Time” in its entirety on a bus ride.

He went more in depth on money laundering. Going as far as to speculate on the brands of fabric softener. He thinks Snuggle would not be masculine enough so they would use Bounce.

He got offended when his knowledge was questioned so he looked up on wiki or snopes and found that 4 out of 5 large bills have trace amounts of coke on them. Then with a stern look he said “I know what I am talking about”.

Aperantly his friend Paul told him all about it.

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