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What's the number for Martinez animal services?

I called 925-608-8400 but it is hard to get a person.

Now that I am home I can leave a report at

BTW, I did not have this info memorized, I looked it up. Do you want me to come over and teach you haw do do that plus bring you a pizza?

If you do file and need his address let me know.

Has it been copied?
Do you want it to be?

It being on Sendaís channel helps prove it is Senda.

Since it is actually a low priority case for animal control it will take a bit to provoke action.

And by low priority I just mean it is not an emergency like a loose radio dog.

Oh, he also talked about getting the cat neutered, vaccinated and treated for fleas.

Please edit your comment. It does us mo good if Falkie gets scared and deletes the video. He has done that with other videos when he thought they might get him in trouble.

Falkie just crossed my line.

I always felt fine when he ripped of MV and Erin and others. Hell I have put all the info out there, not more I could do. If people read it and still decide to it is not my problem, the info was available.

But this cat is way too much. Neither of them know how to care for cats but even worse that cat was clearly stolen.

I have called the Martinez SPCA. They were buys so I and schedualed for a call back. Hope it comes soon. People can be warned and should know better but cats are innocents.

It took George many years to get pissed at him. I always laughed at him and pranked him. I am not home right now but I will not let this one go.

Idea open for grabs. I usually miss Senda's live shows so here is my idea.

Pop in as Keith Rowland and play it straight. Tell him that this is his audition to get a radio gig. Remind him to stay focused ect, just lightly direct him.

How long till Falkie blows his top and ruins his chances at getting a show because it was the real Keith Rowland checking him out because of the email he sent.

BTW, speaking of blown chances. I still have a hard time believing that he really hung up on Tommy D while doing a show. Granted, Falkie did just roast Noorey in a book review so it could have been a call about that but it could have been good news as well. But George blew it off and Tom never called back.

in his recent show he laments that no one ever has offered to pay his way for him to go see them, bought him dinner or lunch and then taught him to use equipment. It makes him sad
Has any one ever done that for someone?
I can see going (on your own dime) to visit someone and offering compensation in the form of a meal to teach a skill.

But Senda thinks he should be paid to learn a skill.


They should know the drill by now if they live anywhere near Senda. If they leave it out to dry, park their shopping outside the door as they unlock it and sort their stuff out, it's fair game to be rehomed by Senda.

Finding a walker just sitting by an apartment was his best know theft.

And I am amused by his excuses. When told to stop picking crap off the street he was very clear that salted squid box was not on the street, it was at a Bart station, so there!


I have been watching Timothy Birmingham randomly because he is a good natured Falkie that is more self aware. Like in this video. He knows he is not great but he has fun.

I ran into a tribute to a gal named Penny. Turns out they were a couple for 33 years and one night she died in her sleep. He talked about her a lot and it was sad (but she was a happy sweet version of Kathy in a way).

But I ran into one called "She is still sleeping" and it starts with Timothy showing Penny still 'asleep' past noon. He says she must have really been tired because she never sleeps in that late but it is the day of her death. She is NOT sleeping.
Just a warning that he is kind of fun to watch but that is in there and it was chilling.

Wow, I guess I made him a little angry! 100x points for me!

George is a video game. If I were a video game developer, I'd make an Anthony Senda game with a little retro-pixel guy in an apartment. You have to clean it but packages keep coming at lightning speed. You get bonus points if you can make him yell, catch a cat or force him to pay a bill. Sometimes a pixelated Kathy comes by and wipes out all your points until you jump over her, like those rolling barrels in Donkey Kong.

Close but the real challenge is to make him not yell without giving him stuff. You can easily keep on his good side by buying gems from the company then giving him one as he gets upset (I am thinking current Facebook style gaming). 
You never know what will upset the little guy or make him laugh so it is a guessing game. Say or do the wrong thing too many times and you get thrown out and you need to buy a new bag of gems for $4.99.

As you well know, it is practically impossible to predict what will set George off...Amish, Mennonites, root cellars, etc....

Catfish living in his pond.

I never get these notifications anymore, probably because I'm blocked.

Went to bed at 9 because I was weary of the world. Crushed that I missed his live. If he DID have Super Chat, doing these things at MIDNIGHT during the week would be yet another idiotic "why isn't anyone donating" decision.

Good thing he has that Podcasting for Dummies book. For his ... podcast. 😑

I think he did the video all for you. After he posted his reply to you, the ONeill posted he started his video called "ON MY PURCHASES, ALIEN CON & MY 66TH BIRTHDAY ON 4/28/2018." but he never talked about that, However he did say that the Alien guy said he was going to give him $700 but he was a no show.
I think he figured he thoroughly explained his actions and was now expecting that money.

Live begging, on the air again.

He is explaining why he can not do paranormal videos.

Meanwhile is kinder clone went out and started doing them.

Senda also said he had Star Trek episodes on 8mm film that he believes would be priceless today.

I called him on it when he said that she threw them out when 15 and he had every single episode.

He got royally pissed at me when I pointed out that he was 15 in 1967 and the show ran till 1969, She threw out tapes of shows that were never even filmed yet.

Wow - that was quite a chunk of change in 1972 or whenever.

The 2 grand is the biggest flaw in a very flawed story.

First he loaned a friend the 2k for car repairs.In 72 Senda would not have 2k in his pocket and 2k worth of car repairs then is crazy.
The second of course is the comics. As I have said you need about 5k at retail to get paid that much. Books were not that valuable then so he had some exceedingly rare golden age books (he didn't).

Also on a comic note he passed of his old lie recently that his mommy tossed out books that would be millions today. I have said that he did not have those books and he only picks up on that. But I also that if by some odd chance that he really did have them they would not be worth millions, not even close. Cumulatively the collection he claims has sold for millions but those are the records, books that ate in perfect condition, perfectly preserved for over 50 years. His books would be in crap condition.


But you will be right here posting the link to it as soon as it starts.

I think you do not really agree.

Looks like we are heading for a bunch of unboxing videos with gibberish titles. He just showed a giant pile of goodie he bought off eBay.

Also Amber sent him $20. Honestly she knows all about George and should know better.
And George was true to his nature. She wrote that he should use this to get himself a nice yummy treat for his birthday so naturally Senda said "I have enough food so this will buy 32 cans of cat food".

I have some questions:

1. When Falkie was gang-raped in prison, WHAT WAS HE IN THERE FOR? Was it that whole stealing some dude's comic book collection and selling it for $200 thing? I don't think that's a jail-level crime, is it?

2. Is it true that he was involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric hospital and, if so, does anyone know why?

Maybe the guy really is a psychopathically violent man.

He was in a holding cell for a parole violation from the time he stole $2000 (not $200) worth of comics. The crime was breaking and entering plus grand theft so it was jail time worthy.
However he left LA to go to SF and failed to tell his parole officer. In SF he got stopped and sent to LA and was in a holding cell when he was told that his father died.
George started to cry so the guys called him a little bitch and made him their bitch and ran a train on his ass.
That is the story he has told as best as I can piece it together.

He was involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric hospital because his parents discovered knives hidden under his bed, I think.

And yes, he really is a psychopathically violent man. You should here him tell the story of when he tried to strangle Kathy to death or the times he beat people with bricks. He tells of his violent actions in a very casual way.

Today Falkie taught me that Muslims like to rent vans.
That was a fact that I did not know.

Sorry, I don't want to spoil the  s e n d a  angle.

I hope he gets his panties in a wad.

Still, her criticism is lame...  Maybe even lamer.

You can not spoil a prank on Senda. He is too stupid and too egotistical. Of course Heather was talking about him and I am just a hater, haters all lie.

Senda will always believe everything. He even recently brought up a vid that Jason Callan made.I posted it and it got sent to George and we said it was all about Senda. So Senda believed it and does to this day.
Despite the fact that I have said that I randomly found it but in it Jason mentions being copied. It was quite a few years old and he even says what was copied in it, an idea or title for some wrestling show.

Even though the truth of fabricated feud between Jason and George has been reviled and all was explain a year and a half ago, George still thinks it was real. He is just that much of an idiot.

You can never spoil a prank with the truth when George is concerned.

Ok, what is this a joke? Other than the fact that it is an idiot speaking and her insults are lame like a four year old would spout off after she got off the swing and somebody else took it over...  You'd think she'd have something substantive to say if she had a real complaint.

I don't know, is Heather Leona Wade just a slightly higher functioning version of Falkie?  Maybe Art's sperm was damaged while he was in the military and all his children born after 1975 are "special."

I still hate her voice, I'd like to hear a phone sex audition tape of hers...  And, there's always that possibility that her Midnight in the Desert voice is a put-on to avoid being identified as that phone sex operator that she was and will become again.

Yes, it is a joke.

She was talking about Kim Jong-un and someone did a great job of editing the word kitties and cats over the word people. Then all you have to do is get it to Falkie and tell him it is about him. He will believe it every single time.

The design is fine for a retro fit. They just need to restripe the parking lot. Plus, why is that guy in a handicap spot?  He seems to be walking fine.

He says in the video he says he has arthritis in his knee. That can be screwed when it flares up.

But watching one minute and forty four seconds is enough to determine a handicap.

« on: April 22, 2018, 11:43:07 PM »
He went through a stage where he was doing videos dressed as such.  The best one was where he was all defeated because FiFi helped everyone but him...that one is a personal favorite.

Wait a sec. When he lists the peole he trusts one is "to an extent Maronie but he instigated some of this"

Was Maronie a BellGabber or a member of TCOT? What did he instigate?

Jason reviewed and drank a beer during his livestream. SCANDAL!

He did but he has done that since the beginning, his first was a La-bats Blue.

However, at 1:41:35 he screamed out in pain because of a sudden spike in lis leg. That was clearly stolen from Senda, Crying in pain is his thing!

I have no idea what I did to earn my permanent ban.

I forget why I got my first ban, I think it was because I said I was Rally.

My second ban was for saying "Callan does not spit out food, that is just a lie"
Boom, instant ban. No more Archie Ate A Pickle

Well I logged in as Taco Tuesday and this post got me banned "​I found this stream because it says you talk about Paranormal, do you really do that or do just yell at people?"

I remember seeing him react to thinking it was a 20K winner Rally, and the change on his face, and then he turned the recording device off.    Or did I dream that?

If he did I never saw it but I do laugh at his foolish optimism. After the prank ticket he did the rest thanking me for them the saying since they all were losers he would of rather had the money.
Hell I only sent the real ones sp that the prank one would be hidden Sending a single fake ticket would have not worked at all.

I also really like the glimmer of hope he has after he realizes the I pad box is just a box. There is still a pack of cigs to open, does it contain cash or a gift card?

I think he has a point. He seems a simple unspoilt guy and it might ruin things if he made it too commercial. I'm glad he's got rid of those two idiots book-ending his videos, it made me want to cut myself. His whole appeal is that he is unpretentious.

He should not add Patreon nor a shirt sore right now although I do think he should look into them in the future.
However a PO box is needed. I have not watched a single live show yet where someone asks where they can send him stuff. Naturally he will not give out his address openly so he is always telling them to message him and what not. I know it is a pain in the ass to get to the post office for him but a trip once every 6 weeks is enough to get the packages and those make several shows. To me it is not commercialization but rather content generation.

As for the 2 idiots. They have a channel called mrhappy0121 and have 53k subs. Jason has done clips for them and they did some for him. Working with successful people is never a bad idea.

Oh wait, I DID buy one of his AlienCon t-shirts before he got asked to remove "AlienCon" from them. So I guess it's a collector's item now.

Hilariously, my mom saw it and said, "Why are you wearing a shirt with a strange fat man on it???" 🤣

I got it in pink. And actually I got it in a huge size so I could wear it over yoga pants. If I find it, I'll send it to him to give us all some relief from that green "smells like preteen spirit" one he's been wearing for a month.

Have you not seen the videos about stuff he was sent that he threw away?

I was lucky enough to get two videos about crap I sent him:

1) First was a fake lottery ticket, it was put in a stack of a few real ones. God I wish he would have posted the part where he thought he won 20k.

2) I sent an Ipad box.

since those two he has not posted a prank gift. He has mentioned getting some porn that a friend sent and that someone sent him strange Japanese snacks that he threw away because they looked yucky. I know he was also sent a Jason Callan shirt but he has never talked about it.

If you send him a pink shirt he will either never mention it or say he would rather of gotten the money instead.

I'm sure George would make just as much, probably much more,  if he didn't ban all his Fans that would Donate.

I dunno if Senda would make more the majority of Jason's donations have come from one person. But he does get a handful of small donations each time and they help. But there is one big difference between the two.
George only does it to get donations of any kind, Jason does it to have fun and interact with his viewers.

A YouTube channel made only to make money is destined to fail. If you do it because it is what you really like doing you might make a bit of cash.

There is advice to give them both, like telling George to get the stick out of his ass and don't be such a dick. But he can not do that.
And telling Jason to get a PO box, start a patreon and maybe his own spread shirt store but he does not want to do too much at once.

Jason Callan did another great live show. Be sure to let Falkie know that between Thursdays show and this one he made a few hundred more bucks.

I even donated a few dollars for him to sing "«a Plane pour Moi" he knew it would be hard and look silly but he just laughed his way through it, it was fun.

Senda would have just said that he never heard of it then ban me for being a troll.

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