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I enjoyed his Falkie LOLcow vid so much, that I did look around at his other stuff, but I did not subscribe.

I did not subscribe either but the Momokun stuff got me to look up her chanel and I do say “Daddy likes”.

Is James The Lesser a Bellgabber?  Does he know about this thread?

James is not a Bellgabers so you will not like him.
He made the reaction video that was posted in here. He did show the Falkie fan site in the vid and people have posted about this place in the comments.

I watched a few of his other vids just to see what he does and it is ok. He seems mostly into the gamer world.

I was watching a long wrap up show from James The Lesser and it was fun. But I could not help thinking “is that all there is?” The guy he was talking about sounded dumb, like he thought being called verbose meant he had a large vocabulary. However he did not even land in Falkie’s league.
Falkie recently said that he had high blood pressure but the doctor gave him pills that cured it. I did not think it even ranked on the Falkie stupid scale.

This guy is entering a whole new world.

Here's a few more Historical goodies:

I think that's most of the historically important events.  The rest are mostly stuff he bought himself I think.  I could be wrong.

I think the death pizza is good but it is buried in a multi hour live show. It also needs the police report following it to give it that extra oomf.

I am?

I don't recall that episode, can you replay it for me?

I didn't.

Is it lodged in his shitpile as we speak?

It was right after that time you stole that cow then your friend tried to make it with the cow. I want to party with you cowboy.

You need a nice Englie acid bath.

Hey Metron, as I recall, you are a huge fan of Falkie pranks like the glitter bomb. Well did you see where that little minx Gwen Pool sent him an inactivated $100 Target card? It was funny as hell.

You're right, additionally I am sure Senda's fat head would make a bell sound on contact with a shovel.

I imagine that Senda make a myriad of cartoon noises when struck. Smack his belly and you hear a big bass drum. When he waddled off you hear the pomp pomp of a tuba.

Random Topics / Re: 9/11 4ever
« on: October 13, 2018, 02:30:23 PM »

* FUELED BY CORN.png (1301.91 kB)

It's quite simple--I will explain.

I carry on, minding my own business, when all of a sudden, from out of nowhere, the Recent Posts feed suddenly gets shitted up with nonsense bullshit about nothing at all important! OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

And now... you know how that feels. You're welcome. Carry on about your day.

When I see new posts in a forum that I am not interested in I do not open them.

Your explanation was inefficient.

Random Topics / Re: 9/11 4ever
« on: October 12, 2018, 10:03:40 PM »

I will never understand the Falkie obsession.

I will never understand your obsession with us.

So has his GoPro been sold, or did the proprietor of the pawn shop get tired of Senda's crap, and simply put it up for sale? I don't know how these things work, but if it was for sale, and I knew which Oakland shop it was sitting in, and the owner would be willing to ship it, I would like to own it.  I think George would have a fit if he knew a troll had *HIS* camera. I think I'll call around.

Oakland Coin & Jewelry Exchange is close to a Bart Station and Falkie talks about the silver dimes he buys at the shop.

I would try that one first.


 So did Adolph Hitler and Charles Manson.

I have to call Godwin's law.

Your entire post, in fact your entire crusade against Falkie is now invalid.

Falkie is a lowlife skum but you lack perspective, not all low life skum are comparable.


Watching the rerun and you have super powers, that is what he got because he had extra money.

He lost it a month or two ago at the pawn shop due to late payment.

It was still in the pawn shop and had been there since Kathy got evicted a few years ago.

He had been making monthly payments to cover the interest of about $20 a month (I think it was $37 every other month) so after paying about $360 to hold his camera he lost it because he was a day late last week.

Atop of the line brand new GoPro is about $399

What happened to that medical-malpractice, "get rich quick" scheme the guy was "working" on? You know. The one in which he thinks some hospital will "give in" immediately and pay him whatever he demands? Has he "given up the ghost" on that one and moved on to the next flim-flam attempt?

Recall how he cited that he'll "come into a lot of money" by this year's end? Months before his supposedly "botched" eye surgery? Not like anyone can see he plotted and planned the "set-up" and thought he'd have an easy go of it?

Recall how he claimed it was a "death sentence" for him? He doesn't seem "dead" to anyone with eyes and ears. Further, his claims that he cannot see anything is very convenient. He is able to see fine when he wants to do something -- but claims his life and earning potential was ruined because of the incompetence of others?

If he is a person of his word, he'll have no issue making sworn statements to that effect.
Including claims of how he was once a "professional-military writer" and wanted to return to that again. That was, before that surgery that "ruined" his life and future earning potential -- and will leave him destitute as a result?

That medical-malpractice scam was the desert-fortress compound's financing, from what some could conclude. Where is the update on that? Not like he'd commit criminal perjury or found to be held in contempt of the court if he even could get some fool attorney to take such a bogus case. Find me one who would -- and I'll show you a lawyer whose losses far exceed any victories. By a grand margin.

Not like hospitals -- the defendants -- prevail in roughly 86 percent of such cases in the United States brought against them by scam artists -- the plaintiffs -- looking for a "quick buck" by blaming them and seeking compensation. Then have every right to "turn the tables" on their accusers by exercising the perjury clause of any legal proceedings.

We need a follow up. I've yet to hear anything in recent times, even though that multi-million dollar, self-sufficient desert-compound fortress and the new, high-end 4x4 was "all the rage" and a "sure thing" for so many months.

The medical malpractice is not his big plan, it is just extra for him.

He says it is a secret because as soon as Bellgabbers find out something it is ruined. But he is the worst at keeping secrets.
He will be buying crap and selling it on eBay. He has said it a few times.
Plus if you look at his favorites and listen to him you see he likes and talks about Taco Stacks ( a guy that makes his money off YouTube and not of what he says he does). He also said he talked to a guy on YouTube that will help him (maybe the same guy).

When Falkie thinks he has a person that will hold his hand he gets enthusiastic.

Unknown.  No new video as of yet today. 

I think today was a big travel day for him. Social Security office to get his direct deposit issue worked out. Then off to pickup his new computer and monitor.

I'm sure he is fine..................

I think he is also heading to the Amazon Book Store  to get them to show him how to use his Kindle.

Can't you just fuck off? I'll fucking pay you, dipshit.

How many figures are we talking?

I am looking forward to his trip to the Amazon Book Store in Walnut Creek.

After stealing two extra Kindles from Amazon he feels it is their duty to hold his hands and teach him how they work. The foreigners on the phone were useless so it is time to haul all his shit to a store in America.
It is a book store but they do sell Amazon products so they might know what he needs but I just want to see him waddle in and bellow for help now!

We know Senda stuffs his face in every live show but has he dropped stuff in all of them as well?

Slow Kathy spends a lot time with Ratty Patty might be something on down low.

Regulars here know that they have a sexual history.

Didn’t he say he was going to get two newspaper machines as well?

Yes, but the newspaper machines are not a money making plan.

He wants to further clutter his place by using them as props for his videos because they will look cool for breaking news.


Oh my. Can "we" be excused for being skeptical about this? It starts off with: "I'm working on something that may prove very lucrative. And it's legal. There's no fraud or con man or any BS involved," he states.

Why do I doubt all of that? The tip off begins with him "working" on something. Considering he doesn't know what "working" involves. Or ever did. Then he continues with the disclaimer that nothing shady is going on. That would be a first for him, knowing his history and "character" -- more at lack of it.

He has pretty much told us what his big plan is.

He watched a bunch of videos where people buy pallets of returns from places super cheap, then they sell the stuff on eBay for big money.

eBay is certainly a place to make money but it is foolish to invest in a bunch of inventory when you have a home full of it. He needs to start by selling a few things then he needs to put that money aside. After he sell several more and learns about eBay he will raise a few dollars. Then he can take that money and invest it in items that are more profitable.

If he goes out and buys a blind box of stuff he will just find it full of Pokemon and cat toys, and of course they will be too important to him to sell.

Fuck Senda with a Rooti Tooti Big And Fruity.

Okay.  I caught the tail end of sendas latest broad cast misadventure on youtube.  I post and he doesn't respond.  Does he only respond to the Superchat?

Senda rarely even looks at chat. He does not care to interact he just wants to talk.

Classy guy, that George Senda.........................

George always puts a woman's needs first, he told us so in his "Looking for a Sugar mama profile"

It is a must read for everyone and I will link it if I find it but I trust someone has it at the ready.

I would ask how that is known, but there are some questions that you really do not want to know the answer to.................

Falkie has said that he lost his virginity to her when he met her.

He has also said that prior to meeting him she had been used by a lot of men that only cared about having sex, but he was special, he wanted a relationship

I like where you are going with this.  Perhaps what we need is the good 'ol flashback episode to start of the season. It's 1977 and Kathy and Patty are getting ready for a girl's night out on the town. This gives an opportunity to see the development of Kathy, starting off as a classic ingenue, an innocent, naďve girl making her way in the world before Falkie gets his hands on her. They go the Disco on 110th Street, they have a few drinks, dance with a couple guys, then HE walks in...

Plus, I'd like to see a legit-o-mite trip to the ER this season...maybe a book case falls over...?

A good Kathy back story fascinates me, there is a so much there. She was not beaten down and she had to be attractive. She was a slut as we know and there is nothing wrong with being sexually active, like really active.
Plus she was a big comic book nerd. She has tried to explain why she thinks John Byrne ruined the Fantastic Four and between her umms and you knows I was able to hear a reason. I disagreed but she made a point.

She has gone from perky little nerd to beaten down old hag, she has a story to tell.

Planning meeting will begin next month for Season 10.

If have any good ideas now is the time to share them.


Kathy goes  to the shelter to visit some cats, she finds one she loves but she is not willing to pay the very small fee that covers the cats shots , getting fixed, and keeping the shelter running. So she goes home cat less but there is one she just loved and every time she talks to George until George realizes he needs to pay the fee for the cat.

After she gets the cat home it hates her and neither her nor George knows what to do. Kathy wants to get rid of yet another hell cat but George wants to his money back.
This will just be a small part of season 10, the plot will be him trying to understand his computer products.

Season 10 will include him trying to go to Alien Con in Boston but it will be just a hint to season 11. Season 10 will be a dull season with him knocking over crap.

Right at the end we find out Kathy has been swimming.

And the pool was declared a toxic hazard right after.

He?  You mean he's a he, not a she?

I was sure that I detected a distinctly feminine lilt to, HIS posts.

Maybe it is a s/he?  Hay Gunny we have a present for you!

Good thinking. Gunny did say he like the working gals that had that something extra.

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