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Sends broke the 1000 mark that he needed by 2-24 so remember to unsubscribe this Friday.


Falkie, in a long winded and dull manner, explains that he is not really begging for the cats. He is really begging for the Kathy car fund.

He says that if he did not give her $200 a month then he would have the money he needs.

Good question, just how does he acquire credit cards with his income level and according to his credit history appears to have a problem making timely payments to the cards he has or had? I can see obtaining a pre-paid credit card where you pay for the card and slowly build an actual credit rating but an actual non pre-paid card?

George seems to manage the small monthly payments just like he plops down the interest payments on his coins each month.

The high interest cards love him. A monthly income is more desirable than a person that pays in full each month.

The responsibilities George takes on, feeding all those kitty cats, amazed he can afford it. Why does he do it?

He has told us why he feeds all the cats around.

According to George if he does not feed them then they will all starve an die because no one has taught them how to catch mice. Yes, he has said that.

Very disappointing video.

The title advertises everyone's favorite cat, Orangey. But by the time we get to him it is night and too dark to see that majestic beast.

There is a first appearance of Talky, a nice Siamese gentleman. He could become a crowd favorite if he ends up moving in with Kathy then beats the crap out of her trying to play.


To be fair to Goerge, he's had lots of heatlh issues and Kitty Cat problems to attend to.
Shouldn't we wait for the "after" video before passing judgements?

I'm concerned that George maybe realizing that he isn't achieving his goal to become a youtube superstar! That and health issues along with kitty cat problems and Kathy may be not what she seems could be devastating for him.

Worried about George,  he needs our Love and support! Chefist and/or Not Pickle Rick seems to have dropped the ball as late. Sorry for being so negative today, please forgive :(

He showed his cleaning progress of the kitchen about a year ago so this one is really an after shot.

Oh, no, it is worse now than it was then.

George can never keep his comic book lie straight.

Every time he tells it he had owned first editions of all of the top ten most valuable comic books from the silver age. That part remains fairly consistent but the actual books change at times.  For example, Ant-Man's first appearance was not super valuable until the recent film, then it jumped in value and Falkie owned it.

This time he had them all but his mom threw them away when he was 10. That was 1962 so Falkie was a proud owner of the rarest comics years before they were even published. They came out after 1963.

He has been spending too much time in post making these quality videos. 

What a frikkin retard

How is it that in a few years he has gone from making shitty videos to really shitty videos?

I think his learning curve swings downward.

George said, "so bored he could scream, no credit card"

What does one have to do with the other?

I don't think he said "no credit card".
He does say that he was drinking a pot to 2 pots of coffee a day because he was so bored he could scream.  Then he says something I could not understand.

Does drinking coffee negate boredom?

He did say, in another video, that he opened a line of credit for $700 and he was waiting for the card. And when it comes he will be in good shape and back on his feet.
When one has more debt than they can manage does opening a new line of credit really get them "back on their feet"?

George was told to cut back on orange juice, coffee and spaghetti sauce.

He then tells us he came home and had an orange because it is not juice and filmed himself drinking coffee and eating spaghetti.

Fucking idiot.

Could it happen in Martinez someday?


Medical examiners have identified a man who was shot and killed by a stray bullet near the Stratosphere Monday night.

According to the Clark County Coroner's Office, the victim was identified as 35-year-old Pedro Rios.

Police responded to the 200 block of West New York Avenue, near Industrial Road and Sahara Avenue, at 7:50 p.m.

According to police, Rios was outside of his apartment dumping garbage and leaving food for some stray cats when a stray bullet struck him. Police said the bullet traveled 50 to 60 yards through an alley before it hit him.

The combinations of the outstanding kindness of Rally Squirrel's gift, together with Jason's sincerity and his wonderful head of hair brought a tear to my eye.

It's a thing of beauty that evokes emotions like Patrick Chan figure skating to Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.

Thank you for the gift,  RS and Jason.
Love you Guys!

All I can picture when I hear that song is Silk Specter and Knight Owl humping it out.

Random Topics / Re: Run tiny one run.
« on: February 07, 2018, 11:37:10 AM »
I didn't know cat scratch fever was anything but a lame song. I'm curious, did it make you allergic to cats? I know someone that had a cat as a young teenager but then got scratched by a feral one and became allergic. She still is years later.

Also, no, a cougar didn't walk into the BART station looking for food, saw Falkie and decided to get his belly rubbed. Many birds probably dropped their loads on his shoulders though, he's hard to miss.

It is slang for a venereal disease. That is what Ted Nugent sang about.

Random Topics / Re: Run tiny one run.
« on: February 06, 2018, 02:18:04 PM »
Nah. Look at his demeanor. He doesn’t look at the camera at all. He is making it up and trying to remember what it was he made up. Ask Mrs Crow to weigh in. I am sure she has experience looking for microexpressions in order to determine if men are telling the truth.

In other developments, I really think that the plug in cat pheromone dispenser is really having positive effects on the big guy. He has been much calmer since he started using it. No idea if it works on cats.

George make things up? Never.

Here is a prime example of him not making things up.

He claims he picked the Eagles all season.
A quick look at his videos does show him picking other teams over the Eagles including him picking the Vikings to take them in the playoffs.
But he does say that he always pulled for them in his heart. So there is his truth.

And for a well known Senda Tall tale finly put on video we have this:

Left Senda a comment on his newest video, I doubt he will like it.

"Let the poor cat be. She clearly has no desire to be petted or held, not all cats like it. Just ignore her and stop screwing around with her. Cats know what they like and she does not like being "baby" like you want from her."

Maybe the 4 day shirt is just patriotic fervor?   He doesn't really have a   place to put a flag pole to fly Old Glory from.

Or perhaps he is going to try to horn in on Earl Pitts, American's market share?   
I don't even know if Pitts is still doing his shtick or not.  He seems to have disappeared from the airwaves
around here about the time Paul Harvey finally retired/died/soundboard broke or whatever.

Earl Pitts is on KKOH in Reno in the mornings.


How about that other place he was streaming on, that Art used a couple times?  What happened there?

Dunno about that other site.

I just heard from other YouTubers that they are blocked from streaming until they hit the thousand subscribers.
YouTube really wants to get rid of the small channels.

....So,  when is Georges next live stream so I can make plans to be there for making comments with you all?

I do not think he can stream until he achieves his partner status.

Was there ever any question that Senda is a thief?

No surprise at all. My only slight surprise is how blatant his motives are.

Jason has 4.5k subscribers and he is doing it to help others get to 1000. It is altruistic and I know he helped get LeatherandJade her goal of a grand.

Selfish George states right away that it does not matter to him if smaller YouTubers get subscriptions, what matters is he needs a few more. So he latches onto a big channel to hopefully get promoted.

Just listen to the first minute or so of this. As always it is just about him.

Looks like Senda found a source for new material. Just do what Jason Callan does.

A few days ago Jason started helping smaller YouTubers by dedicating videos to them and introducing people to them.

Not long after Senda started his "My Favorite YouTube Channels".

For fucks sake, could he at least pretend to pay attention?

George can not figure out why he can not get viewers.

Other people show their filthy apartments sideways and they become stars.

Freedom is just a YouTube middleman, they're taking a percentage of Falkie's YouTube revenue for no good reason and paying him the rest.  He could've made MORE than $250 if he wasn't a Freedom member.

I do not know what they do but I am sure it is way more than Senda could do for himself.

This guy needs a shirt badly.

Elf shot the shirts.

All he has to do is reclassify all donations as youtube profits to see that every dollar he has grifted for the last 7 years has been a direct result of his youtube ramblings... independent of any youtube monetization.

He said he made $250 on a site called Freedom.

I don't know what it is nor why he did not do more if it worked.

If you haven't suscribed to Falkie on YouTube yet, DO IT NOW! He needs to crack the 1,000 mark by February 20th.

And I'm pretty sure he already does 4,000 hours of Watch Time every year but simply doesn't realize it because he can't read his analytics properly.

He just can not figure out what to do to get views.

How about trying to be friendly and interesting, that would be a start.

I like how he figures that his food videos are on par with others. Eating ribs from a bed  pan is unique but it does not come close to matching TheReportOfTheWeek.


I guess that George does not read and/or watches the news because the system was not hacked but a worker hit the WRONG button.

I spied with my little eye a green bird sitting in the lamp.

He put butter in his Lean Cuisine. Sounds about right.


and we all know that Pimps regularly "sample the goods"...
a sort of "quality control"

Only those of us that get their info from movies and TV "know that."

The truth is that very few do. And the ones that do are at the lowest levels of street pimp.
Most "Managers" are true professionals and run their business like a business should be run.

was this perhaps what led to SENDA hooking up with a "Lactating Provider" that he eventually was pimping out ?

and we all know that Pimps regularly "sample the goods"...
a sort of "quality control"

suppose the old goat would go for a romantic evening in his hovel, lights candles...but his Alien Head lamp illuminated, on his sofa bed suckling at the YUGE undulating boobs of a lactating provider ?

may be time for a gofundme grift...
(if gofundme would allow this)


That was the thread that he started to see if he could find interest in one "so people could talk about it."

After he was ridiculed and shamed he said he was never interested in actually doing it.

He never did get to pimp out anyone.

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