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It has not been meantioned yet it needs to be:

At 31:30 the Swiss Army Tooth is put to use, it was greatly missed.

I do enjoy videos from Timothy Birmingham so I hate that the recent trolling he gets amuses me.

A few weeks ago he set up a PO box to get fan mail and possibly gifts and soon after it opened he got a few nice boxes of treats from other countries.
Then a person or a few people started signing him for free samples he as no interest in like feminine skin care lotions.
He has not raged nor blown up but yo can tell that the volume of crap he has been sent is getting to him.

The spam gifts started here:

I wonder why none of us thoght of hitting Senda with all that?

Falkie got on the train on Sunday morning at 10AM and because it hit a guy he got home 14 hours later.

But where did he stay after he checked out at noon on Saturday?

Looks like George was at the dance party. But did he find the red haired gal with the epic ass?
Oh hell no. At 30 second in he found the youngest girl in the room and kept coming back to film her dancing.

The jokes on Senda, she hid the jalapenos under the cheese.

That was actually my plan for next time.

Didn't Kathy eat all his mayonnaise last time he left her alone for a day or two? 

I don't recall if it were mayo or something else, but he wasn't happy.

Kathy drank all the Pepto Bismol on him. But George showed her this time, sho brought over a pizza for the weekend and George devoured it.

I listened to a bit more of his hotel vid.  It seems that George was in a very foul mood.  I doubt he was able to enjoy much of his trip.

He was most upset that his equipment failed and he could upload the riveting he shot on the train.

You knoweveryone is on the edge of their seat to see the gravel pit videos.

Captain Boomerang!


I like the comic book version, the movie sucked.

But thanks for clarifying your rather cryptic message and continue to enjoy my posts from afar.

I really think that if he needs to eat, he should do it before or after the live stream.

He does

Random Topics / Re: BREAKING! Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
« on: June 16, 2018, 10:33:18 PM »
Dark Web Update!

From: George Senda <>
Date: Sat, Jun 16, 2018 at 7:59 PM
Subject: Re: AlienCon
To: Kathy goldfield <>

I am here qand about to go home.
I did one live stream last night and a second one but my Ipad locked up.
I did a bunch of videos on the kindle fire but won’t upload them until I go home.
For some reason videos i did on the ipad are not uploading with the hotel wifi.

Who is Kathy Goldfield?

Random Topics / Re: BREAKING! Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
« on: June 16, 2018, 10:31:43 PM »
maybe he is going to feed the kitties at the all night Asian massage place (like he did at the brothel) and hope he can “just snuggle” and fall asleep there ?

do those places have WiFi ?

By California law all massage parlors must close by nine pm.

I know what you might be thinking, why would they care about the law.
Simple answer, never commit an infraction while commuting a felony.

Everybody here is more than aware of where Austria is or is not the time for memes is not now especially one so unoriginal, people have been pulling that whole Austria, Australia bullshit since Dumb and Dumber was in movie theaters, we don't like it, we're tired of it, we want it to stop!

And this is exactly how you get it to stop, have a small hissy fit. Just ask Senda because it has worked so well for him.

BTW I am a big fan of Captain Boomerang.

It's like the goddamn DaVinci Code

Poorly written and easy to predict?

I'd like to post this short digression I've been looking at photos and videos from Alien con all day and it seems like a good 75% of the people attending alien con seem to be doing it at some kind of meme, they seem more interested in getting their photo taken with the aliens guy from Ancient Aliens and hanging out with Sam from Lord of the Rings I think most of the people attending the convention see it as a big joke which is actually kind of a shame this has the potential of being something more than just a bunch of grifters Hawking bullshit somebody could actually have a Convention of serious conversations instead of a bunch of morons from a cable channel television program like Ancient Aliens.

Something that would help us move towards real disclosure

The convention is put on by the folks that make Ancient Aliens so it stands to reason that it would be an Ancient Alien convention.

You seem like one of those guys that bitches about the new Star Wars movie having too much Star Wars in it.


LOL.  I love the part where he gets off the train and is shambling around, dragging his shit, asking people for directions, including a person pushing/dragging a trashcan.  "Excuse me, sir, madam..I don't know what you are because I can't see very well, especially at night.  I'm lost."

I like when he spotted an AMP (Asian massage parlor) and wanted a rub and tug but they were closed and he was broke.

It is a very Senda road trip playing out just as expected.
He said he would be fine on Friday night, he brought a wash cloth so he could clean up in a restroom and would just sit in a lobby.

He was going to pack bologna, bread, cheese and packets of condiments and he was not going to waste money on junk. He can survive on fruit and food.

So he ends up eating all the food he brought while on the train and checked into his room on Friday. He then went out to get food and came back with Snapple, a candy bar, two big bags of chips, a chilli burger and fries.

The burger was too spicy yet he ate it all, I predict it will attack him at the convention.

Now he says he used tomorrow night’s money today and he may just go home early. His photo op with LMH is on Sunday.

How did he spend $200 just sitting on a train all day?

You are talking about a man who once heated up a tv dinner to do a review and didn't give it a good rating because it was undercooked.

I believe it was a Marie Calandrs turkey pot pie.

This is the lady I was thinking of...

Well I certainly can not accuse her of making compelling videos. But she is most likely making a bit of money. That would be a lot of work to look up every item on Amazon and it should be noted that toys take a special approval to list during the holidays. Also as a side note you do not pass over discounted Lego's from licensed properties. They get retired and go up. The Hobbit set goes for $100 now.


There was a gal on YT who would purchase stuff from the liquidation section at WM and would sell the stuff on Amazon.  Looked like she was doing pretty well at the time.  Don't know how it has held up over time though.

I looked at a few. They are not making money selling soap and hot sauce, they are making money off YouTube by making compelling videos.

Of course Falkie falls for this stuff. He has said that he tried Game Stop dumpster diving and never has any luck. He thinks stuff like this is real as well.


If you are making a living in its current state, more power to you.  I used to sell back in the wild west days where you couldn't list stuff fast enough, and everything seemed to sell.  I probably blame eBay too much for the changes, as things just naturally change in any market, put it does seem like they made some very damaging decisions.  I sold a lot of low-ticket items and used to get quite a bit of cash and checks in the mail.  I had very few problems with this.  When they made Payscum mandatory, the fees ate me up.  I couldn't change with the market so I got out. Like Sredni, I sell stuff rom time to time to get rid of it but I don't sell on their as a livelihood anymore.

I also use Amazon. I sell a ton more on Amazon but same purchasing principles.

You can not watch a YouTube video then go buy crap at Walmart. Anyone can buy shit at Walmart.

Ebay used to be a wonderful platform for people to build businesses or for offering opportunities for folks to earn a few extra bucks.  I suppose it still is, but it isn't as simple as it once was.  It's overregulated and has become a complicated mess in the last 15 years IMO.  Senda can make a run of it if he's smart, patient, realistic, and hard working.       (insert the sound of crickets here)

I have sold on eBay far years and make enough to live but it is not easy.
His plan is to go to Walmart and buy products then mark them up a buck or two and sell it all. First of all that mark up will not cover fees at all and secondly Walmart is not where you go to source out products.

I have purchased products at retail that I thought I could sell but I use the upc to track down the maker, I contact them and see if they will sell to me. After I get a price quote sell the widget I paid retail for and sell it at a 2.5 mark up based on the price I will pay not what I paid. If it sells fast enough I put in an order.

George loves half priced books, I have done a bit shopping there. I look at the trade collection of comics and find ones out of print and sell those. George knows his paranormal books well enough but he holds too much of an emotional attachment to them.

So, George will be making good money soon because he is going buy things at Walmart then sell them on eBay with a very small mark up.

Looking forward to that mess.

So now the plan is to go to the con, stay for one night, then hope he can convince a nice man, or well-endowed woman to allow him to shack up for the other night?

Of course. They will see him filming and realize he is an important YouTuber.

Plus he used to crash in peeps rooms in the 70's when rooms cost next to nothing at the local Motel 6 and the convention was in a library's basement.
But things have not changed that much over the years, he can still offer a stranger a twenty to sleep on his floor and take a shower and they will take it because he is a celebrity. After all he is shooting video, he is wearing a Art Bell shirt and he is lugging around an Alien head for Gods sake.

No doubt the folks down at Wells Fargo are astonished about their good fortune.  Who knew not catering to his demands would end up with him leaving. 

Wouldn't it be great if he was on some ''not worth it'' list at B of A, and they refused to let him open an account there

And miss out on all those lucrative NSF fees?

He might have been lying about the checks and not being able to see, also for the purpose of gaining sympathy.

He's been on the money order order for several years, so certainly there's a lie in there somewhere.

It is possible but it did not generate a need for money. For a day or two he was confused that a check bounced because he had the money in the bank.
He blamed the landlord for depositing it wrong. Ha later discover that he wrote it from an old check book, we heard him tell it to Kathy in between her saying "You know. you know".
And that was the end.

It could be a set up for a future con but I have never seen him think in advance like that.

Wait, debit card?  One that he can transfer the account of to a different bank (as opposed to a debit card issued by one of the handout agencies, who control which bank services the accounts)?

Aren't consumer debit cards issued to checking account holders?  Meaning he has a checking account.  Is that why him claiming to use apparently easily lost money orders always seemed suspicious?  If that is the case, is this evidence his begging to replace ''lost'' money orders to pay his rent were complete lies (not that this was ever in doubt)?  Is doing so on YouTube wire fraud?

Wouldn't it be great if he had nowhere to stay at Alien Con?  How uncomfortable would that be, curled up in a lobby somewhere, or sitting in the park watching out for ''night people'' - and their pit bulls.

Last month he wrote a check from a defunct account because he could not see. The check bounced and he was told he was cash only now.

That there is proof that he had been writing checks and the money orders were a scam to get money.

Poor George was asked not to feed cats by the manager of an establishment, was called a pain in the ass, and was ordered off the property.  Nsturally, George considers this animal cruelty.  He simply cannot understand another person's perspective.  The food residue can attract insects or vermin, or even more stray animals.  George even suggests it may be " a racial thing, " the manager obviously not a white man...that's not racist, the guy isn't white.  STFU.

He also said he would have to sneak out at night to feed the cats.

I have been saying for years that many of the cats are owned and the owners asked him to knock it off and some people do not want to encourage the cats to stay at there place and breed more cats.

But Sendaf ound his calling, he must feed the cats, if he does not they will starve to death. In his mind he is hero.

A shopping trip every day. This asshole had money all along.

Yes, he has money. His big complaint about Alien Con is that he has to spend some of his own money on it. He expects everyone else to cover it for him and the reward he offers? Hours of shitty train video.

He was recently offered $250 for a Pokemon toy off his shelf. He refused the money because he could not handle the idea of being separated from one of his creatures. He even said that he felt tears well up as he thought of it.

Yes a cheap ass filth Charizard plush is worth over $250 to him.

Thing I learned from George.

Alligators are an evil animal and serve no purpose other than eating humans, dogs and cats. We should have let them go extinct when we had the chance.

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