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Yes, it can.   But, the court doesn't do that just because some jackass hires an attorney. 

This is not one Senda needs to worry about...

 "In California, this means that when you apply for a private-sector job you no longer need to disclose the conviction."

Who the fuck grinds metal in their living room and allows the sparks to fly everywhere and land on their bed?  Allowing the red hot piece to fall onto the (likely) synthetic carpet is just the icing on the cake.

I have dealt with idiots, contractors and incompetents for years now- and this actually still left me dumbfounded.  :o

This video should be sent to the Welfare Housing Authority, the Fire Marshal, the Police,  his "social worker", the apartment office manager and Super. It's funny laughing at this fat idiot but not so much fun when he burns the building down and kills his neighbors....   

George: " Thanks for cutting off that piece of metal, you want to hang out for a while?"

Abrahm: "'ve got friends waiting for me outside"

Kid seems like a nice guy just trying to help a old fuck out and the old fuck still can't even get his name right.

I dreamed last night George was outside his apartment trying to pick up a box and somehow leaned against the safety railing that snapped off causing the obese man to fall to the ground below. Fire responded but failed to revive him. The coroner called for a truck with a forklift to transport his body to the morgue.

Its nice to have pleasant dreams  like that


Maybe George can give you some "insider" information that may help your grandmother.
"Knowledge is Power"

Its my mother and PS fuck off

If he's not careful, Falkie may find himself on the local caregiver ''Avoid Like The Plague'' list

It fries my ass that this fat flea face fuck has a caregiver. My 90 year old mother in SC could not get one via medicare because she is not "physically"  disable but this asshole with nothing wrong with him can get one via welfare.  I set her up with help and we do not mind paying at all but here is a woman that worked her whole life and cant get shit from the government but this waste of space can.  I am surprise this asshole can even convert oxygen into CO2. 

I agree on checking and/or possibly replacing the power outlet, I'm sure it's burned as well and could start a fire in the wall. Poor ventilation on the microwave plus dirt and lint are the likely culprits for the microwave failure. The power step-up transformer on most microwaves is located near the same spot the burn hole appeared.  The transformer steps up 120 volts to around 2000 volts for the magnetron and a poorly ventilated microwave in addition to dirt inside would be my logical guess as to why the spotless kitchen incurred a near disastrous microwave holocaust.

I think in order to get a closer look he should stick his head in and turn it on.

Random Topics / Re: Things Never to Say to Your Girlfriend!
« on: February 22, 2018, 10:15:01 AM »
"I'm so free!!"
"Your roommate, can I be fascinated!?"

If she asks you how many woman you have had sex with, never ask, "Do Blowjobs count?" 

Yes, he mentions dinner with his girlfriend like as the third thing to do. Cat to the vet was #1 then cat food, then dinner with his girlfriend. No idea why heís getting another credit card, or how.

I think they were all the same thing. Taking his girlfriend and cat to the Vet, they do  have the same doc,  and then all chowing down on the cat food , credit card is to pay the poor Vet.


The last thing I would want to see after some drunk smashed into my car is some fat fuck sticking a Ipad  in my face and making jokes. He is lucky he didn't get the shit kicked out of him,  what a dickwad !

I don't get it really, just use your iPhone or computer and get the Paranormal Radio Appl,   it has about 49 radio shows to pick FROM , bunch of old Art Bell stuff as well and George and Heather if you really want them but  I listen to KGRA, TRF, FM FRINGE, DTRN, LNM , ETC. ETC.  GIVE IT A SHOT.

PS Sorry had caps lock left on no shouting intended :-\

Heís been the regular host twice as long as Art Bell was. Itís astonishing he lasted this long. Even at the start when I found him to be tolerable, he was never good. Never someone I looked forward to hearing. Knapp is the only guy Iíve heard since that I look forward to listening to. Now itís just AB reruns and a few Bigfoot podcasts because I enjoy the freaky campfire story aspect. There hasnt been a host like Art since.

Itís always amazed me with the number of hosts and podcasts no one has captured that feel of 1990s Art Bell.

I don't get it really, just use your iPhone or computer and get the Paranormal Radio Appl,   it has about 49 radio shows to pick FROM , bunch of old Art Bell stuff as well and George and Heather if you really want them but  I listen to KGRA, TRF, FM FRINGE, DTRN, LNM , ETC. ETC.  GIVE IT A SHOT.

Isn't that what all the so called "Haters" of George have a problem with? He is trying to make some honest income by becoming a youtube superstar and you want to take that away by encouraging others to unsubscribe.



I second that emotion White Crow.  Even if they didn't enjoy it still, give the big Lug a thumbs up !

On the other hand how about a unsubscribe movement and big thumbs down.  Unsubscribe from his channel ! ( disclaimer , not even sure if that's a option not a Ytube guy) .  Why be a subscriber there are plenty of dick wads that post his crap on belgab anyway.   Only problem is the poor guy won't get monetized, what a shame he  will have to lie, cheat and steal more. 

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Art Bell
« on: January 21, 2018, 04:09:19 PM »
Sort of like all those predictions your mother made about you. After 20 years, you're still living in her basement.  Total failure to launch.

Your mother is a witch and your father is dead wish the stinger got you. 🃏

Well at least you two have that in common. And my tits are not small.

Pictures please   8)

Well he said he lost 52 pounds in 2017......

 52 pounds? For Senda that's like throwing a deck chair off the Titanic.

I am curious how it comes out. I heard laser surgery only lasts for about seven years or so. I know someone that might benefit from it but it is kind of a scary proposition.

My wife had it about 16 years ago all well still

You're correct..But if It were me, I'd demand GA. I'm squeamish about my eyes being touched.

This is recovery for everything he stated he had done, I am not a doctor but I play one on TV.

 "During a 20 minute stay in the recovery area, you will be instructed on the care of your eye and the use of eyedrops.  You will go home soon after and relax for the rest of the day. Everyone heals at different rates, but many patients report improvement in their vision almost immediately after the procedure. Most patients return to their normal activities within a day or so"

It appears they might have given him a general anesthetic.  I don't think that is typical for cataract surgery.

PS stigmatism surgery he also mentioned is laser surgery, no general anesthetic my wife had it and is about 300 pounds less then this  jerkoff , small maybe deemed frail, and she  was up and about in a few hours,  he is just a liar, crook , con man.

It appears they might have given him a general anesthetic.  I don't think that is typical for cataract surgery.

bullshit no way he is full of shit not given for this

Eye surgery...

Holy shit! No F en lie. I took my 90 year old mother for this same fuckin surgery last year. She declined the left eye because she said it was not  so bad, still wont get it done to this day  and 3 hours later after surgery she could not be kept out of the kitchen and cooked a macaroni dinner with meatballs and sausage. Hey Senda you permanent victim go fuck yourself you are the biggest pussy on the planet..............................   

He said he was on disability (a lie, when you turn 65 it becomes ordinary social security) and he was already feeding 12 cats yet the master can plunk down almost 12 bucks for 3 donuts? And how does a 'disabled' man with a bad knee managed to board a bus and run all over the city while being totally crippled at the same time?

He didn't work enough to qualify for SS he is on SSI - Welfare

as it turned out... he had no ulcers. the butt and gut check confirmed that fact. George said it... so it must be true. right?

Senda also has the never-ending sinus infection. For most humans they last a week and clear up. Not Georgie's his never clear up. Maybe the fat fuck is allergic to cats.

Oh dear. 

What about registration, title, plates, insurance? We heard zero on the cost associated with that work.  Now he is returning it and again no mention.  So the answer to this  question is  clear. Senda was using a unregistered, uninsured vehicle driven by a mentally incompetent  person.  The law doesn't apply to Georgie.


" I've sold used cars for over 30 years with rolled back odometers, shot engines and transmissions and always made bank."

Doesn't this mean that you are a scumbag? Asking for a friend.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert With Heather Wade
« on: December 03, 2017, 02:11:23 PM »
Wow, those audio clips are brutal. No wonder listeners, and guests, are dropping. Talk about a chip on your shoulder and bitterness.

Sounds like she is having a nervous breakdown, actually felt bad for her sounded like she was ready to cry. 

[I " But now both of us can go out and have fun and we can do videos together ".[/i]

Well as long as the fat fuck can now have FUN nothing else matters. I guess getting government housing, medical, food, spending money is not enough, we must now ensure he and his punching bag girlfriend also have fun. FFS!


Looks like meals on wheels have added a few more chins..

Interesting idea- when you are only talking about a small number of people... However, the "'illegals" do the housekeeping in hotels, pick the fruit and work in slaughter houses- all private entities... And you are talking about a very large number of people on government programs to put to work.

Either you now supply certain farms and hotel chains with free labour (and ask them to give up a hard working "illegal" and replace them with 3 "welfare workers,") or you have to set up entire government run industries to put these people to work.  Neither options appears to be consisting with a "capitalist system."

Many of those on welfare have 8 kids.  Do you now provide free daycare?  Do you use other "welfare workers" to take care of somebody's 8 kids while you have them spend a shift at the slaughter house?

How do you get these people from their house in the projects to the farms?  I suppose you could set up entire transit networks with buses driven and maintained by other "welfare workers".

Hell- this sounds like the best new massive beauracracy to come along in awhile.  Think of all of the new government workers needed to support this new system.  Perfect example of a good "conservative invented government program."

***To be clear- I think that the possibility of offering some incentives or even allow people to choose to work would be a good idea.  I'm sure that some people want to work and getting some experience could actually help them.  But imagine trying to force 300,000 "Senda's" to go to work every day?  How many doctors notes you are going to get- how many cars don't start each morning- how many of them claim their boss is abusing them- how many of them get caught "plunging" a toilet?

I think a better question is why have 8 kids when you can't support one.

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