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Politics / Re: Ebola
« on: June 09, 2019, 04:26:07 PM »
Large ebola outbreaks, like terrorism, now just called the "new normal?"

And as Dr Micheal Ryan said when asked why..

He said climate change, emerging diseases, exploitation of the rainforest, large and highly mobile populations, weak governments and conflict were making outbreaks more likely to occur and more likely to swell in size once they did.

But the first one doesn't exist according to the current asshole and circus in the WH. They even put a clamp on their own research scientists testifying to Congress from written statements. No doubt they want Jim Jordan to hold things up with questions that are completely irrelevant and intended to ridicule the ones giving the statements.

Politics / Re: Current Invasion News
« on: June 09, 2019, 04:19:00 PM »
I guess. Some people care about their country and families.

The guy on the left cares deeply about the latter and of course himself. Not so much about the former.

CCTV footage of Hacienda hovel's boiler room at the time of the boil lancing.

It must have been the size of a grapefruit, a Vesuvius of ass boils. I bet Senda got a gush full in the face when he touched it. Serves the fucker right!

If he did get a face full (and with Kathy's arse, that is a given) I'm sure he'd have had the foresight to wipe the contents from his bloated chin and cheeks with one half of a partially used square of TP.

I would wager it was rather substantial.  The size is not my hangup.  Mine is the Senda fingers performing what is well...a
surgical procedure in essence.    I can't imagine that the big fellah bothers much with the antiseptic approach to surgery.
Talk about eating ass!   She could have lost a whole cheek to sepsis.

As you well know, Senda the junior read medical books cover to cover and is an expert medical professional in every aspect of medicine (Both physical and mentally). I sense you doubt his total expertise in these fields.

My mind can't help wondering how long that diaper remained unchanged for it to produce a boil.

I wonder how big it was... Was there enough internal structure to prevent erm, leakage.

Gee whiz.  Just like old times in here thread.

In the old days we were just depraved, now we live the nightmare with 'going there' in real time.

Politics / Re: Random Political Thoughts
« on: June 09, 2019, 03:51:18 PM »
After years of lectures from Yorkie sand Shreddy, Iíve decided theyíre correct. We should return to the fold of the UK. Trump can be prime minister.

That really would fuck him up. Terminally. Unlike the Trump party (that used to be called Republicans), The Tories  (And to a lesser extent the Labour party too) traditionally have always been distant from their party leader who is also PM, insofar as they know they can and will eventually get rid of them. The only PM who in my memory had most MP's crawling up their arse (and even that was mainly the cabinet) was Thatcher.  And she was eventually thrown out by her own party.

Trump would take the same attitude as he does here and assume that he's adored by everyone, everywhere he goes, and has a tantrum when he sees anything not fitting his very needy requirements. He'd be facing an awful lot of hurt and have lots of tantrums in the UK Parliament. And he and his cabinet certainly wouldn't be getting a load of softball questions from the British press. I haven't yet heard for example of one US reporter ask Pence how he reconciles being such a blatant hypocrite.

Politics / Re: Random Political Thoughts
« on: June 09, 2019, 03:42:58 PM »
Well at least they might settle on one. The UK, it appears, might be approaching a Belgium style situation. Which, of course, would be in keeping with their desire to be European.

They should fire those people. Although I know the unions and civil service rules makes this hard. And sure it is understood that Obama initiated the policy due to whatever inclinations, upbringing, and relationships but it is a new administration and the directive was stated. The US Embassies, etc should fly the US flag not some other flag.

Oh come on.. where's your sense of adventure. Much easier to ask forgiveness than ask for permission. If the corrupt hangers on that still remain in the WH can't be fired after all their nefarious and ill gotten gains due because they're in the WH, I don't see how flying a flag along side the stars and stripes is sackable.

I agree.  It is not an issue to laugh at.   The good Lord intended Kathy to prance and drip about free like Eve in the Garden.
It is sad that evil puritanical societal norms curtail this.......................




No, I can't get that vision out of my already putrid mind.

Itís no laughing matter!

There is no current Mr. Ratty Patty & Kathy got a huge ass boil from wearing  the diaper that Falkie had to pop.

Are you absolutely sure about that?

Senda quote:  "They are addicted to cat food."

He hasn't worked out yet that addiction and survival are not mutually inclusive.

Well they are not so much Raccoons as Spawns of Satan that rob food from innocent kitties.

It was always thus.

Note the mail box that was installed there to facilitate the returns that Senda made of the toys that were delivered broken to him. This is the hovel where he resides...Mind your own business and STFU.

Starbucks is in on the plan.   ;)

The guy with the bike on the right is on the walkway above the creek.

Alas, I knew poor Whoozit well.   :'(

Is it me or did Ahab have an uncanny resemblance to both Abe Lincoln and Gregory Peck?

If I ever get to Martinez Iím going to dress up like Captain Ahab and chase George with a harpoon.

The Starbucks that Senda steals the wi-fi and helps himself to free water from, has a creek running alongside it, hell of a drop down to it though.

What? What?

I wonder what the end result would be if say for example the Prius caught fire at 60mph and hit something 45 seconds later with the two of them in it. Would the fire have consumed them enough to lessen the F = ma and therefore the likelihood of an earthquake or would the fat sustain the total mass for long enough to light up all of northern CA and the south of OR for the next two to three weeks and an earthquake still happen in the 4-5 region?

Random Topics / Re: CONFIRMED: Damon has brain damage
« on: June 09, 2019, 12:57:56 PM »
Waterboard towelheads.

That's what they want you to think. Marines as a rule tend to engage in mutual baths and showers, taking it in turns with 'drop the soap' and engaging in quite bizarre but ultimately sexually fulfilling pursuits.

Random Topics / Re: CONFIRMED: Damon has brain damage
« on: June 09, 2019, 12:45:21 PM »
His posts are a conversational carousel of anal sex.

As I said, he's an ex marine. What do you think they do in the marines?

I see three possible outcomes.

1. Senda, the soul of chivalry, wedges himself between his beloved Kathy's airbags and saves his worthless life at the expense of her worthless life, by using her as a semi-human shield.

2. The consistency of your average Senda is like wet cement. Given sufficient kinetic energy he could easily be squashed through the windscreen, turning him into a flabby frisbee of devastating power.

3. He gets stuck in the windscreen, the car starts to burn, and Senda's trotters start wheeling away violently to unsuccessfully avoid the conflagration. The resulting grease fire creating a nuclear winter across the whole of California.

Unless of course he brought his massive upper body strength into play?

This is actual simulation footage of what would happen if Senda and Kathy's Prius hit a kerb stone high enough to stop the car and fast enough to project an un buckled Senda through the air...

Yeah.   That "m" in Ike's 2nd law is a bitch.

Don't forget that an innocent could be hammered by a flying Senda.

Buckle up George!

This is northern California, I think the risks are to the tectonic underpinnings of the bay area if Senda hit the tarmac at any appreciable velocity.


617 Sqn RAF is famous for the raid on the the dams in Germany, but what is not so well known is that the squadron wasn't disbanded after that raid and continued to do high precision raids using different weapons. They mainly trained every day but their actual operational duties were far fewer than all other bomber crews. They used custom bomb sights and techniques that also included modifying the Lancaster bombers. The raid on the Tirpitz in a Norwegian fjord being one such event that involved stripping out the front gun turret, all excess weight and installing an extra fuel tank above the wing spar in the already cramped fuselage.

Here's another raid they performed to consolidate the D-Day landings.

With this.. The 12000lb Tallboy. It went supersonic when dropped, designed by Barnes Wallis.

The truth is, Senda is secured, and protected in his seat by protective blubber. There is no room, nor any need for an airbag, nor any need for a seatbelt.  Besides that, he would not be ejected because he wouldn't fit through the windshield.

Newton would disagree. He may not wholly go through the gap where the glass used to be, but parts of him would..As would parts of him be trapped under the dashboard and snap in various places as the bits of mass was still exiting the hole.

Random Topics / Re: CONFIRMED: Damon has brain damage
« on: June 09, 2019, 09:58:19 AM »
Paladin has dirt on me.

He has dirt on everyone, he's an ex marine after all. However because he's an ex marine he's also implicated.

His waist must be 70'' by now. He admitted to 64'' at one time but that was years ago and the fat swine has porked up alarmingly since then.

Ahh dear boy, how is the script coming along?


Well, we hear about school shootings all the time.  But I don't remember hearing about any airport shooting.  We protect our businessmen.  Maybe businessmen need to rally, "Businessmen Beat Bullets from Brats" and come up with  with a plan for stopping school slaughters. 

However, schools could do more to make sure bulletproof partitions can be remotely lowered to halve damages (students don't need to know it's bulletproof).  And to make sure multiple staff are on duty with it's remote activation.  Just an idea.  Same with lights.  Shooter's not gonna get too many endophins in the dark.  Large common areas could be designed to be darkened fast, wirelessly.  Or things as simple as bulletproofing doors, and giving every room a lock.  Evaluating whether it's really necessary to have a huge cafeteria, or if staggered lunches and end times could save lives.  These r just brainstorm ideas - someone w tactical exp could come up w much more.

It all comes down to money, the politics and motivation. Airports cannot afford to be closed down for very long. The major ones (and increasingly the not so major ones) employ more and more sophisticated security measures (most of which is invisible to the traveller and indeed most of the staff who work there) to prevent and/deal with a threat, all of which costs money, lots of it.

      No-one other than an idiot complains about the big picture even if they do about the tedium of all the checks and waiting because if you're on the plane taking you somewhere, you don't want to be sharing a metal tube six miles up with a hijacker. Call it selfishness, but that does play a part. Almost all commercial airports have armed police/guards who are intensely trained to identify, isolate and if necessary eliminate a threat-and they will, make no mistake. The last option though is the last resort because of the inherent risks of catching bystanders.

When it comes to schools it's a different kettle of fish. They're strapped for cash for teaching the kids, where are they going to find the money to implement the measures that you outline? And if they could, have you factored in the other costs of possibly having to rebuild certain/many sections of the internal structure to accommodate such as
bulletproof partitions can be remotely lowered to halve damages
. Such things aren't cheap and how and where would you put them?

The politics play too because in certain states it's still legal for an abusive spouse to carry a firearm (Because of his 'rights') so how do you intend to prevent someone who is 'law abiding' going rogue and entering school grounds with a concealed firearm? They might even be on friendly terms with the staff, or anyone who is employed to guard the school. Psychopaths are frequently intelligent and know how to manipulate and use others for their own gains using a smile, a joke, even a gesture of kindness. But by the time they get to where they're going and have a target friendly environment it's too late and they're the fox in the hen house.

One answer is attitude. If and when the tipping point is reached and enough people say 'enough' then and only then will anything be done. Until that time, the only empty gesture that is offered, is thoughts and prayers. I get the feeling though that wouldn't be enough for a parent who gets told by the local police their own child isn't coming home from school alive. Studies have shown that kids who have had to endure a shooting are traumatised long after the event, recently an ex student of Columbine took his own life, he was in his thirties. In the USA, kids from an age far too young to understand are trained to go through the procedure of a 'lock down' just in case. What sort of anxiety must that be for them, or do they get inured to it ?I cannot imagine it if I'd done the same at that age.
 Is it any wonder that some kids grow up nervous wrecks with anxiety issues and mental illnesses before they're twenty? 

Archive of Old Threads / Re: TheErinnF YouTube Star
« on: June 08, 2019, 11:23:31 PM »
I dislike the term "shoutout" extremely, both as an innovation and as a fraud:  they are rarely shouted, and the whole effect seems me a feeble effort to lend a hail-fellow-well-met air to what are usually relatively demure (and in this case downright ambiguous) greetings.

^^^ What you said.

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