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Remember when she stripped for Dave on his birthday? ;D
What is his birthday?

Random Topics / Re: Jack The Cat Ripper
« on: Yesterday at 08:50:53 PM »
Lovely.  :o
Something similar happened on the west coast recently.  The details are too traumatizing to post but I could PM about it.  Horrifying.

Did he manage to fit portals in there somewhere?   ;D   Thanks, PremRat, for the gift that keeps on sucking.

Jorch, surrounded by dozens of worshiping cat ladies.

I Do.
We're in!  Wish Dixie could see us now!  Who else?  Abstaining is a good change for the health.

Politics / Re: TYT (The Young Turks)
« on: Yesterday at 03:58:50 PM »

Jojo, grow up! When it comes to mating behavior we basically are monkeys, for the most part. ;)
At least you stuck to your story.

Politics / Re: Latest French Attacks: updates (in English)
« on: Yesterday at 03:56:39 PM »
Only the ones who misbehave and threaten us. There are over 50 countries who are considered “Muslim”. The Gulf War was started by Saddam Hussein when he invaded our Muslim friend, Kuwait. Fortunately we had a real president at the time who quickly squashed it. Unlike our Demokkkkrat counterparts who’s idea of foreign policy is burying their heads in the sand.
I see.

Politics / Re: Latest French Attacks: updates (in English)
« on: Yesterday at 03:33:12 PM »
...Like kiddie porn, its one of the curses of the internet.

Politics / Re: Latest French Attacks: updates (in English)
« on: Yesterday at 03:21:56 PM »
This is not going to get you a Muslim Boyfriend Jojo. Try the black side of town.
I'm not available!  And Muslim men and I don't agree on much of anything.  What did you do for a living?

Politics / Re: Latest French Attacks: updates (in English)
« on: Yesterday at 03:20:11 PM »

Sure but it wasn't the American people doing it. Even if W really won people weren't voting for the Plan For A New American Century because it wasn't part of his platform. He simply arranged to do it without our permission once he got in power. I'm OK if the jihadis want to go after the Bush family because he really is a war criminal but they better stop attacking innocent people or they'll bring on the next crusades. That last one didn't go too well for them.  :-\
I see, although persuading Arabs to see it that way would be difficult.  They probably hold us accountable for what our electeds do.  I had been, but if it's beyond our control then not much we can do?

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Midnight In The Desert With Heather Wade
« on: Yesterday at 11:02:09 AM »
Chinese air hostesses are the hottest!  In that pent-up, sexually repressed way :P
Why does everything always circle back to bikini girls.  Ones who have scars are not hired, so you're out of a job if you were abused or had surgery.

Politics / Re: TYT (The Young Turks)
« on: Yesterday at 04:53:10 AM »
Ok, this is probably going to fall on deaf ears but here goes anyway. First, you won't get any argument from me about the Cenk Vs. Harris thing. Intellectually, Cenk couldn't and can't hold his own against Sam, even on his best day. No contest. However, equating someone's race with lower animals such as baboons isn't cool. In fact, it's an attempt to dehumanize them and that's the real baboon behavior. Let's stop flinging poo at each other and try to use these highly evolved brains of ours for something more useful.
Equating someone's race with lower animals such as baboons isn't cool, but aspiring to match monkey mating behavior is... okeeee.

Politics / Re: TYT (The Young Turks)
« on: Yesterday at 04:50:42 AM »
Hey, the only reason I decided to post a reply here is because I actually agree with a lot of what is being said about the show here. I just think it really weakens your arguments when you wind it up by descending into "subtle" racist name calling. Someone might actually be convinced of some of your logic but then by the time they get to the end of the thread they realize that it's just another racist spouting off...but it's just a coincidence that the man you're calling a baboon has brown skin, right?
Says the monkey.

Yeah, it's in the genes. Male monkeys after they're done will groom and cuddle with each other, not the females.
Aspire.  Monkeys.

Politics / Re: Latest French Attacks: updates (in English)
« on: Yesterday at 04:29:15 AM »
The words "values" and "ideals" are synonymous. I sometimes prefer ideals to values because values took a big hit for me during the family values era of Reagan, Bush, et al ;)
Ideals are valued!  Ideals aim very high.  Everyone knows ideals don't always pan out.  But values, like the types of values a family has (togetherness, nutrition, activity...) are their baseline.  I think values should be a different topic than valuables.

Politics / Re: Latest French Attacks: updates (in English)
« on: Yesterday at 04:25:18 AM »

Not exactly sure what you're asking.
Well, since the Gulf War, we pretty much ripped up Muslim countries...?

Politics / Re: Latest French Attacks: updates (in English)
« on: Yesterday at 04:17:25 AM »
I really hesitate in putting this idea out there but I'm sure the thought has already occurred to many. Do you think if there were a vigilante group going around doing the same thing to Muslim neighborhoods that this would have any effect at slowing the jihadis down and getting them to rethink their holy war or would we just become the monsters we're trying to defeat?
Isn't that exactly what we've been doing since 1991?

Random Topics / Re:
« on: Yesterday at 04:06:00 AM »
Disappointed: I signed up for transgabdate, posted my profile along with photos, filled out the 150 point personality profile, and haven’t found true love. I’m going to®️ instead.
That is an idea. Has a special ring, doesn't it.

Random Topics / Re:
« on: Yesterday at 03:58:29 AM »
Manual insemination of cats is not a love life Jojo.


Dr. Rich here and I agree on 90% of the things he says.
 Yewl hafta understand.

How To Use BellGab / Re: Some Changes to BellGab
« on: Yesterday at 03:28:32 AM »
It is the way of the Ancient Ones.  ;D
Ancient Sapiens.

How To Use BellGab / Re: Some Changes to BellGab
« on: Yesterday at 03:26:32 AM »
So are guest posts eligible for 'Top Right Corner' considertation?
Corner Considirt!  Lower Left Corner!

Learned about adaptogens:. Basil, rosemary, mushrooms...

Added oat bran to mashed potatoes.
Realized fat doesn't hold muscle tension or experience muscle pain.  Hmmm...  really?
Remembered to drink water, barely.
Ate "just one" small piece.
Got fresh air.
Rinsed and drained the family's buttered vegetables before eating mine.
Didn't experience any food addictions today.  Although I ate a Mexican sugar cane cube.
Took the vitamin.

I started bran supplementation about 6 months ago.  At first I didn't like the omega taste (kind of fishy or rancid tasting).  But, 6 months later, I find the food actually sweet.  A nice payoff.

Random Topics / Re:
« on: Yesterday at 02:12:10 AM »
No no Richie. You're projecting again. I'm a psychopath. It's why I was able to crush people on my way from the bottom to the top. You wallow here; your only thing. :)

I've been "blooded." You haven't.
I think psychopaths have to be really smart.

Random Topics / Re:
« on: Yesterday at 02:11:04 AM »
If women can't secure a man by 25, they're fucked for life. They think it's a thing of the past, because they are brainwashed with the Communist bullshit, but it's sad to see these oceans of heart-broken women. Thank God we did it right. I wish you luck JoJo.

I am not on the market.  I'm making markets.

Random Topics / Re:
« on: Yesterday at 02:10:09 AM »
Is everything you say a lie? Don't answer. It's rhetorical.  ;)
She's in the sealed over basement...

Random Topics / Re: Would You Date George Noory?
« on: Yesterday at 01:19:40 AM »
If he played his cards right, sure.
Would he have to play his cards with your wife too?

Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: Yesterday at 01:15:06 AM »
Arthur Dietrich, 12th Precinct.

Oh!  And who was the black guy?

Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: Yesterday at 01:11:25 AM »
I got super drunk one night, and fucked I doubt that.  Alcohol is a depressant.  You probably faked it. girl like you one time She is not like me.As soon as I came she jumped up She can't jump up as soon as you come because your posture blocks her and said: "If I get pregnant I'm keeping it." That is definately not true.  Your spawn?  Ha.I didn't know if I should punch her in the abdomen or not.Punching a seed is a waste of time; embryos are probably what you're thinking. The abdomen is a ways from the uterus though. You obviously wanted to impregnate her, since you did your best at it, so what exactly is the issue here?

Where do you find this stuff.  It doesn't even pass a quick glance for common sense.

Random Topics / Re: PG
« on: December 15, 2017, 11:10:36 PM »
Remember when you date that mono (EBV) (glandular fever) is passed through saliva.  If one of you has had it, you could pass it to your date. The virus can have lifelong ramifications for some people, affecting the liver, spleen, salivary glands, eyelid glands, and other things.  Also a good reminder to make sure your tableware and mugs are clean!  And to keep your hands well washed, or away from your face...  pretty common sense which is easy to forget under pressure!

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