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You're complaining about it?
Indifference is what you might be thinking of.  I'm not indifferent.  So, it takes a lot of listening to be an effective basement dwelling rat eater!

On Friday the Coast site said George would be on Sunday.  They lied!  Again!

Technology / Re: Jews on Luna!
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Random Topics / Re: Storm Area 51 Day
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Haha, wanna bet?
Don't make them call China for back-up.
Stay safe!  Sit in the back jack.  Bleach or dye your hair first.  Colored contacts?  The military failed its audit, so they have a lot of money. Seems like the forces basically have unlimited resources to devote to tracking people down.  Enlisteds all over America the Beautiful are ready to re-deploy to any area at any time, short term or long term, with little notice, leaving their families behind or taking them.  And, they can be changed out with no limit.  Stay away from smart dust, whatever that is - could it be that once its on you, or your phone, they'll know everything about you for years?  And we thought "cookies" were bad.  Might want to wear disposable boots.

Politics / Re: Pizzagate
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Ew.  Where'd that one come from.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: The BartCast
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You know what the fourth estate generally refers to, right ?

Please don't confuse this with 'The Fifth Column'       :o

There's better news here than on any MSM site.
I learn a lot here.

Thanks... I know that I can find him- but I never (never) went looking for his suckage. I used to run across him when I left the radio on after the "old radio shows" or the likes. I would listen for awhile, and remember just how bad he was.

It is kind of nice to not even accidentally hear his mispronunciations or asinine questions. The only thing that I miss is stumbling across Knapp. I generally don't even remember to look for him anymore...
Mispronunciations are half the fun!  You missed Mr. Dildo (Dillow) and Zechariah Sexton (Sitchin) about a month ago.  I think he dumbs down questions to "help" slower folks in the listening audience, just a hunch.

Random Topics / Re: Random stupid things on your mind. Post them.
« on: Yesterday at 06:05:35 AM »
300 guests at 7AM EST after Saturday night.  Why so shy?  Everyone knows a lot of people use both forums - no sense trying to hide.

Paranormal - Conspiracy - UFOs - Etc. / Re: Godwin's Thread
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I honestly don't understand why people bother with this crap. But that OK Hitler collage is hilarious.
Never seen that so-called Christian one before.

Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
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Abrupt loud ads during Delta sleep You Tubes.

Random Topics / Re: Bizarre Cases of the missing and murdered
« on: Yesterday at 03:50:11 AM »
Is it just me who finds it odd that a husband knows his wife left with two men... But does not know their names, or who they are? Was his wife in the habit of leaving him home while she went out with "biker-type" men?
It's you.  He hired them!

Random Topics / Re: Storm Area 51 Day
« on: Yesterday at 03:06:55 AM »
The drones would be shot to pieces.  I doubt that those people would be able to get close enough to get out of their vehicles to start running in the first place.
Well I suppose so.  I just hope no one gets hurt.  It's pretty stupid to go up against a military.

How To Use BellGab / Re: Change of Display Name
« on: Yesterday at 02:58:10 AM »
Okay, how about "febyouwary"?

Politics / Re: Universal Basic Income (UBI)
« on: Yesterday at 02:56:17 AM »
Will UBI pay for housing?  'Cuz all the homelessness solutions in the world don't make a real difference if housing remains unaffordable.

Random Topics / Re: Storm Area 51 Day
« on: Yesterday at 02:35:53 AM »
No offense to you, Zenman, but this is a really wrong idea.  They could get hurt.  And there could be good reasons for no trespassing.  A flyover of drones would be less hazardous, although I'm not advocating any trespassing.  As for drones, I saw on one No Trespassing sign in a video that photography is prohibited.  Live drone viewing would be trespassing, but it might not count as photography at least.

With him no longer on the air in my city, I have to check in here ever so often to be sure that is still the case...  ;)

And so on.  Just type "Coast to Coast AM live now" and a whole world opens up.

Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: July 13, 2019, 05:09:09 PM »
When someone gets home two hours early and you see them coming and whip everything back into the shape they demand, including yourself, before they open the door.  And they say, "I'm going to bed," as they disappear, along with their to-go container. 

Random Topics / Re: Bizarre Cases of the missing and murdered
« on: July 13, 2019, 05:03:15 PM »

At the age of thirteen, Cory Roberts brutally beat and raped a 3-year-old girl. While in juvenile facility, he raped two of his cellmates. He was paroled in 2001, and went on to molest an underage boy weeks later. Roberts was re-arrested and sentenced to life, but was once again paroled in 2014.

For 11 years, Cory E. Roberts was housed at the state’s center for sexually violent predators and for 11 years he stalled efforts to have him committed there.

Last month he won the argument and on Monday was released into Tacoma after two experts decided he did not meet the criteria for being committed at the Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island.

“What stunned me about this particular defendant’s release was not only his horrific history, but his unwillingness to pursue treatment while at McNeil Island,” Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said.

The 37-year-old’s convictions include sexually and physically assaulting a 3-year-old girl in 1990 when he was 13 and living in Benton County. Roberts had responded to a babysitting ad and was supposed to be caring for the toddler.
The child suffered permanent brain damage and paralysis as well as blindness in one eye and loss of sight in the other, her mother, Kelly McGinnis, told KIRO-TV.

“He’s a monster,” McGinnis said.

Her daughter regularly asks if Roberts is in jail, said McGinnis, who told KIRO she’ll keep telling her he is. The brain injury from the attack left her daughter with the mental ability of a 10-year-old, and learning about the release would be too much for her, McGinnis said.
I can't believe they put victims' names in this stuff.  Not very protective, since he's out again.  If I was her parent, I would move and change names.  Small price to pay for security.  Even if the brain damaged girl had a complete adult brain, the knowledge of the violent offender being released would still be quite a bit to take in.  Is his mom in denial?

And, it's not the mom's fault her daughter was mutilated and damaged.  But, who the hell orders a pubescent male baby sitter from a classified ad?  In 1990?  No one.  Did she even check references?  And now, now, she is bandying about her name and presumed location, at a time when her daughter most needs protection.  Shame on her.

How did the offender get his first parole after raping two cellmates, two minors?

And how did he get another parole after immediately raping a minor the minute he got out on his last parole?

He should be castrated.  So many people say pedos can't be rehabilitated.  Then why not just castrate violent repeat child rapists.  I'm kind of sick and tired of hearing "no cruel and unusual punishment".  When a crime is black and white, cut and dry, perfectly clear, especially when the plea is guilty...and when the crime was heinous, I don't see anything wrong with giving the perp a taste of their own medicine.  I guess that would put am ideological dent in the oh-so-blessed plea bargain system, as well as deferred adjudications.  Well, then don't apply to those ones, only ones that are cut and dry, guilty as sin.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: The BartCast
« on: July 13, 2019, 03:57:30 PM »
Holy Balls On Crutches Batman !
That makes it sound like "Agenda 21'   or something like The Last Wave  .  ;)

"BellGab: The 4th Estate."    has a nice ring to it.   heh, heh, heh.   ;)
I was thinking it ranked higher than third and now I'm hearing 4th?!

Radio and Podcasts / Re: The BartCast
« on: July 13, 2019, 03:52:46 PM »
i don't get it. give me a couple days and i still won't get it.
also i don't get jazz...

No one gets jazz.  Jazz gets them.  It plays itself, like layers of life and times.  If you listen, there is jazz all around you all the time.  Once you hear it, maybe the instrumentation will click more.

Jazz is the movement of life, and its juxtapositions.  It's a harness for your energy when you are wild.  It is other people moving on, when you are tired.  It can race like the hip hop sounds on Seattle's KUBE 93.3, which speed up night shifts or it can barely pulse like The Sky Is Crying, about a man who can't find his lover.  Jazz can be sirening saxophones like Dixieland Jazz (New Orleans).  It can be electric guitars.  It can be Tub Thumper.  But remember it can also be a super long organ chord vibrato, or a tired snare drum.

It's the ice tinkling in the glass, the sizzle in the pan.  The rain on the roof, hitting the ash can.  The plates clapping each other, the high tones of birds.  The low tones of conversations, rivers of words.  Utensils scraping plates and everyday Grandpa sounds.  The clang of plumbing, the panting of hounds.  Keyboard clicks, oscillation of fans, florescent light, slapping of hands.  Heels on hard floors, the whoosh of breath intakes.  The release of laughter, the sizzle a cigarette makes.  Dog tails thumping on the floor, the suction of lips on food.  The cats in the alley, the guy working under the car hood.

The din of dining tables, the sizzle of neon.  A man's appreciation until a departing woman is gone.  Soft steps on carpet, songs in hearts.  Dreams and desires, fits and starts.  Setbacks, triumphs, anticipation, fun.  Still satisfaction under a setting sun.

Jazz and blues had a special relationship with modern rock and roll.  They interface with many music genres.  But even as its own category, jazz has many genres.  One writer uses nearly the whole alphabet to categorize jazz:
    Big Band
    Blue Note
    Hard Bop
    Latin Jazz
    Mainstream Jazz
    Smooth Jazz
    Traditional Jazz

There is a children's activity where jazz can be made with no instruments.  I don't remember how it goes, but we did it in elementary school and it was a lot of fun.  Like when you all sit in a circle and click your fingers until the room sounds like a rain storm.  I hope jazz "gets you" soon, because putting rhythm and music to the everyday aspects of life is a good way to stay inspired, and survive.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: The BartCast
« on: July 13, 2019, 02:42:41 PM »

Politics / Re: Pizzagate
« on: July 13, 2019, 03:38:07 AM »

A humble pizza merchant with shitloads of creepy sex and children pictures plastered all over his Instagram was the 49th most powerful person in Washington D.C.

A glance over most of these photos just shows a healthy seeming relationship with his two little children.  Granted, the father is a little yucky to include family photos in with drinking photos, etc...  but I don't see signs of abuse at all.

Full impatient dentist mode, "Come on.  Spit it out.  Spit it out."  Gees, George, stop that.

And he promised a caller he would hug her, but not like Biden.  Her, "Uh-huh" yeah right  tone, said it all.

Politics / Re: Who's Walking Who?
« on: July 13, 2019, 02:33:58 AM »
That's really just your opinion.
So you concede I have free will.

Random Topics / Re: Things You Miss About Ellgab
« on: July 13, 2019, 02:29:37 AM »
I'm khan fused, is that place still a thing?

Just had its first anniversary party, which I missed.  :'(

Random Topics / Re: Random stupid things on your mind. Post them.
« on: July 13, 2019, 02:28:18 AM »
Once upon a thyme, there were two countries that were very similar, yet at the same thyme polar opposites of one another. 

You see, one country, before making momentous decisions felt it was best to first discuss and debate the idea while drunk, then later discuss and debate the idea while sober.  If the decision seemed sound both drunk and sober then they would do the thing. 

The other country felt it was best to first discuss and debate the idea while sober, then later discuss and debate the idea while drunk.  If the decision reached was the same at both levels of sobriety then it was carried out.

It came to pass that the two countries eventually met one another, it is lost to antiquity weather or nautical this meeting was on land or water.  The funny think is that they eventually went to war over the order in which they made sober and inebriated decisions.

I am too drunk right now to remember who one.  I leave open to speculation whether it willhaven be tomorrow or yesterday when I am to sober to care who lost...

ediotL:  when I remember the song that was appropriate, I will post it in the apropos palace.
I vote for impaired first, sober last.  Ends on a sane note.

Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: July 13, 2019, 02:26:10 AM »
...Sounds preverted.

Hehe, I said "slip-stick..:"

I find it annoying that I do not remember, perhaps I should use my knowledge of mathematics and play with this "slip-stick?"
Well, the longer you are in contact with it before moving, the more the friction will be, lol.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Best C2C year?
« on: July 13, 2019, 02:15:24 AM »
Is it true you never listened to the Art Bell years of C2C? It's like somebody who only watches the cousin Oliver episodes of the Brady Bunch
I just didn't know about the program.  I was always an NPR girl.  Kind of surprising not to know about it, especially since I went to church with a lady who claimed to be an abductee.  But she never mentioned it.  In 2009, I started listening to a small radio program concerning targeted individuals.  Someone there mentioned Coast.  I tried it out, and cried when I heard "Sleepy Jean" bumper music.  Hadn't heard that in years.  Nonetheless, I didn't make the time to start listening regularly until late in 2012 in my mid-forties.  Would you believe I guessed George (in 2012) was about 30 years old?  Based on his voice.

I got very confused when the Coast website said old Bell shows were playing, because I didn't know what the venue was - I guess Insiders, but I never figured it out.  I think I found some old ones on You Tube.

Bellgab has been just as much fun as Coast, though  :).

I just saw this at and had to leak the news.  The producer last night had insomnia and heard Norry's landmark show on single parenting.  Today, in a rush meeting, based on that show, the producer proposed to hire Norry to fill an unfilled chair on "The View."

After the meeting, the producer in a candid interview remarked that Norry fills the male role that they were looking to hire for to give " "The View"  a more balanced view.   He has that girly girl male approach we have been unable to fill through traditional channels. 

Norry is slated to begin Monday at his new venue.  Tonight will be his last show and the first for Coast, it will be televised on YouTube.  It will focus on his favorite pasttime, playing with Barbies.  He will discuss and undress his favorite "Alien Barbie."

In utter happiness, Norry broke down in tears as he spoke fondly of his prior transgender other, who he secretly lusts for but is restrained from seeing.

The Coast baton will pass without interruption to Richard Syrett.

Norry can be seen Monday on "The View"  He is the one with the trout-pout lips and moustache.
The Old KOMO Radio Interview trout pout snapshot is nowhere to be found, but here is a new drawing I came across.

Random Topics / Re: Bizarre Cases of the missing and murdered
« on: July 12, 2019, 05:31:44 PM »

One night in 1979 Barre Kallan Monigold went outside to turn his car light off and never returned."Monigold was last seen at a friend's apartment complex in the 3900 block of Old Bullard Road in Tyler, Texas on June 17, 1979. He had been on a date that night and he and his date had gone to his friend's second-floor apartment and fallen asleep on the floor.

Between 1:00 and 1:30 a.m., Monigold's friend woke him up to tell him that the dome light in his car, a blue 1978 Monte Carlo, was on. Monigold went outside to turn the light off and never returned. While he was gone, his friend was in the kitchen, which overlooked the parking lot; the car was thirty to forty feet away.

Monigold's friend didn't hear any unusual noises. After about five minutes he went outside and called for Monigold, but Monigold was gone. The Monte Carlo's driver's side door was found unlocked and there were no indications of a struggle.

Monigold left all his clothing and personal belongings behind, and he also left money in his bank account. He worked as a car salesman at King Chevrolet at the time of his disappearance. He had studied karate and could have defended himself if attacked.

After his disappearance there were persistent rumors that he had been murdered, and another story that he had fled to Jamaica after a tipster offered up Monigold's phone number there, but little evidence is available in his case.Some individuals claimed to have witnessed Barre being forced into another vehicle although these claims were never proven. A big theory was that Barre was killed by a jealous ex-boyfriend. The girl he was dating had just ended a relationship that was described as volatile. A different man later confessed to the murder although it turned out to be false. It remains unsolved.

On the day of September 1st, 1973 15 year old Terry Sutter spent the day mowing the lawns. His mother had forgotten to pick him up, so he had walked home. He had wanted to spend that night at the movies and bowling alley with his friends. So his mother brought him to town, and dropped him off in Frankfort, Michigan. He was to stay with his Grandmother and his curfew was at 11 pm.

His parent's were shocked to hear that Terry didn't stay the night let alone arrive at his grandmothers house. He wasn't a difficult type of kid. He was the type who understood curfews and never broke them. This worried his family and they went out to search for him. The police did not take the family seriously as they believed he was hiding out so he didn't have to go to school.

That afternoon though Terry's body was found on the beach of Lake Michigan by a tourist. It was initially believed he had maybe died from a fall from a cliff and into Lake Michigan. It was found that his lungs were not filled with water, but instead with sand. Pointing towards being murdered. It's possible that his face was held down in sand and he suffocated to death. His neck and head were covered in bruises and his eyes were filled with sand.

Somebody then began to vandalize the poor 15 year olds grave. His head stone would get vandalized, flower pots put there for flowers were broken and even the bush planted there by an older sister was ripped out. Eventually it was decided Terry would lie in an unmarked grave as they removed the head stone.
You'd think they'd install a hidden camera or night watch, and identify the vandal so they could process the vandal as a suspect.

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