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DOG FOR SALE: Dead. Covered in stab wounds. No paws. Wouldn't shut the fuck up.
Azzerae, did you post this?  Where did you get the original image?  When I do a reverse image search, nothing comes up.  Was this a first-hand photo that you created?  Would you please change your avatar?  If it is what you posted, then it's reprehensibly obscene.  When people were growing up in the 90s and 2000s, there was a government advertising trend based on severely graphic images, trying to get young people to stop smoking or doing drugs.  But, it seems to have created a backfire at times.

You ever work on a farm? Or just watch the documentaries? I'm not going to say that all cattle / pigs are treated great- but a good amount are not too bad off for the majority of their lives. Chickens (and feedlots) on the other hand...
Good to know some are treated humanely.  I think sustainable village mentalities happen to be a lot more human than practices of Big Agra.  Too bad about chickens and feedlots.  It angers me they kill the baby boys.  I doubt there is anything worse about rooster meat than jerky.  Surely I could eat tough meat once a week in order to let infant boy chicks live a while.   There are ways to soften meat - or puree it.  Maybe rooster meat could be pureed into baby food.  Or any number of other ideas.  Anything can be processed and re-formed/it's done all the time for bologna, etc...

Thank you for your post about a little good news.

Politics / Re: Azzerae Tortures and Kills Pets
« on: Today at 03:09:13 PM »
The closest I've come to torturing an animal is swatting a fly.

Jackstar gets it.
That's great to hear!  Evidently you two find humor in the weirdest tone.


* TOPICAL.jpg (66.08 kB)

This is in the third person, right?  Speaking on behalf, right?

Technology / Re: Windows 10
« on: Today at 04:11:07 AM »
She should be grateful that they don't speed up and try to run her down.  But being grateful for assistance is not on her menu.
Very funny.

Technology / Re: Windows 10
« on: Today at 04:01:37 AM »
Have you tried OpenOffice Portable? Put it on a thumb drive so you can use it on other computers.
To block/disable cookies(They're still on you're computer, but to the websites you visit you're a blank slate) I use a Firefox extension called QuickJava. You can toggle cookies, Javascript, flash, GIF animations,  images on and off with one click rather than digging through menus. Unfortunately it only works on FF version 57 or less
I'll try that because lately Libre just isn't happening, not sure what happened, probably a user error in installing it.  Thanks for the tips, especially QuickJava. 

Radio and Podcasts / Re: Connie Willis
« on: Today at 02:58:50 AM »
Poor Connie, she has basically had to monologue for 3 hours.

Random Topics / Re: BREAKING: DigitalPigSnuggler Fesses Up?
« on: Today at 02:09:57 AM »
I thought you were Moica.
Did I use Monica?  I think I remember that.

Paranormal - Conspiracy - UFOs - Etc. / Re: UFOs
« on: Today at 01:48:29 AM »
This has been driving me insane for years...

Often, when I go outside at night for a trip to flavour country, I'll look up to the stars. Every once in a while, I'll see a very bright, seemingly low-flying, non-blinking white light lazily cruising across the sky. Usually west to east. I've heard every "rational" explanation for what it could be from ball lightning to the ISS. I don't buy any of it.

Have any of you ever seen this action?
What are your theories if you have?

It drives me mental.
If the altitude actually is low, it's probably law enforcement checking for illegal pot fields or doing routine fly overs.  Especially if it's always at the same time and even visible on days when real stars can't be seen due to haze or clouds.

If you are near the foot hills or if a hill blocks your horizon, then the altitude could be higher than it seems, in which case it must be a satellite.

Why don't you invest in a telescope, since you have the advantage of knowing the thing will re-appear?  And, try to view the thing from other locations and compare notes.  Also, pay attention during the new moon and full moons in order to view the thing in different light.

If you can drive nearer to its starting point, you might find an airfield.

I suppose you mean it's really moving.  Because I'm sure you understand that the whole sky kind of rotates a few degrees every few minutes.

I got a reprimand from someone when I used the "s word" when in SoCal a week ago  watching a ball game on tv and some kids were there. I said "s word I didn't say anything?" Apparently "stupid" is something you aren't supposed to say. Bizarre. It was a "stupid" play that broke up a DP and wasn't directed at a kid but to folks making $$$ and on tv. Crazy world there. (I also got some looks for things like chicks, those people, and other comments but never "bad words" and those only with adults- with very sensitive ears.) Those people are crazy.  Still some good people. Gated communities, private schools, lots of money- but dare use a term like "retarded" or talk about the open border and get shut down and shunned, sorta, cause I can play it like Crocodile Dundee or "Typical Texas" to their friends to laughs. But it is nutso. Though if you got money I have to say nice, without traffic, to be able to get to mountains and ocean in less than an hour and you can buy booze anywhere on the way to. Strange though- no school buses! So traffic is NUTS even worse at certain times. How does this save environment? All kids need to be delivered by parents, nanny, or driver to school during, basically rush hour. Luckily many in that area don't have 'real jobs' or rush hour but still so weird. No buses? Strange shit. People buy their nanny a car to do so? What do poor people do? Socialist paradise?
Sounds uptight.  Some people just have no stomach for conflict of even the tiniest sort.  Get to know them, though, and usually you'll find a lot of dysfunction or passive-aggressiveness exists.  Some families use "nicey-nice" as a barrier to hide behind, families that are dysfunctional and lack intimacy skills.  Usually affects families where the adults were raised by alcoholics or are still alcoholics/addicts. 

It's really nice to practise being utterly pleasant often, though.  It helps reduce stress in others.  Being pleasant, charming.  But, of course not during real fun and relaxation or during stupid game plays.  People should be able to let their hair down, especially around games.

I've lived by private schools were each child is transported by a car.  Pretty "stupid"!  One time, that kind of traffic was so overwhelming that I just pulled over and waited for the rush to end.  I parked on the easement.  When everyone was finally gone, I got back on the road.  Wouldn't you know the school zone speed camera determined that shortly after I pulled out, I exceeded 20mph, and I was fined.  Even though no children were around & everyone was gone!  Nasty outcome.  That was my first experience was a school zone sign that did not say "when children present".  I had never heard of that before, & hadn't noticed that part of the verbiage.  I think the fine was reduced after I wrote for mitigation, but still... bitter!

An excessive number of Bellgabbers participants might skew the results.
I'd be curious to know...

The economics here seem suspect. Leaving aside whatever data-mining or surveillance involved in this "project' that is a lot of time for a potential $5 gift card. Almost any job will pay better. And also one wonders what the "gift card" is- maybe a part of the actual study? Maybe learn what people that will buy after so much time doing tests for a cheap gift card? Call me cynical or jaded but I still don't like the idea or using students, or in this case whoever, as guinea pigs for some PhD candidate or government/corporate "study," at least at such cheap rates. At least PAY the rabbits even if you aren't allowed to tell them the real reason for the "study." 

We already have BG, afterall. A very comprehensive study of mentals.  ;)
The study is not government/corporate or any PhD candidate.  "Mindspring Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code dedicated to providing efficient access to education in remote and economically disadvantaged regions around the world to strengthen international understanding and foster innovative approaches to engage ..."

Well, the cards go through a typical online vendor who offers cards from about 100 companies.  You can choose the one you want.  Redeeming the cards a totally optional, and is a separate activity, & while you are in that card vendor website, you can order and pay for 10 more gift cards if you want to get your holiday shopping done in June!  It's a totally different service.

I agree some posters here might enjoy this positive opportunity, doing something worthwhile to help a non-profit, and learning optional tips on managing some aspects of mental health.

In addition to a few $5 gifts cards, participants receive a couple optional educational articles per week, about mental health and ways to stay healthy.  I was impressed- had not heard of some of the information before.

Besides, I entered a forum to talk about Munchaussens by Proxy Disease and this study was recommended by one of the posters.  Gives me something to talk about over there, since no one has had much to say yet there about Munchaaussens by Proxy Disease.

Albrecht, as you can imagine, I for one know that minimum wage pays more than "market research" type volunteering.  If I could get a minimum wage job for which my skills and abilities are suitable, I would take it in a heartbeat.  Unfortunately, I have barely found enough work to get by for 10 years.  I was categorized as a dislocated worker, got a couple grants, and completed Worker Retraining at a community college.  I had to take out student loans after that just to survive, since I still didn't have work despite two long, successful internships and good grades.  Gradually, I got a little work here and a little work there.  Some jobs lasted longer than others.

Right now, I am severely underemployed, despite having an employer who sometimes requires me to work double shifts and overtime.  Despite doubles and overtime, my weekly average hours are paltry, lately none at all, and  unemployment ran out long ago.  When my new base employment security year started, though, I still couldn't qualify for checks because due to lack of work, I was short 160 hours in my base year (because no one will give me enough work).  So, even though my statistics are not counted when the government announces unemployment rates, even though I "don't count", I am nonetheless under-employed to the point of almost no hours lately and seeking work.  I have relocated twice in 10 years in hopes of better job markets.  I had a great lifestyle prior to 2007, with an extensive work history including full time work plus moonlighting all the time, and volunteer activities.  Unfortunately, lot of industries were affected by off-shoring.  People are so funny when they hear this.  Last week, someone said, "Just take whatever work you can find and then work your way up from there."  As if that isn't what I've been doing for 10 years.

Maybe they'll give us $100 gift cards for not participating.
And maybe someone will give me $100 to stop writing for 7 days, lol  :).

Politics / Re: Abortion
« on: Yesterday at 05:08:03 PM »
Extremism begets extremism.  New York and Virginia favor laws that would allow for post delivery abortion of babies and Alabama, Mississippi and other states favor virtual elimination of abortion.
I don't think Alabama and Mississippi have any problem allowing abortions.  Because every day, without balking:
-Alabama and Mississippi allow unregulated abortion of fertilized embryos that exist due to fertility treatments, no questions asked.  Such embryos could be killed by torture and no one would even know.  Because of this lack of regulation, how do we as society know that these embryos are not being trafficked into other countries, into covert human rights abuse programs, or even into covert Satanism?
-Alabama and Mississippi allow any woman who has had an abortion to have multiple abortions, using abortion as birth control with no law otherwise on any books.
-Alabama and Mississippi allow the unwitting, undocumented abortions of fertilized embryos subject to abortifacient hormones in The Pill, which are mandatory for the women who use The Pill, not optional, and which "kick in" if the other hormones in the pill do not suffice.
-Alabama and Mississippi allow the abortion of ectopic pregnancy fetsuses, when obviously developers could fix this problem.  Sometimes babies get stuck in one of the mother's fallopian tubes.  Doctors could widen the tube with a balloon or use balloons to wipe the inner tubes of entrapment tissue.  I know this because a fallopian tube is much wider than a man's vein, & balloons are sent to clean and widen men's veins all the time.

Universities, corporations, and insurance companies often benefit from the four types of legal abortions listed above.  And, corporations also save money by not innovating fallopian tube preventions/solutions.

So, maybe conservative states THINK they oppose abortion.  But the facts say that conservatives are actually quite fine with a lot of abortions performed for the benefit of pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies.

I don't think Virginia actually would favor infanticide.  Can you give me a link?

I think New York needs to put certain kinds of abortion back into its statutes that define murder.  Even more, when you think of how some men murder a fetus by beating the pregnant woman.  So, abortion can be murder and New York should straighten that out on the books.

Politics / Re: Censorship On The Barbie
« on: Yesterday at 04:33:35 PM »
Massacres are portrayed on international news and in history book photos.  I'm not saying I like it.  I don't watch much TV.  But, in the name of hypocrisy, does NZ block those footages?

Politics / Re: Azzerae Tortures and Kills Pets
« on: Yesterday at 04:27:27 PM »
Azzerae, I didn't think you were the one who said that.  I attributed it to some other poster.  But, if it was you, stop it and pick on someone your own size.  There is no manhood when the fight is not an even match.  If someone is not in one's league then conquering them should feel like an embarrassment.  Men who pick on weaker beings only prove they are as strong as a weaker being.  You should want to prove strength, not just the ability to overtake weakness. 

If you're just trying to get attention cheaply...  You're better than that.

The only time I suffer generalised anxiety is after I've waded through another of 14's lengthy discursive posts. Does this make me a suitable candidate or not?
There is no hoodie to protect you from the leaves I drop.  And, probably yes.  The link will determine if you qualify, based on your answers.  It didn't take much - I think you have to "feel some anxiety at times" to qualify.  Kind of like getting into a credit union nowadays just requires having "some address nearby".

Random Topics / Re: We are "Inside The Window"
« on: Yesterday at 04:00:09 PM »
Yeah I get those.

I think the key is to just go with it and not to suddenly have this realization that "holy crap, I'm having another flying dream and look how fucking high I am and how fast I'm going" That's when the falling and tumbling starts. Just goooo with it..

"Be water" - Bruce Lee
I am sure it would go better for me if I had wings.  I mean, a prop is easier to control than just plain imagining getting lower.  Do you think that's why souls have bodies?

When I was little, I had a recurring dream of being in the co-pilot cockpit of a small military plane which always crossed a large water body, like an ocean.  I never felt any fear at all.  It made no sense, because I was a kid who wouldn't even get on the back of a motorcycle.

He posted here recently, from beyond the grave, on the Falkie thread.

Maybe WC can UPS from there, as well.

Early onset.  How apropos...

If Whitecrow wasn’t dead he’d send you a hoodie free.  No questions except your address.
Did he have a lot of extra ones?  Didn't seem like the hoodie type.

Random Topics / Re: BREAKING: DigitalPigSnuggler Fesses Up?
« on: Yesterday at 03:14:59 PM »


I heard about this when I was looking for information about Munchaussen's by Proxy Disease.  Anyhow, a user-friendly, upbeat organization is remotely studying (and promoting) the effects of self-talk on generalized anxiety.  They need volunteers to independently answer questions online, sometimes after reading small paragraphs.  They provide a few $5 gift cards for some completed modules.  You give about an hour every 10 days for about 5 sessions.  It's fun.

I'm getting one or two short e-mails a week so far.  They call them bonuses.  They are very informative, with few screens.  I suppose the anxiety researchers get funding from these things, but they don't really look like ads unless you choose to order more info or sign up for non-affiliated classes on the last page .

More info for those who like to read:
The work is scheduled basically whenever you want to do it and takes about an hour once every ten days, for about 5 weeks.  The readings and answers are straight forward with immediate feedback.  Out of maybe 50 quick questions, I only felt confused by the intended meaning of two words, which really didn't matter in the overall scheme of things.  However, just so you know, when they use the word "funny" in the first module, as in "something feels funny", they mean funny=silly, not funny=peculiar.  So I got that one wrong.  But, the gift cards come regardless of your scores, so what the hay.

I think the questions might be oriented to younger people (like people without serious health conditions).  Like one of the questions had to do with noticing your heart beating differently.  An older person who has been previously hospitalized for a heart condition definitely would answer that question differently than a person just suffering from anxiety, but the test didn't filter out people with medical conditions, so not sure what they expect there.  I decided to answer the questions from the standpoint of anxiety, not health conditions.  There are opportunities to give feedback about the questions & program designs.  And best to do the modules when not distracted by radio or anything - multi-tasking doesn't go so well with this because you are asked to imagine things vividly.

Also, the test asks questions that I'm not sure are framed right, like the question about whether you choose to avoid certain activities because of your anxiety.  I know a lot of people who don't take freeways if a better option is available, especially on really hot days when traffic might back up for hours with no shade.  So, to me, that avoidance is not anxiety-related, but more medical or personal choice.  But to a person with a different outlook, they might think their own anxiety is the reason, even if the reasons are the same.  It really doesn't affect your participation, however you choose to answer those ones.

Much of the time, you will be asked to answer a question from the perspective of someone else.  Like, if you read a couple sentences about someone who does not like rye bread, then when the test asks if you enjoyed rye bread, the answer would be no.  Regardless of how you really like rye bread.  It's more of a reading comprehension test - but the sentences are small and the answers are fast.  I suspect that part is measuring the effect of anxiety on reading comprehension, or just promoting their ideals.

Anyhow, it's been entertaining so far and it's fast, easy work for a few $5 Target/Walmart/Whatever cards (you can choose).  Got my first card after just a short time!  In the time you read this, you would be done with a module.

Politics / Re: Falcon Punch Abortion
« on: Yesterday at 02:34:20 PM »

The authors state is it parody, which I believe.  I think in this article, though, that at least one admits to being a criminal druggie.


Here is a little-known 15-minute interview with George from a little over a year ago.  He is very pleasant, although wearing best funeral home face.  He describes how a married-in relative set an apartment building on fire when George & his relatives were in it when George was in elementary school.  The fire department had to rescue people.  George said the local paper photographed him running across the street in his pajamas.  How many people knew George had survived this trauma?  I didn't.

Technology / Re: Windows 10
« on: Yesterday at 01:57:55 PM »
No wonder people don't pull over to help you.
I do appreciate the suggestion about C.  I know wiki is not an authority, just written by users.  Some of the criticism was very recent, however. 

Technology / Re: Windows 10
« on: Yesterday at 01:55:42 PM »
Yorkie asked me to post a couple of screenshots for him. I don't know if you're aware, Yorkie, that damon has been going around reporting BG to various anti-virus places and this is probably more of the same.
Wouldn't that be malicious harassment?  Ordinary harassment requires a civil suit but I think malicious harassment is a criminal act.  I have met a person who was banned for life from ever using any computer/network again, due to his malicious activity.  I hope Damon is not really doing anything bad - couldn't the perp be anyone?  He'd be pretty stupid to go it alone.  Last I heard from him, he seemed content at EG and not bitter toward BG at all.  Like, he had moved on.  I thought.

Technology / Re: Windows 10
« on: Yesterday at 01:52:19 PM »
Not a Win 10 issue exactly, but possibly just pc with Avast installed. (SV, check your e mail from me please). I can't get onto BG because Avast says its a phishing site...even after I've put it in exemptions. I'm posting this via my phone. Anyone else with the same problem? I've cleared temp files and history etc, but that hasn't fixed it...

Google BG and it has a red exclamation sign next to it. I've scanned but nothing found.

Yours distressed and bereft.

In the wee hours this morning, I had a little difficulty getting in, due to some vague error message about the site.  What browser do you use on that device, pud?

Technology / Re: Windows 10
« on: Yesterday at 01:31:21 PM »
Everything is overflowing because in Windows10, Chrome will not clear my browsing history at all.  Not even the last 24 hours of it.  No problem with IE.  No problem with Chrome on another device.  I like Firefox, but not sure if it has an online word processing program/storage.
I like Firefox, but not sure if it has an online word processing program/storage.  !!! Don't let me go astray like this  :o.  Google Chrome and MS Bing don't have word processing.  The word processing comes with one's E-mail system.  So, as long as my new browser allows major E-mail systems, I should be able to work online with documents.  I don't like confusing OS's with browsers, and browsers with E-mail applications.  But things do get overwhelming sometimes, especially when you add on occasionally slow Internet service and hardware issues.  You know how cars have dash lights when the oil is low or the engine is overheating?  Maybe my main interface should tell me when an issue is hardware, OS, ISP or browser-related.  But, what can you expect from tools that have never even displayed their brand name or version in an obvious place....  If I hadn't taken a few computer classes a while back I'd really be lost.

I've always been adverse to Firefox because of its name.  Same with Kindle Fire.  In this century, with global warming I suppose, fire has taken on new dimensions.  And smokers still toss lit butts out.  And fire lantern celebrations still release unattended fires into trees and power lines.  Even years ago, the Firefox subconsciously bothered me, like the flames of hell were embracing the earth.  And there is something monstrous about it.  If it was just drinking from a round lake or dashing through a mountain, that would be fine.  I'm not ruling it out today, though.

Technology / Re: Windows 10
« on: Yesterday at 01:13:55 PM »
Use C Cleaner to clear everything out. That usually works.
You're just helping me because you found out I'm a liberal  :o!  But there are serious criticisms of C in Wiki.  I need a really functional, compatible browser for my occupation's interfaces.  I already left MS Edge for Chrome, wife #2.  Once burned, twice shy?  And I'm still stunned, because I had expected more.  Maybe Google is no longer the Band-Aid of bandages, the Kleenex of tissues.  I can try another browser again.


"That's true!  Next caller, Gene in Eugene.  Hi, Gene!"
I remember that.  That was funny.  Most people try to "split the hazards", not George.  He just drives straight through  :), mud puddles and all.

I imagine he knows who took some of the photos that end up online, hmmmm?

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