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Politics / Re: Random Political Thoughts
« on: Yesterday at 12:55:37 AM »


Netflix series After Life, from Ricky Gervais, features 'unethical' piece of 'fake' Aboriginal art
An English artist has apologised after Australian Aboriginal elders accused her of "stealing" from their culture in her artwork featured in Ricky Gervais's wildly popular new Netflix series. Commenting on social media, fans were excited to track down the Indigenous artist whose work had hit the big time, but that quickly turned to disappointment.

It emerged the work was done by a female English painter who instead replicated the style of Aboriginal art. "It is a strong image … it belongs to the Papunya style, " said Punata Stockman, chairperson of the Papunya Tjupi art centre. "It should not be shown. It's someone else's painting, someone else's story."

Ms Stockman is one of three senior women from the Northern Territory community of Papunya who told the ABC they believed the piece in After Life looked strikingly similar to art produced in their community, which often depicted centuries-old customs and law. The women believe the featured work depicts "men's business" and should not be painted by any female.

"I was shocked this morning when I looked at it … it shouldn't be copied … this is stealing," Luritja Pintubi community artist Linda Anderson Jonggarda said. "They don't understand. They just see it as something that goes on display, [but] we don't see it that way. "We see it as that's our history, that's our connection to who we are.

"This is our connection our land, our country, our people, it's amazing. This knowledge has been passed on for generations."
The Indigenous Art Code said it would now write to Netflix to encourage them to create formal protocols for handling Indigenous content.
The chief executive of the code, Gabrielle Sullivan, said this incident of "misappropriation" was just the tip of the iceberg and "unethical" and "fake" products existed in fine art, film, sculptures and souvenir industries.

"There's work that's absolutely fake, like this one [in After Life] , then there's fake boomerangs coming from Indonesia, and then there's poor deals for artwork that has been licensed," she said. "People will say, 'I don't understand cultural misappropriation', or 'I didn't understand Indigenous intellectual property, when I created it my intention wasn't to steal something', but it's just not good enough. "It is cultural theft … it's highly unethical."

Politics / Re: Random Political Thoughts
« on: Yesterday at 12:27:17 AM »
Bro--we have a thread for this.

Where were you two days ago? Sad!
I'm sorry that I didn't post in the pre-approved thread of your liking, but that's a completely different thing entirely and not even the same country. While it's not the first time censorship has been done in Australia, what my post about is a pretty bad and wide ranging example of it.

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« on: Yesterday at 12:00:01 AM »

Politics / Re: Random Political Thoughts
« on: March 18, 2019, 11:56:09 PM »
Free speech is alive and well in Australia.

Telcos block sites hosting footage
Telstra, Optus and Vodafone have started blocking a number of sites that are hosting footage of Friday’s terrorist attack in Christchurch, pre-empting any potential moves by agencies to issue takedown orders of the footage.

“We’ve started temporarily blocking a number of sites that are hosting footage of Friday’s terrorist attack in Christchurch,” the Telstra said on Monday.

Internet service providers usually consult with law enforcement agencies and comply with take-down orders directed by the federal court.

However, in this instance Telstra has decided to proactively police its service.

“We understand this may inconvenience some legitimate users of these sites, but these are extreme circumstances and we feel this is the right thing to do.”
The Australian telcos are following the lead of their Kiwi counterparts - Vodafone New Zealand, 2degree and Vocus – who moved to ensure the footage was inaccessible to New Zealanders.

While the telcos have declined to name the sites that are being blocked by ISPs both in Australian and New Zealand, The Australian understands the list includes, image board websites 8chan, 4chan, video-sharing platform and file-sharing service Mega. Australian PM Scott Morrison has also hinted at regulatory action against the social media giants if they fail to police their platforms more strenuously.

The Prime Minister confirmed to The Australian that this was a path that the government could pursue unless companies such as Facebook and Twitter took greater social responsibility.
From what I've seen reports of and from testing, blocked sites include at least: 4chan (but not 4cdn ie where images and video are hosted, so direct links are still fine), 8chan, Liveleak, Voat, Zerohedge,, Encyclopedia Dramatica, KiwiFarms, and Bitchute. Mega is not blocked.
Bit hypocritical to block them but not Facebook or Twitter which is where the shooting was actually streamed and threats made.

Telstra is the biggest ISP/telco followed by Optus, so you get this gem:
But the actions of Telstra and Optus means that, in one fell swoop, more than 70% of Australian mobile users are temporarily blocked from those sites

Politics / Re: Random Political Thoughts
« on: March 16, 2019, 09:37:02 PM »
Mayor Sadiq Khan announces extra security at London mosques

He does this while at the same time closing police stations and making London feel significantly less safe than it did only a few year ago. He somehow is actually worse than Boris Johnson.

Random Topics / Re: Music
« on: March 14, 2019, 06:34:47 PM »

This is an interesting article from November about the 737-Max system that seems to command nose down trim and which has been speculated to be the cause of the Lion Air crash:

Random Topics / Re: Random stupid things on your mind. Post them.
« on: March 07, 2019, 11:51:26 PM »

NASA has used captured the first ever images of the interaction of shockwaves from two aircraft flying at supersonic speeds.
The pictures show a pair of T-38s from the US Air Force Test Pilot School flying in formation.

In order to capture the photographs, which were taken in monochrome and later colourised, NASA flew a plane outfitted with an updated imaging system at about 30,000 feet while the T-38s stayed in formation while flying at supersonic speeds at the precise moment they were under the camera.
The cameras, which record for a total of three seconds, had to begin recording at the exact moment the T-38s came into frame.

Random Topics / Re: Music
« on: March 04, 2019, 08:29:02 PM »

Dat bass

Random Topics / Re: Random stupid things on your mind. Post them.
« on: March 01, 2019, 07:32:05 AM »

Politics / Re: Random Political Thoughts
« on: March 01, 2019, 07:01:22 AM »
Quote from: random youtube comment
The only Clinton I'd ever vote for is George!

One Nation Under a Groove

Boeing tanker jets grounded due to tools and debris left during manufacturing
Boeing leadership was forced to ground its 767-based KC-46 tankers for the past week after the Air Force expressed concern about loose tools and other foreign object debris (FOD) found in various locations inside the completed airplanes, according to internal company memos.

During the process of building aircraft, all airframes are supposed to be routinely swept for any kind of foreign object debris — especially anything metal. A loose object left, say, inside a wall cavity or under a floor, is potentially dangerous because over time it could damage equipment or cause an electrical short.

“The 767 program has been scrambling to get our employees down south … to the MDC to clean FOD from our delivered tankers to get our aircraft back in the air,” the memo states.

The memo notes that eight tools were found in aircraft delivered to the MDC and two more in tankers delivered to the U.S. Air Force.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine...

Ukraine’s former chief of General Staff arrested, charged with high treason for weakening the air force
The former chief of general staff for Ukraine’s military has been charged for high treason. Prosecutors say he had weakened the Air Force by disbanding air defense units and 19 air force formations while he was in charge of the military.

Retired Colonel General Volodymyr Zamana also failed to put up a credible defense of Crimea despite knowing the fact that Russia will soon invade, military prosecutors say.

“During his tenure as Chief of the General Staff, anti-aircraft missile divisions armed with the S-300V air defense missile systems were disbanded, namely those were the 874th anti-aircraft missile division, the 137th anti-aircraft missile brigade, the 5001st anti-aircraft missile division, the 281st anti-aircraft missile division of the 208th anti-aircraft missile brigade, 19 military air force units,” Chief Military Prosecutor Anatoliy Matios said at a press conference in Kyiv on Feb. 25.

Random Topics / Re: Music
« on: February 28, 2019, 10:41:49 PM »
I listen to a lot of different music

As long as it's sufficiently weeb, right?

Random Topics / Re: Music
« on: February 28, 2019, 04:33:15 PM »
Saw Parliament Funkadelic and George Clinton live the other night. Closed with a 10min version of Atomic Dog.  ;D

Random Topics / Re: Music
« on: February 23, 2019, 03:18:31 AM »
I bet his music has had a boost in listens this year.


Virgin Galactic Sends a Rocket Plane to Space Again, in Its Highest Flight Yet
It was the company’s fifth supersonic-powered test flight, and it reached an altitude of nearly 56 miles before returning safely to the Mojave Desert runway in California where it took off. Beth Moses, an astronaut trainer and microgravity research expert, was in the cabin as the company’s first test passenger in space.


Random Topics / Re: Music
« on: February 21, 2019, 03:17:16 AM »
I don't think Bowie's vocals fit the song:

Politics / Re: Random Political Thoughts
« on: February 21, 2019, 12:34:27 AM »

And since I’d achieved all my goals as President in one term, there was no need for a second.
– George Bush, Sr

Now the spray paint on Karl Marx's tomb - that I like.

Someone smashed it with a hammer the week before too.

Politics / Re: Democrat Candidates
« on: February 20, 2019, 09:02:47 PM »
I for one am glad that this is shaping up to be another dramatic election. Here's hoping the 'Bernie Bros' are as let down as they were last time.

I expected Clinton to try again, but not Bernie. Who'd have thought these would be relevant again?  ::)

Random Topics / Re: Things That Annoy You
« on: February 20, 2019, 08:54:10 PM »
No internet (or TV either) for days with no explanation ever given, and a "issue will be fixed within 2 days" message that went down to zero repeatedly before jumping back to 2 days.

As a bonus, there's no way to contact them to ask what the fuck is going on or anywhere to make a complaint. And all this is from the biggest telecom company in the country and which used to be owned by the government.



That article is a bit dumb - while it might be used for anonymity in some cases, the vast majority of the planes are registered in America so they can be operated under American laws.
The main reason I've heard people do it for is so their planes come under FAA maintenance regulations, which aren't as strict and expensive as say Australian ones. The pilots of (and maintenance people who work on) an American registered plane still need to be licensed and certified by the FAA, so they're getting background checked and are on records as being competent.

I didn't actually know that there was a requirement for registrants to be American citizens, but I'd have thought foreign owned planes operating under American regulations and paying fees to the US govt would be the kind of thing they'd want encouraged instead of limiting.

JF-17s escort Saudi Crown Prince’s jet when it entered Pakistan airspace:

Politics / Re: Random Political Thoughts
« on: February 17, 2019, 12:04:01 PM »


He was more popular in the UK than in Australia, probably why he has lived there for decades.

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