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LOL this guest is a beauty and Jorch as usual his fraudulent self with breathless exclamations 'MY GOD MICHAEL!' 'INCREDIBLE WORK MICHAEL!' 'YOU'VE CONFIRMED ZACHARIAH SITCHIN'S WORK!' 'UNBELEEFUBUL!'

This is a man who at one time was the news director of a big city network affiliate TV station and doesn't challenge a thing this nutbag says.


and the best our witless host could counter with is


Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Noory Sucks! - The Definitive Compendium
« on: January 18, 2019, 03:55:19 AM »

He's gotta be a put on. Nobody would seriously give such a gormless floorshitter a national radio show heard on 500 stations.

He's taking calls right now and Barry one of the regulars gets on and all I heard was Barry talking about saxophone players, the earlier guest was an author who's written a book about Buddy Holly. Of course George has nothing to say about saxophone players because George has managed to spend almost 70 years on this planet without any real interests in anything. So the best he can come up with in response to Barry before cutting him off is 'TOO BAD BARRY YOU DON'T LIVE NEAR EVERETT WASHINGTON. IF YOU DID YOU COULD HAVE COME TO OUR LIVE SHOW AND HAD SOME FUN.'


He's always presenting himself as this caring generous soul. How about spending 500 dollars and giving Barry a treat by bringing him to your shitty show you self indulgent cretin?

LOL it's amazing, as I'm typing he's got some very old lady on and of course he has to tell her about how he gives money to street people and how much he enjoys seeing their faces when they take his money.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Noory Sucks! - The Definitive Compendium
« on: January 09, 2019, 11:04:03 PM »

He's such a loser.  The other night after the guest left so he was going to take calls he comes up with an idea, he asks callers if they have ever given money to a person on the street and what did they say to you and to call in - of course he had an ulterior motive for the stupid question and clumsily gives his own story 'I just gave a guy some money about a week ago, he was out on the street down on his luck and I think we should help people like that if we can so I gave him, TWENTY BUCKS, and boy you'd have thought I gave him a thousand dollars, he couldn't buhleef it'  -  he didn't want to hear similar stories from callers, in fact after he got his self praising story out he never mentioned the idea again and no caller had a similar story. What a sad transparent sleazeball he is.

And tonight, he has a lady on talking about yet another Coast topic already done to death, psychic vampires. So another chance for some self gloss he tells the guest a little story about himself and a psychic vampire 'There was this guy at a bar and every time I went in he was sitting alone, one day he called me over and he asked me 'is there something wrong with me? nobody wants to talk to me'. He's a nice guy but I told him 'You have a negative vibe, you need to be more positive, send out positive energy'. Well the next time I went into the bar about a week later there he was in his usual spot and he was surrounded by people and he sees me and gives me a big thumbs up. Amazing.'


WTF? When did this forum resurrect itself?

But more importantly has there been any word back from the White House about the briefing DVD Hoagland sent through a secret back channel that contains a mountain of evidence that NASA has been involved in a massive conspiracy to keep the truth about alien visitations and civilizations from the citizens of planet Earth? I keep checking the news wires and not a peep.

The other night Noory had on a guest he claimed was a Harvard physicist whose 'research' scientifically supports the existence of life after death, of course he used psychic Sylvia Brown as an authoritative source several times and while not mentioning Hoagie by name he referred to torsion physics to support his case. So yes, another kook with zero real evidence of anything.


I'm not surprised you are so familiar with diseased faggots. Your daddy left your ravaged ass dripping cum and blood how many times old man?

Show your face to me and I will shit down your mouth.


Snorch never fails to deliver.

He had a physicist/astronomer on, at least he talked like he was one, though as the interview went on he became weirder and weirder with his views. Anyway of course no interview with a scientist conducted by Snorch is complete without the 'Big Bang' coming up.

Snorch on the Big Bang:  "I just don't accept it. Do yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew?'

The guest totally lost me when they were talking about some eminent physicist who recently passed away - AN 87 YEAR OLD MAN . Snorch who is a hypochondriac afraid of death wanted to know what caused his death, a heart attack probably?  The guest who had spoken with the deceased not long before his death pronounced the physicist in very good health 'He didn't die of natural causes. He was offed.' lololol  87 years old, what are the odds of an 87 year old dying out of the blue? VERY VERY GOOD ODDS!

I think he meant it in the way of George plays Clapton bumper music a lot, like Layla and After Midnight.  Clapton is only 5 years older than George.

what does George playing a couple of Clapton's most famous songs have to do with Jorch's live show? Clapton's a musical genius and legend, Jorch is your sad sack Uncle Bernie singing Copacabana at your cousin's wedding.

who is 'Me'? or is it some kind of code?


This show is amazing, normal people have no idea what goes on in the middle of the night on the radio.

Alabama Annie's droning on and on in her drawl advocating for a solar sail propulsion system to get to Mars. Woman probably has a 9th grade education but in her mind she's Elon Musk.

lol i dunno what Ian's on tonight but it's some powerful shit.

maybe he's passively aggressively mocking Jorch. He came out of commercial with Eric Clapton then talking over it he said 'If you like Eric Clapton you'll love George Noory's live show'   ;D i shit you not.

the absurdity of this show is pretty delicious, i think that's why I am compelled to turn it on.

Ian's hosting tonight and he says Jorch is off tonight as he's in rehearsals for the big upcoming Live Show. According to Ian 'there are new songs to be learned, new dance steps and sketches. These things take a lot of work and preparation.'

LOL I can't imagine Mark Levin telling his audience that he'll be off a couple days rehearsing for a live stage show 'Folks I won't be here tomorrow we'll have Bob Schwartz from WCAX filling in. I'll be off rehearsing some dynamite new dance routines and songs for the upcoming Levin Follies show in Brookline, Massachussetts. You're gonna love it so don't delay getting your tickets or you'll miss out on quite the experience.'

Jorch as a song and dance man is so ridiculous it's genius -  it's The Simpsons but with a real Homer, Jorch.  Jorch would be hard pressed to get the lead in the Poughkeepsie Little Theater's production of The Music Man. He'd lose that competition to Larry Maples the druggist and proprietor of Maples Drugstore who has a much better voice than Jorch, his own hair and doesn't look like he just fell off a camel.


The inanity sometimes on this show literally makes me laugh out loud in bed.

Jorch is talking to his psychic guest and Jorch confirms with the psychic that while the psychic can predict events he doesn't have the ability to 'see' specific locations and details, he may see a movie theater but he can't tell you what movie is on the marquee or the street address or the city it's in - Jorch understands then intones 'yeah that would be more 'remote viewing' ... they can see details but they're not good with time ....... unless there's like a calendar in the room'   ;D ;D ;D

Not sure because about 15 years ago our news stations declared him deceased and he was never broadcast anymore.  But in the 90s and early 2000s, each morning I couldn't wait to hear his life hacks.  It was only when I saw him nominated, that I looked him up and realized he was not dead at all.  Weird.  Maybe the station was being sarcastic when they said he died.  Maybe they meant his show was dead on this air.  But I took them literally.

and you didn't have the Internet to see what happened to John Tesh in the early 2000s?  :o


he's such an imbecile

his commercial for Newsmax TV, 'Michael Reagan is a friend of mine, he says if his father was alive he'd be watching Newsmax TV. He's poignant about that.'  Nice try at using a big word Jorch.

the first guest was talking about a new European Internet copyright law that would make uploading anything you don't own copyright to illegal, it would be terrible, the guest made the point that something as harmless as photographic memes wouldn't be possible 'we love our memes, what would we do without memes?' she asked Jorch, she asked it ironically with amusement - our dullard Jorch having no clue whatsoever what a meme is of course did what his specialty is,  he created an awkward cringy moment of silence for the guest and audience.


Jorch the visionary boldly predicting the future. 'These prisons are going to be privatized. I'm convinced of that.'  It's already a huge industry you clown.

Jorch in 1499 'I'm convinced there are lands beyond the ocean that one day we will discover folks.'

Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Knapp
« on: June 25, 2018, 02:38:58 AM »

so nice to listen to intelligent people having an intelligent conversation rather than the mush mouthed human mustache.


if Hoagie died before his benefactor the money wouldn't go to Hoagie's beneficiary I don't think.

so what's with this guest? he has no conspiracy theories really, just seems to be a legit history professor. Richard's of course tried to link events in history to scientific events as 'resonance' with 'the model' 'torsion field' but the guest humors him and moves on with more history.


When Hoagie plays his 'commercial' where he begs for money to support the show and his research I fantasize that there's some eccentric Hoagie fan out there, maybe even reading this forum, who will die and leave his estate to Hoagie. There are lots of people out there who you'd never guess had a lot of money but when they die it turns out they have amassed a fortune over their lifetime. So what would Hoagie do if suddenly he was bequeathed 10 million dollars. Blow through it in record time spending it on his pet science projects or does Hoagie finally reveal himself as a con man and spend the rest of his days living the high life traveling around the world?

I like history but I don't see the point of a 3 hour synopsis of modern European history. Of course elites controlled the world, they still do, it's just not all based on bloodlines now, the bluebloods now have commoner puppets the rest of us believe we used our freedom to elect to represent our interests first.


Get rid of this Canadian loser Syrett, he's awful, not Connie Willis and Lisa Garr awful but bad enough. Tonight's guest is Canada's Edgar Casey  ::)


lol Richard's sending some kind of video presentation to the President to save the country and the planet. he really thinks whatever piece of crackpottery he, Kynthea and his other wack pack followers come up will get to Trump's desk and he'll have a eureka moment when he watches it. Richard lives in a B movie world fantasy.

stick to pseudo-science Dick.

'the old forces of matter are in their death throes' 

exactly what I was thinking!


Welcome to twenty years ago. Glad you could make it, you're just in under the wire. Now--who killed Kennedy?

Mob and CIA co-production.

I honestly don't think we would know the difference.  Because unless a guest is way out of line, he acts supportive of all they say.  His idea of disagreeing on air goes something like:
  "That's the way it usually goes"
  "I've heard that, too"
  "Sometimes that happens"
  "Do you think that's true?" 
  "Let's take some calls"
  "Let's see what (whoever) has to say"

He did say that at live events, he exercises more freedom of expression.

Maybe he equates disagreeing with contentiousness.  That's entirely possible, bec he has said he does not run a contentious show.

Forever Fourteen

It makes me nauseous, as somebody else posted, they could use a Jorch soundboard and nobody would be able to tell the difference. He thinks this is some kind of innovation in radio, a talk show where the host lets the guest drone on about whatever they want, there's no discussion, no inquiry, no controversy, he's a complete cypher. That he can bamboozle the audience into believing he's not just interested in the paranormal, which he isn't, but present himself as a 'researcher' expert enough to be on panels at paranormal conferences is just sad. The entire scene is so worthy of a film by a Robert Altman-esque director or Michael Moore when he was good. The Coast audience and its guests are hostages, Coast by virtue of its legacy remains the only connection to mainstream America for anybody serious about the paranormal and unexplained and it was put into the hands of a friggin ape who's destroyed it.

I can't even imagine being Art Bell having to deal with such a no talent fraud shitting all over a show he created with passion for the subject matter and the art of radio.


I listen to Dave Schrader now unless Jorch has a quality guest which is quite rare. So nice listening to a program where you don't want to punch the host in the face every 5 minutes.

I am most enthusiastic about the awareness of Consciousness as it plays in daily life. Of all the paths I've investigated, Abraham-Hicks Teachings are of highest clarity and loving intent. Of course there are many at this time of unfolding wonder...

Encounters with Life drive my art. I paint the Vibrant Force behind the cloud and the sky. O'Keefe, Kandinsky, Klee, Pollack, Blake, and Michelangelo are among the Mystic Artists that have inspired me.

In painting, I employ several techniques to create a synthesis of spontaneous abandon and architectural form. My compositions come together in rhythmic counterpoint. Unusual textured impasto acrylics dance in concert with sensuous oil lines, and luminous, luscious colors, only achieved by oil glazing.

My passion is to paint ecstatic energy. I feel its flow as close as my breath, with impact, wonder, curiosity, and awe. The creative state moves me beyond painting external appearances, to expressing inner states of being. Rhythmic strokes of Light open the sky, creating a field of color in my mind. Art brings me to Life's depth, mystery and eloquence.

god i hate drivel like this, means nothing really. but she does seem to be an artist, maybe she's good? or is it crap? i'm no art critic.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Knapp
« on: June 18, 2018, 02:05:47 AM »

As is usually the case with UFO witness guests, early in the interview they sound credible but as the minutes pass the needle on the old bullshit detector gets agitated


Who is Cynthea or however she spells her name? Where did he find her? What's her background has she done anything of note in life? She pronounces her name with a hard 'C', I'm gonna bet that's not how her parents pronounced it, another weirdo attracted by and invited into Hoagie's sideshow.

She's pathetic, they played a show where she subbed for Richard with a guest who was there to discuss some cave art for which he had some typically crazy theories about, aliens left it and this guy is so brilliant he's decoded the drawings. She kept trying to present herself as some kind of art expert because she is an artist herself and kept challenging anything the guy said not because she had any knowledge about anything but she wanted to play Hoagie. Richard's nuts but he's got a lot of knowledge, much of it wrong, but he can use it to make an interview interesting. This woman had nothing, I felt bad for the guest. I'm gonna guess her husband left her long ago, she has 2 adult sons.


Last night i went to sleep listening to the stream on the TOSOM website, think it was the show about Bean the astronaut's artwork and Richard introduces Keith somebody running down a bunch of imaginary credits Keith had and the final one is Keith is an accomplished 'amateur space scientist' Richard pauses for a moment then says 'We have to do something about that. We work hard night and day doing research. Are we amateurs just because we didn't go to Harvard? I think not'

Delusional, I enjoy history, sports, music as millions of others do, people spend thousands of hours reading and watching things about subjects that interest them, it doesn't make them professionals at any of those things.

If he and his fellow amateur scientists want to be considered more than kooks submit some of this research in the proper format to recognized science journals.


I'm listening to one of the Somewhere In Time shows with Art. Jesus what a difference, the show is from 2001 and Art is returning to the show after a long layoff, he sounds so excited and happy to be on the air, unlike the Snorch. His guest is our old pal Peter Davenport and wow he sounds soooooooooo much younger, i don't think i've heard somebody's voice age so much over 15 years, not just his voice, he speaks quicker and more fluidly.

Interesting, I have posted here about Peter and his UFO reports, that it's very strange that he gets all these very detailed descriptive reports from people about UFO sightings in this day where everybody has a smartphone and he gets no video from his contributors. So on this show from 17 years ago him and Art are discussing UFOs and how many reports Peter is getting, by his count 2-3,000 since his last Art appearance a year before. Art speculates that the modern public wouldn't accept it even if extra-terrestrials got out of a UFO and presented themselves, 'oh you know they'd just say it's a monkey or a midget in a costume'. Peter replies 'I think things are going to change soon. The ubiquitousness of these camcorders. I expect we're going to get a lot of incredible movies soon.'

That's sad. Probably a sibling, remember Hoagie claims he and his brothers/sisters had a Partridge Family type band and recorded an album.

I always figured Hoagie would be estranged from family if the family members were normal people, 'Hi I'm Dave Hoagland from Hoagland Auto Body and this is my brother Dick who discovered the face on Mars, the ancient glass cathedrals on the Moon, too many NASA coverups to mention and of course the entire field of torsion field physics.'

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