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Welcome to twenty years ago. Glad you could make it, you're just in under the wire. Now--who killed Kennedy?

Mob and CIA co-production.

I honestly don't think we would know the difference.  Because unless a guest is way out of line, he acts supportive of all they say.  His idea of disagreeing on air goes something like:
  "That's the way it usually goes"
  "I've heard that, too"
  "Sometimes that happens"
  "Do you think that's true?" 
  "Let's take some calls"
  "Let's see what (whoever) has to say"

He did say that at live events, he exercises more freedom of expression.

Maybe he equates disagreeing with contentiousness.  That's entirely possible, bec he has said he does not run a contentious show.

Forever Fourteen

It makes me nauseous, as somebody else posted, they could use a Jorch soundboard and nobody would be able to tell the difference. He thinks this is some kind of innovation in radio, a talk show where the host lets the guest drone on about whatever they want, there's no discussion, no inquiry, no controversy, he's a complete cypher. That he can bamboozle the audience into believing he's not just interested in the paranormal, which he isn't, but present himself as a 'researcher' expert enough to be on panels at paranormal conferences is just sad. The entire scene is so worthy of a film by a Robert Altman-esque director or Michael Moore when he was good. The Coast audience and its guests are hostages, Coast by virtue of its legacy remains the only connection to mainstream America for anybody serious about the paranormal and unexplained and it was put into the hands of a friggin ape who's destroyed it.

I can't even imagine being Art Bell having to deal with such a no talent fraud shitting all over a show he created with passion for the subject matter and the art of radio.


I listen to Dave Schrader now unless Jorch has a quality guest which is quite rare. So nice listening to a program where you don't want to punch the host in the face every 5 minutes.

I am most enthusiastic about the awareness of Consciousness as it plays in daily life. Of all the paths I've investigated, Abraham-Hicks Teachings are of highest clarity and loving intent. Of course there are many at this time of unfolding wonder...

Encounters with Life drive my art. I paint the Vibrant Force behind the cloud and the sky. O'Keefe, Kandinsky, Klee, Pollack, Blake, and Michelangelo are among the Mystic Artists that have inspired me.

In painting, I employ several techniques to create a synthesis of spontaneous abandon and architectural form. My compositions come together in rhythmic counterpoint. Unusual textured impasto acrylics dance in concert with sensuous oil lines, and luminous, luscious colors, only achieved by oil glazing.

My passion is to paint ecstatic energy. I feel its flow as close as my breath, with impact, wonder, curiosity, and awe. The creative state moves me beyond painting external appearances, to expressing inner states of being. Rhythmic strokes of Light open the sky, creating a field of color in my mind. Art brings me to Life's depth, mystery and eloquence.

god i hate drivel like this, means nothing really. but she does seem to be an artist, maybe she's good? or is it crap? i'm no art critic.

Radio and Podcasts / Re: George Knapp
« on: June 18, 2018, 02:05:47 AM »

As is usually the case with UFO witness guests, early in the interview they sound credible but as the minutes pass the needle on the old bullshit detector gets agitated


Who is Cynthea or however she spells her name? Where did he find her? What's her background has she done anything of note in life? She pronounces her name with a hard 'C', I'm gonna bet that's not how her parents pronounced it, another weirdo attracted by and invited into Hoagie's sideshow.

She's pathetic, they played a show where she subbed for Richard with a guest who was there to discuss some cave art for which he had some typically crazy theories about, aliens left it and this guy is so brilliant he's decoded the drawings. She kept trying to present herself as some kind of art expert because she is an artist herself and kept challenging anything the guy said not because she had any knowledge about anything but she wanted to play Hoagie. Richard's nuts but he's got a lot of knowledge, much of it wrong, but he can use it to make an interview interesting. This woman had nothing, I felt bad for the guest. I'm gonna guess her husband left her long ago, she has 2 adult sons.


Last night i went to sleep listening to the stream on the TOSOM website, think it was the show about Bean the astronaut's artwork and Richard introduces Keith somebody running down a bunch of imaginary credits Keith had and the final one is Keith is an accomplished 'amateur space scientist' Richard pauses for a moment then says 'We have to do something about that. We work hard night and day doing research. Are we amateurs just because we didn't go to Harvard? I think not'

Delusional, I enjoy history, sports, music as millions of others do, people spend thousands of hours reading and watching things about subjects that interest them, it doesn't make them professionals at any of those things.

If he and his fellow amateur scientists want to be considered more than kooks submit some of this research in the proper format to recognized science journals.


I'm listening to one of the Somewhere In Time shows with Art. Jesus what a difference, the show is from 2001 and Art is returning to the show after a long layoff, he sounds so excited and happy to be on the air, unlike the Snorch. His guest is our old pal Peter Davenport and wow he sounds soooooooooo much younger, i don't think i've heard somebody's voice age so much over 15 years, not just his voice, he speaks quicker and more fluidly.

Interesting, I have posted here about Peter and his UFO reports, that it's very strange that he gets all these very detailed descriptive reports from people about UFO sightings in this day where everybody has a smartphone and he gets no video from his contributors. So on this show from 17 years ago him and Art are discussing UFOs and how many reports Peter is getting, by his count 2-3,000 since his last Art appearance a year before. Art speculates that the modern public wouldn't accept it even if extra-terrestrials got out of a UFO and presented themselves, 'oh you know they'd just say it's a monkey or a midget in a costume'. Peter replies 'I think things are going to change soon. The ubiquitousness of these camcorders. I expect we're going to get a lot of incredible movies soon.'

That's sad. Probably a sibling, remember Hoagie claims he and his brothers/sisters had a Partridge Family type band and recorded an album.

I always figured Hoagie would be estranged from family if the family members were normal people, 'Hi I'm Dave Hoagland from Hoagland Auto Body and this is my brother Dick who discovered the face on Mars, the ancient glass cathedrals on the Moon, too many NASA coverups to mention and of course the entire field of torsion field physics.'

Sleep apnea can be dangerous at times, and one of the symptoms is snoring. 

What movie did he mention that had Nicole Kidman in it?  Why in the Hell does he stick to mentioning the female leads?  Would it hurt him to just go-with the male lead?  I guess he's jealous of them or something.


yeah i know sleep apnea is a real physical disorder and there is a device, cpap machines, that people wear while they sleep. Jorch is telling his audience that a shitty device he's shilling is all people need, he doesn't even read a disclaimer at the end advising people to consult a doctor.

lol this Joshua P. Warren character is hilariously hammy. His voice and patter is identical to the Amazing Kreskin's. Kreskin at least admits to being an entertainer.

hahaha Jorch just pulled out the ol' 'People are acting strange these days' chestnut and his accomplice Joshua P. notices the same thing and he's very worried about it being a harbinger of things to come, he's going out to the desert with some machine and he's scared and his buddy Jorch is chortling away 'Could this be the last time we see you Joshua?' hahaha this whole paranormal scene has degenerated into a complete work, it's WWE kayfabe now, everybody involved in it knows it's all bullshit but it's making them a living.


Shameless fucking huckster. He's shilling for a 'medical' device called ZYPPAH these days, it cures SNORING, trying to scare his aging audience by repeating throughout the read 'SNORING IS DANGEROUS'. Snoring isn't dangerous, some causes of snoring are medical problems and what he's telling the audience he treasures so much is send money for a worthless piece of shit device rather than consulting with a doctor about their snoring who might diagnose the cause and treat it.

The advertisers on talk radio are predators exploiting older people mostly, the FCC and FDA don't have the time or resources to deal with all these sleazebag scammers unfortunately.

It's like the guest has shifted gears into a manic episode.  It's hard to keep up because he's shifting so quickly and illogically.

hahaha this. i was listening to tonight's show in bed half asleep, this guest seemed quite docile and reasonable, being in and out of sleep all I picked up about him is that he at one time was in the expensive jewel business and changed streams mid-life and had been traveling the world and living in exotic Southeast Asia like a hippy. I wondered why he was even on the show. Then suddenly as if an invisible needle dropped down and scratched across a vinyl record album producing that high pitched zip sound  he was off to the races with batshit insane but very familiar conspiracy theories - like somebody flipped a switch.

surprised me when he revealed himself to be a Trump fanboy.


he replayed an Art interview with Al Bielek who claimed he was part of and a witness to the Philadelphia Experiment. amazing how people can confabulate with such detail and seemingly come to believe the fib they tell is the truth.

Robert Goerman wrote in Fate magazine in 1980, that "Carlos Allende" / "Carl Allen", who is said to have corresponded with Jessup, was Carl Meredith Allen of New Kensington, Pennsylvania, who had an established history of psychiatric illness, and who may have fabricated the primary history of the experiment as a result of his mental illness. Goerman later realized that Allen was a family friend and "a creative and imaginative loner ... sending bizarre writings and claims."

She is not an old lady.  Even so.

lol she is, she even called her band a 'bunch of old broads'.


The idiotic non-sequiturs drive me nuts.

Guest: So we got in the car and drove to the nearest motel.

Jorch: I grew up in Detroit, they call it the Motor City because that's where they make the cars.

Guest: ........ so we stayed in the motel for the night, we couldn't spend another night in our home we were that scared of the evil spirits.

Jorch: I remember as a kid Dad would take us on motor trips to places like Atlantic City and we'd stay in motels like Howard Johnson's. Deeew yeeeeeeew remember Howard Johnson's? They had those orange roofs.

He's literally the idiot little boy Ralph Wiggums from the Simpsons. 'My cat's breath smells like cat food.'


i've been listening to Clyde Lewis more and I guess I should try Dave Schraeder, Jorch is unlistenable at least 3 nights a week.

great booking Tommy, a tarot card reading post menopausal crone. seriously, enough with the cat ladies.

such fascinating conversation

Jorch: How many cards in a tarot card deck?

Madame Whatever: 78

Jorch: Oh so not like playing card decks which have 52 cards.

Nobody on the day shift would believe this shit is a nationally syndicated radio program.

Had Jorch had the opportunity to interview radio legend and Hall of Famer Paul Harvey it no doubt would have gone like this

Jorch: This is an honor Mr. Harvey. I have loved radio almost as much as astronomy since I was a little boy. I grew up listening to you. My favorite was your little stories about famous people but you woudn't reveal their names until the end

Paul Harvey: I'm glad to hear that George, I've enjoyed every moment of my career. Thank you for having me on your program.

Jorch: I'm sure everybody asks you this but could you do one of those little stories  for us now?

Paul Harvey: Oh I guess so. Let me think, ok. There was this little boy, a tall boy for his age who had few friends. He had a bout with rheumatic fever and could not play sports with the other boys. His doting mother worried about him so. One day the little boy was down by the creek near his family's cabin collecting butterflies and

Jorch: and that little boy's name was Abraham Lincoln I bet wasn't it? *chortle*

Paul Harvey: What the hell, you're an asshole. Good day!


Jorch the Obtuse in action. His guest is a researcher into the ghosts haunting historic Williamsport. So the guest is telling various ghost stories - he begins a new one, tells Jorch he has to hear it because it's very touching. Guest begins giving background details, young man dies of a heart attack ....... Jorch jumps in 'And he never leaves does he *chortle*', the guest hasn't been allowed to tell his story and he's not happy 'Hey wait, let me finish the story'.  Jorch barely listens to his guests, his interjections and responses are proof of how little he's retained and/or how much he cares.


I had no idea she was even an actress until I asked one of my parents, she was just one of these guests who'd show up on talk shows, no movie or tv show to promote. The Posieden Adventure was the first thing I ever saw her in. Others from that era like her - Kitty Carlisle, she was a regular on the To Tell The Truth gameshow panel, that's all I knew her from, some old lady that could have been Queen Elizabeth for all I knew. Match Game had a bunch of celebrities I had no idea what they did to be 'celebrities' other than get on Match Game.


oh i know, i loved the Mike Douglas show even though i had no choice in watching it - there were cartoons and old sitcoms on other channels but we only had one TV other than a little b&w portable and my mom and sisters controlled the TV for that time slot. I got a great education from Mike Douglas in Hollywood history, lots of old actors/actresses, music acts, comedians that were before my time and I had no idea what they were famous for - especially Zsa Zsa Gabor and Shelly Winters. The only show I ever saw the real 3 Stooges on was Mike Douglas -  Moe Howards was on a bunch of times, i might be misremembering but I think Larry too.

I hope they throw their urine soaked Depends adult diapers at Jorch. Anybody know what's in his singing repertoire song wise?

When I was a kid there was a talk show host named Mike Douglas whose show played in the late afternoon after school - Mike was a former big band singer in the 40's so he'd open his talk show with music rather than a comedy monologue like Carson. To me it was hilarious TV viewing because he would sing rock n' roll hit songs like they were big band swing tunes belting out to a studio audience gathered from old age homes  'Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was a good friend of mine ........ '  snapping his fingers, it was so bad it was good. Not far off from Bill Murray's lounge singer character on SNL 'Star Waaaars, better than no waaaaaaars' hahaha


wow, the 2 guests tonight were actual intelligent human beings with expertise in something real


Jorch up to his bullshit again tonight where he tells a guest and audience about a big guest he's working to get on the show. Tonight it was Sirhan Sirhan, Robert Kennedy's killer. Oh boy was Jorch full of himself, he told the guest that when he interviews Sirhan he'll bring cameras to film it, he'll work with 'the networks' then went so far to give the guest a taste of how he'd brilliantly approach the interview

'This is what I'll do, I'll ask Sirhan about his childhood, about where he grew up, probably in Palestinian area, Gaza probably, about his parents. And then when I ask him about the assassination if he doesn't remember things I'll say to him 'How come you can remember about your childhood and not this?'

lol such a moron.


Jorch is in another galaxy of talent, an inferior galaxy obviously when you are talking about talk radio talent like Stern/Hendrie/Imus/Levin/Limbaugh/Savage etc. And the proof is in the audience numbers and the personal wealth those guys have accumulated from radio. Art belonged in their company but made nowhere near the money because the audience overnight is a fraction of who's listening to radio during the day.


I love Savage, he's a performance artist. There's some Howard Stern in him, they're both NYC Jews though Savage is a decade or so older but they share a lot in common coming from the same ethnic/religious group. I agree with him about half the time, the other half I'm not sure if he believes what he's saying or it's shtick. I love that he's the black sheep of conservative talk radio, he doesn't refer to Hannity and Limbaugh by name but he says they and the others are a cartel all represented by Limbaugh's brother and have had him blacklisted. He claims he has major dirt on Limbaugh and keeps warning him he won't keep it to himself much longer.

I used to listen to Rome but never a big fan, i'm a huge sports fan but sports talk is boring to me. The clones all sound like the same person, trying to be hip/cool and to get racked by Romey. Quite pathetic. I knew Kyle would leave, guy had too much talent to remain just a producer, he's on the NFL Network's morning show on cable.

When Levin loses it it's the best,  it reminds me of Hitler during his last days in his bunker losing it in the movie Downfall which became a huge meme with people substituting the sub-titles.

I hate this song, The Sound of Silence.  I mean this rendition is one of the best, but I still hate it.

Aliens don't have ears.  Synthetic telepathy will be silent.

Tell me, how are we going to telepath the sounds of laughter, of raindrops, of birds singing?  Of someone's voice maturing as they get older?  Of someone crying.  Music and frequencies are healing.  Vibration brings us closer to God.

As humans become hybrid, we will lose the ability to ascend to higher levels of consciousness and holiness because we too will be bred without ears like the greys and will no longer hear the music of the universe.  We will be trapped in digital drivel.

Maybe they will enlarge our brains like aliens, too.  It is said that humans have 38 levels of consciousness all living inside us at the same time, enabling us to walk and chew gum simultaneously.  Will the authorities in the future who dole out synthetic telepathy just give us one channel?  We don't have the attention span/ability to really listen to more than one or two channels accurately.  But, so much will be lost.  Even though we don't "hear" all the levels of consciousness in others around us, surely our minds sense it on some frequency level perhaps just out of reach of audible, but perhaps which the ear still facilitates.  I don't want that to be lost.

At least humor can exist without hearing.  Deaf people have shown that.  AI will probably never really understand humor.



Jorch doesn't belong in the Radio Hall of Fame but I think he'll eventually get in but not this year. Jim Rome will win if the competition is decided by votes from the public. He's got a rabid fan base, larger than Coast's and has been around longer than Jorch. Mark Levin is entertaining sometimes and among conservative talk show hosts he's the smartest, brilliant on the Constitution. Never listened to or even heard of Joe Madison.


Jorch is so dumb, a lady called in and was upset that Jorch was doing a show about religion which I guess he has claimed he doesn't do. Jorch scolded the lady that the show was about Biblical prophecy not about religion. LOL you can't separate Biblical prophecy from religion, prophecies come from Biblical scripture, which by definition are divinely inspired,which is why people believe in them, if they're not divine/supernatural they are just writings by ancient people no different than any myths or folktales. Different denominations may have different interpretations of scriptures and prophecies but you cannot say a show about Biblical prophecy isn't about religion.

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