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For what purpose is there a guest on Coast boring the audience with more information than anybody would want about Khazahkstan? I can go to Wikipedia for this. There hasn't been a thing 'paranormal' or conspiratorial  - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat booking Syrett. 


oh my god this is so pathetic, Reich was a charlatan, deviant, molester and thoroughly discredited as a scientist yet here is Hoagie as always lapping it up because with all pseudo-science he will find something in it that fits into his own imaginary world of science.

i read one of Reich's psychology/psychiatry books,  some of his ideas there have some credibility though like any theory of human personality they are not falsifiable at this point and therefore not science. A shrink actually gave me the book to read, I had no idea Reich was considered a nutbag when I read it, I did roll my eyeballs a lot while reading it.


I have been fighting the urge to check out Jorch's new advertiser 'Freedom Checks' because I know it will just make me angry. Yeah, scam, not as bad as I thought though.

Kars 4 Kids level scammage - not outright thievery but exploitative and deceptive.


What happened to the poster 'Here We Go Again' who was obsessed with getting Jorch thrown in jail for his shady partnership with Critical Health News? The guy had a point, the Doc Wallach shows are non-disclosed advertisements for snake oil and run afoul of the FDA, the FTC and FCC regulations.


Followed up by Rosemary Ellen Guiley  :(

Jorch just said he's a physicist, if true, he's not very impressive - most physicists I've heard speak sound very intelligent, this guy doesn't. Maybe I'm wrong and he's some acclaimed physicist from a top institution. Hmm ... seems to have been personal friends with Hawking so I guess I am wrong.

Leonard Mlodinow was born in Chicago, Illinois, received his PhD in theoretical physics from the University of California at Berkeley, and is the author of five best-sellers. His book The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules our Lives was a New York Times Bestseller, Editor's Choice, and Notable Book of the Year, and was short-listed for the Royal Society book award. His book Subliminal won the PEN/Wilson award for literary science writing. His other books include two co-authored with physicist Stephen Hawking -- A Briefer History of Time, and The Grand Design. In addition to his books and research articles, he has taught at Caltech, written for the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Forbes magazine, among other publications, and for television series such as McGyver and Star Trek: the Next Generation.

very wrong, i've heard great things about The Drunkard's Walk and have been meaning to read it. But this conversation with Jorch is boring as fuck, part of that is Jorch but this guy himself really doesn't seem like a highly intellectual guy and he's not an engaging populizer of science like Kaku, De Grass Tyson, Sagan, Green etc are.


The caliber of guests is so low. Who is this guy I'm listening to talk about 'elastic thinking'?


The Putin apologist Steven Cohen was on at the beginning of the show casting doubt on Putin/Russia being behind the poisoning of the double agent and his daughter in London. Incredible. Who else on earth would poison a Russian double agent other than Russia?

It was an obvious joke. I guess you lose your sense of humor when you die. :D

Half joke, he's expressed his admiration for strongmen dictators many times.

George retelling his story of walking out on a date because she didn't like animals.  But as always, reminding us he was gentlemanly enough to pick up the bill.

yeah one of Jorch's old chestnuts and I guarantee you he didn't end the date the way he describes.


Trump has his good qualities but Bloom is right, in Trump's opinion the American president should be a king,  that comment Trump made about Xi making himself leader for life - 'maybe we will try that some day' was half joke half serious and that's pretty scary, he really has little appreciation for the Constitution, it's a tough document to govern under and that was the intention.

I agree but Bloom is way off in left field literally.

they're both lightweights, i'm not going to be persuaded by either of them. The debate seems to be solely on the status/success of Trump's presidency, he may end up with some major accomplishments or a complete disaster, too early to know.


Curtis is terrible, sounds like a nervous kid in a high school debate club.

I meant to say.George mentioned they wanted to interview Hawking, but it took him a long time to type replies. So they were gonna pre record the interview and were "working on that" but now it was too late. I assume "working on that " means leaving lots of unsolicited messages on Hawkings agent's machine..

don't even assume that, one email to '' is about as much effort as Jorch and Tommee could muster in reality.


Glynis is such a pro though, if she 'sees' something negative she is honest with the client but very importantly she is empathetic.

Jorch also has been busy patting himself on the back again tonight, some guy in the audience at his big Salt Lake City show told him that Coast and Jorch saved his life. All in a day's work for the humble humanitarian from Detroit Michigan.


Fucking deadbeat losers, too lazy to call Michu Kaku or any of the other physicists who've been on Coast to talk about Hawkings life and work.


How fitting on the night of the passing of one of the greatest scientists in history that George and Tommee feel that a fraud psychic would make an appropriate guest.


and even if the landing craft used a balloon assist for what reason would NASA keep that a secret?

i thought these guys had photographic evidence of crystal cathedrals and such on the Moon and all we get is a glowing smudge that is supposed to be a balloon brought along by astronauts from earth?

No, Richard, the moon was not wrapped in Saran® wrap of glass, the north polar "grid" being the same as in the south just means that both detectors used square pixels (imagine that) and they are not 100% perfect, having some bias where rows and columns are slightly more sensitive - brighter - which comes out when you "enhance" the crap out of them beyond any utility other than to demonstrate your incompetence.



I don't know why I get so much pleasure listening to Hoagland - I am the polar opposite when I listen to C2C, the guests and Snorch make me angry.


When Hoagie dies will the Accutron go to the Smithsonian or more likely to a pawn shop in Los Cruces?


oh Ken as a young boy saw a UFO and experienced 2 and a half hours of missing time, he was an abductee.


'us guys, the in crowd, who really know what went on on the Moon'


Defending the establishment is code for fascist shillin'.

That there are legitimate scientists publishing ginned up research doesn't make 'citizen scientists' any less useless.

Sad that we can no longer trust what experts say in any field, 'fake news' is real and we as a society are in trouble, when nobody believes anybody there's really little hope.


Hoagie described Johnston again tonight as a 'test astronaut', which is a bald face lie.

In early 2017 Ken was invited by the Chennai chapter of the Aeronautical Society of India to participate in an international space seminar, inaugurate a Link flight simulator, and give several talks to young students encouraging them to pursue careers in the Indian space program. Several local news reports described him as "a NASA astronaut" and even "chief trainer at NASA". A permanent plaque beside the flight simulator uses the descriptor "NASA astronaut USA". NASA itself heard of this imposture and informed the State Department of the apparent fraud. As a result, Ken was declared persona non grata and required to leave India. The shocking turn of events was reported at length on Assam TV.

In scanning Ken's priceless Apollo 14 C-prints, [I'd] discovered that the computer could "see" what the human eye could not—incredible geometric detail in the pitch black areas, like the lunar sky. The sensitivity of modern CCD imaging technology, in even commercially-available image scanners, coupled with the amazing enhancement capabilities of state-of-the-art commercial software — like Adobe's Photoshop—allowed the invisible detail buried in these supposedly black layers, of these thirty-year-old emulsions, to ultimately be revealed—a "democratization" of technology that no censor at NASA could have possibly foreseen over more than thirty years.
Hoagland 2007, p.226

That statement is absolute poppycock. Of course scanning can not reveal "invisible detail" if it truly is invisible. Hoagland has made a career out of trumpeting the fact that his scans of Ken Johnston's collection show things that the "official" scans do not. But of course, he's comparing, on the one hand, a professionally scanned image from an original negative or internegative done in a clean room — and on the other hand, a photoprint stored in a ring binder for 23 years, then pulled out and scanned on Hoagland's office scanner, the glass of which is quite clearly contaminated. For use as Powerpoint™ slides, Hoagland typically slams up the brightness — a procedure guaranteed to reveal any scanner contamination wherever the image is black.

Poor Hoagie, people won't get off his jock. Forced to retreat to New Mexico and an Internet radio show twice a week nobody listens to other than people who find him entertaining but ridiculous.


This is awful, the worst 'whistleblower' ever, his story is disjointed and dull, Hoagie trying his hardest to make it more sensational but Johnston just bumbles away.

Dump him, I'd rather hear Hoagie just riff on torsion fields and hyperdimensional physics.

LOL he's getting more and more annoyed at both of these boobs.


Hoagie's voice sounds much different on his commercial. I love when he says he may occasionally even drop in the chatroom and answer questions IF HE HAS TIME. LOLOLOL there are dogs who sleep 20 hours a day who have less free time than Hoagie.

The message to extra-terrestrials Hoagie claims was mostly his brilliant idea but his good friend Carl said he had very little to do with it.

I do though believe they used Richard's genitalia as the model for the male human.

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